The humiliation of Jane AKA Mary the piss cum Quee

Back when I was in College and studying Leisure and Tourism, my class took a field trip to the Grand Pier in North Somerset. The area was nice, sunny day and the beach there was packed out. The class spend the day walking around and about 5pm, myself and my 5 friends decided to make our way back to the hotel to get ready for a night out.

On the way there, we went to the local pub which wasn’t far from the hotel and decided to have a drink or 2 and a couple of games of pool. As we got the drinks in, i saw a sign on a door saying private room, minimum 1 drink to enter. I asked the barman, what was in the private room and he said well buy a pint and go in there and check it out for yourself. So i brought a pint and made my way into that room. I told my mates that if I wasn’t back in 10 mins, then they should each buy a drink and come into that room.

So i entered the room and it smelt of piss, the room was disgusting and the biggest filthiest sluttiest whore cunt i have ever seen. She was laying there covered in a pool of piss, her body covered in alcohol and cum, filthy messages written all over her body.

I walked up to this filthy pig and asked her what her name was and she replied Jane but i could call her Mary the piss cum queen. The way she was playing with herself was turning me on big time. I started to undo my jeans, taking it off with my boxers. Mary the piss queen cum slut was wanking me off with her cum covered hands. I was getting harder and harder in hand. Then all of a sudden, whilst i was playing with her slutty tits, she puts her filthy piss cum covered mouth on to my cock, the feeling i got from that moment was indescribable.

She was just sucking me off like i have never been sucked before, i moved down to her pussy, started to rub her pig cunt, i could feel and smell the piss that covered it, then i inserted two fingers, deep into her filthy covered cunt, i could feel her pussy tighten on my fingers and i could also feel the cum that was inside her. Mary the piss cum queen was still sucking me off like there was no tomorrow, this slut knew how to suck a cock properly. After 10 mins of being sucked off, i took my fingers out and told the whore pig cunt to suck the cum juice off my fingers and she did so without complaining and it struck me that this bitch wanted to be humiliated and be told what to do.

I then grabbed Mary the piss cum queen hair and made her bend herself over the table. I then stuck my big hard cum covered cock deep into her wet abused and used pussy, i thought that this slut doesn’t want me to go slow, so i started hard and rough, gaining pace every second, thrusting my cock deep into her pussy, she was screaming out in pleasure, pulling her hair, shouting out abuse and fucking her hard was getting her more and more turned on. After 5 mins of intense hard fucking i took my cock out and she started rubbing her pussy and i could see huge loads of cum and piss starting to come out of her pussy. I then spat on her arse and stuck my cock in her abused and used arse. Again started off her hard and rough, gapping her arse even more than it already was, again she was screaming with so much pleasure and just wanting to be used like the whore she was.

Then all of a sudden, all my 5 mates walk into the room but the expression on their faces where not of shock but of enjoyment. They all took their jeans off and one by one Mary the piss cum queen started sucking them all off, whilst i continued to use and abuse her arse. Then one of my friends came over and stuck his cock into her pussy, now both her pussy and arse had cocks in them whilst she continued to suck off the rest of us, we all took turns abusing her holes.

Then one by one, we all started cummin on her, dumping our loads all over her and also we started covering her in our pints and also pissing on this filthy whore cunt slut pig. Once we all cleaned ourselves up, she was laying there covered in cum and piss, she had been humiliated and abused and she thanked us.
We then began humiliating her more by taking pictures of her and we already had pics of our cocks in her. Once my friends left the room, i strangely found handcuffs and what i did was i handcuffed her hands and feet to the table and started to take more pics of her, she was suffering the ultimate humiliation but little did she know there was more to come. I then stole her clothes forcing her when she left the pub to walk home naked and being abused by different strangers.

I left the room and went back to the bar and i saw a group of 15 men walk in and i told them about Mary the piss cum Queen and what they could do to her and they gladly accepted and they said i could take pictures. Once this session was over, me and my mates went back to the hotel and i uploaded the pics onto the laptop and did some modifications on them and i thought lets give her the biggest ultimate humiliation of all time by printing these pictures off and posting them all over the town. Once we had done that and given the location of her whereabouts as well, we went back to the pub later that day and already the pub was packed out, so we knew we had to wait a long time to use and abuse that filthy whore cunt pig slut but it would be worth the wait

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2 years ago
Love it - you were a very naughty boy!