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Part 2 of SlutWhore777.

A month after encountering SlutWhore777, I continued to look for her again because i wanted to repeat that amazing night but it was difficult locating her because of her secret ways of living and being seen. It wasn’t just me who kept looking for this filthy whore cunt slut, it was men not only from the local town but also from elsewhere but this time around all the wives and girlfriends were looking for her as well to get revenge because break ups and divorces where at a all time high due to this filthy slut. Some of the wives and girlfriends even tried to be like SlutWhore777 but nobody could be like this famous whore cunt.

The Mayor of Stafford town called an emergency town meeting to deal with this problem, not many men turned up because they didn’t have a problem with SlutWhore777 and quite frankly nobody shouldn’t. After the meeting, I saw Julie Johnson, the 34 yr old local cake maker in the town. I asked her why did she attend the meeting and she replied by saying, she just wanted to be here. Julie then asked me to come to her shop to taste a sample of her new cake that she had made and i agreed to try it.

We arrived at her shop just after 6 in the evening. I sat down and she gave me a slice of her new cake. It tasted delicious but after i eat the slice, I again started to feel dizzy and confused. Suddenly i passed out. After a few hours, I woke up in a room that looked really familiar to me but then it hit, could it be, could i be in the same room that belongs to SlutWhore777. The door to the left of me opened and she walked in, the famous, the sluttiest whore cunts of them all, the legendary SlutWhore777. Only wearing her famous mask, she looked amazing, this time around i wasn’t chained and handcuffed to the bed and without evening saying a word, i picked up the whore cunt and chucked her onto the bed.

I wasted no time in getting right to work on that sexy slutty body of hers. Rubbing her wet whore cunt, whilst sucking on those juicy big nipples of hers. After a while of sucking and licking away on her nipples, I turned my attention towards her juicy wet pussy. I just went in and started sucking away very quickly, already she was screaming out loud in so much pleasure, begging me more and more to eat away on her pussy. Then the fingering started in her arse, whilst continuing to eat that fresh juicy cunt of hers. Then swapping over, Fingering her abused pussy whilst tongue fucking her arse, i had never tasted anything sweeter. She had already cum in my mouth multiple times. I then shared her cum with her by having a quick kiss.

I then proceeded to taking my cock towards her mouth, the feeling of having my cock sucked by this famous one of a kind whore slut pig was indescribable. She kept sucking like a pro and she knew what she was doing. By this time, I’m moaning in full pleasure begging for more, she then started deepthroating me multiple times. I didn’t want to but i made her stop because she was going to make me cum without me giving her a good fucking.

I took my cock out of her mouth, it was covered in her saliva. I made her get on all fours and started to slowly insert my cock into her wet and used pussy, i began slowly, getting used to having my cock in her pussy, but as the minutes went past, i started to gain pace and started to go more faster and harder and deeper, she was shouting out, fuck me harder, fuck this whore cunt pig slut even more. So as she wished, i started fucking her more and more, so good that she pulled my cock out and squirted all over the place.

MMMMMMMMMMMMM i need to eat her pussy straight away after that and i did. It was the best thing i had ever tasted but i then stuck my cock back into her pussy and just continued to pound away at her pussy to the point when she squirted again. I then decided it was time to brutalise her arse but this time i went in hard and fast, just destroying her arse. She kept screaming loudly, so loud that the police were called by people but it didn’t bother us, as we where both being pleasured.

My cock started to feel tighter and tighter in her disgusting pig slut whore filthy arse, which meant it was time to cum soon, so i continued just going hard and fast, then the moment came, i took my cock out, took it right to her mouth and just unloaded big time into her whore cunt slutty mouth. She didn’t spill any of it and swallowed it all in one go. She then proceeded to suck the rest out from my cock.

Stay tuned for the third and final part.
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2 years ago
You need to post part 3 of this story!
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely xxx