The Legendary SlutWhore777

This is a story of how I encountered the Legendary SlutWhore777. It was a normal sunny day, the sky was blue and clear, the sun was sunshining. I was in the park, taking a nice walk by the pond, when I overheard two men talking about their encounter with SlutWhore777.

SlutWhore777 was the filthiest sluttiest pig slut whore cunt around, rumours where that every single man in the area had been with her but no one knew what she looked like has she always wore her famous slutty mask. I decided one day that i want to meet her and just fuck the shit out of her but the problem was no one knew what she looked like.

I then saw Miss Julie in the park, she was a 34 year old, who was married but had no c***dren, and she was also the Town’s local cake maker. So i went up to her and said Hello and we started chatting for a while. A little while later she said that she needed some help in shop, taking some stuff down to her basement and i said ok i will help. So we started walking to the shop which was 5 mins away but on our way to the shop, we could still hear many and different men talking about SlutWhore777. For some strange reason, Miss Julie was getting a big smile every time she heard people talk about SlutWhore777.

We finally reach the shop and she asked me to go around back, which I did. At the back there where 10-15 large boxes, one at a time i took them down to the basement, when i finally put the last box down, Miss Julie brought me down an orange Juice and thanked me for the help. Once i drank the Juice, i started to feel wired, like things where moving around and that. I think she spiked my drink, i then hit the floor and pass out.

I wake up after 1 hour and remember being chained up naked in a bedroom and just feeling so horny. I turn to look on my left hand side and see quite possibly the legendary SlutWhore777. I ask who are you and where I am and she replied you are in my famous bedroom and also I am SlutWhore777.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, was it really the famous SlutWhore777 standing in front of me. I remember seeing a tattoo of a Playboy bunny near her pussy and im thinking it is here, wow.

So she climbed onto the bed, did not say a single word and started slowly licking away on my cock. The feelings that i was getting were indescribable, she was slowly sucking and licking away from my balls all the way to the top of my cock, when she reached to the top, she slowly started to take inch by inch of cock in to her mouth, i really wanted to explode in her mouth but had to hold out until it was the right moment.

Once she took all my cock in her mouth and i hit the back of her throat, she started to suck more faster and harder, i was feeling like i was in heaven, being sucked off my a slut whore cunt known as SlutWhore777. She knew how to suck like a pro. She asked me to treat her like a whore and call her every name in the book. So i asked the slutty disgusting pig whore to uncuff me and she obeyed me. I then grab her by the hair and made her getting onto all fours. Spreading her arse cheeks and started licking on her whore cunt, mmmmmmmmm its the greatest thing i ever taste, a freshly shaven pussy which was extremely tight and took me a while before it loosed up. Mmmmmmmmmm i continue to lick the pussy, i then stuck two finger into the whores mouth and slowly started penetrating her arse with them, the pleasure she was getting was uncontrollable because of my tongue being buried deep into her pussy whilst i finger fucked her arse.

She started screaming out in pleasure and shouted out that she was gonna cum, i removed my tongue from her pussy, telling the filthy whore cunt that she was not going to cum that easily. I turned her around, making her lie on her back, i shoved my entire cock into her mouth again, making her choke and gag on my cock, whilst i continued to finger the shit out of her. All her saliva was covering my cock and she continued to suck choke on it, we were both turned to the maximum at the point. I took my fingers and cock out, SlutWhore777 was now ready for a fucking. I got the slut SlutWhore777 to go into a doggy position and i slowly inserted my cock into her pussy, watching inch by inch go in whilst SlutWhore777 gasped for air. As soon as the whole cock went in, i started slowly, getting used to my cock in her pussy, but then i started to go faster and harder, i felt the tightness in her pussy and it started to loosen. She starts screaming out in pleasure, i take up 2 gears and go harder, faster and deeper.

The sound of my balls were smacking off her pussy, we was in full gear now, the whore was begging for more, i could see how her wet disgusting pig cunt getting bigger, so i take it to the maximum speed i have and im just fucking the life out of her, she was ready to cum on my cock but i wasn’t ready for her to do that, so i took my cock out and started making her deepthroating my cock, mmmmmmmmmmm she did it well, she sucked all her pussy juicy off my cock. I made her stand up, she asked me why?, i slapped her and spat on her saying don’t ask me why, she got so turned on from it.

I Laid down on the bed and she got on top of me, rumours where this was SlutWhore777 favourite position. She started riding my cock like a pro, SlutWhore777 knew what she was doing because she was a pig cunt whore. We did not start slowly, we started hard and fast, i was continue working away on her pussy and she was screaming and moaning out so loud saying, fuck this whore more, give this slut what she deserves, so i start thrusting my cock more and more into her whilst starting to finger her arse again, she is screaming and moaning so loudly asking for more and more, i give her all i have and without warning, she cums on my cock, i felt all the juice go on my cock, mmmmmmmmmmm i slowly start to remove my cock out of her pussy and she quickly rushes down and starts to suck my cock and start licking all that pussy juice of my cum.

SlutWhore777 then got her slutty self onto all fours and spread her cheeks, i decided that i was going to fuck her in her slutty arse. So i took my cock and roughly put it into her pig whore arse, i started fucking her arse harder and faster, not slowing down just continuing to gain quicker, she starts screaming again, i just love the feeling of my cock in her arse, as i went hard and fast. I started going deeper and deeper, then all of a sudden it was time to cum, so i took my cock out as fast as i could, she turned around, opened her slutty mouth wide open and i started to unload in her mouth, mmmmmmmm huge amounts were coming out, her mouth was covered in cum and it started slipping on to her massive tits. SlutWhore777 swallowed every single bit that was in her mouth and started to clean whatever was on her tits and finished cleaning my cock.

After catching my breathe back, i had a huge smile on my face knowing that i just fucked SlutWhore777 and wished that it would happen again and it did for many more months to come.

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i know who she is