The Cucumber Whore

After being granted a place to study at Brighton University, I travelled down to Brighton to find a place to accommodate myself for the year as I didn’t get a single room in the halls. Everywhere else I looked was too expensive and I was running out of option until I saw a notice in the local cafe, offering a room at the best rate ever. So I went to the address, knocked on the door and when the door opened, my mouth hit the floor.

There stood the most perfect 5 foot 5, blue eyed, short blonde hair, slim looking woman dressed in the shortest mini blue skirt you will ever see and the tightest white tank top. She said Hello and asked me what I was doing there and I struggled to speak but after managing to snap out of it, I said to her that I’m here for the room and she said welcomed me in. She showed me around and the room looked great, so I accepted her offer and it turned out to be the best offer I had ever accepted.

After I settled in, she went to the shops and asked if I would like anything and I said im ok thank you. An hour passed and she returned carrying 3 shopping bags but one thing that striked me was the amount of cucumber she had. At first, I didn’t ask her because I would later find out why she had so many and then on that very same night I found out why.

I was still awake at around 11.30pm, sitting in my room, then I needed to go toilet. So I went and when I finished, I walked past her room and noticed that her light was still on and her door was a little open, enough for me to see through and not be caught. What I saw was incredible, she was lying on her bed naked, playing with her wet filthy cunt with her laptop and webcam, saying how she wanted all her filthy slutty holes to be fucked by this guy’s hard cock.
She then took the cucumbers out and she started to suck and deep throat it really hard and fast. I was getting turned on, my cock came out of my boxers and I started to wank ferociously, then she inserted one deep into her pussy and started to fuck herself so hard and good. She was moaning louder from every fuck she was giving herself and started screaming at one point, this got me even more hornier. Then when she slowed down and stopped I assumed then she had cummed but no there was more, she inserted a second cucumber slowly and deeply in to her arse and she started fucking both her slutty holes. She was screaming even more loudly, bouncing up and down her bed, I was wanking faster and harder and I couldn’t contain myself anymore and I started to cum really hard and all over the place. Sadly I didn’t stay to watch the ending as I ran to my room, cleaned myself up and went to bed happily.

When I woke up the next morning, I found a note from her saying that she had gone out for the whole day and won’t be back until late. This gave me the perfect opportunity to look through her room and I found the two cucumbers that she used last night. Mmmmmmmmm never did a pair of cucumbers smell so good.
She returned at around 11pm with two of her friends and I was in my room, trying to go to sl**p because I would be starting my first at university the following morning. I woke up around 2.30am because I felt thirsty and needed to get a drink, once I had a glass of water and started walking back into my room I heard giggling from room, so again I decided to look through the small hole left open by her door and I felt so awake from what I just saw.

She and her two friends were there on her bed naked and having sex with each other. Luckily I had just got there when they just started, her two friends were sucking and licking her natural perfect tits, this got me so turned on and I had to get my cock out but this time I wasn’t going to cum early and I vowed to watch it all. They then laid her onto her back and one of her friends sat on her face, getting her pussy eaten by her whilst her other friend ate hers, I wanted to cum but I knew I shouldn’t just yet, has I wanted to watch the whole thing. She was getting finger fucked hard, her friend was screaming and started to cum in her mouth because of the way she was eating her wet juicy cunt. Once they had stopped for a second, the all started kissing each other, sharing their cum between them. The cucumbers then appeared and what happened next was better than last night.

Her two friends started sucking and deep throating the two cucumbers and told her to get on all fours. Then they started spitting and fingering her two slutty wet filthy holes. Once they loosened her two holes, they put both in each hole and started fucking her hard and deep; she was moaning and smiling with pleasure on her face, begging for more and more. I was wanking harder and quicker now but realised that I will cum soon, so I slowed down a bit.
Whilst she was still on all fours and getting fucked by the two cucumbers, one of her friends then laid on her back and went towards her and slowly with the help of her friend, inserted the other end of the cucumber deep into her filthy wet used cunt and the both of them started fucking their cunts together. The moaning and screaming got louder as the pleasure was uncontrollable. The other friend then got onto all fours and on top of her friend and slowly inserted the second of the other used cucumber into her wet filthy cunt and also started fucking her cunt.

Four slutty wet used holes were being fucked, the two friends were kissing each other and sucking each others tits and my house mate was all alone getting fucked, I wanted to just run in and stick my hard cock into her mouth but I knew I shouldn’t, they were at it for an hour and then finally she squirted all over the place and her two friends started sucking and licking her wet cunt and finally started kissing each other as they had just finished and I started cummin hard and bigger than the previous night. Again I ran to my room and went to sl**p with a smile on my face again.

The next morning, I woke up with that same smile on my face and surprisingly, the biggest slut that I now know is sitting there at the table asking me, why I have a big smile on my face and I replied I had a happy dream.
I returned home around 6pm from university and the house was surprisingly empty, so I decided to go upstairs to my room and I notice again that this filthy slutty whore was at it again but this time with herself, so I quickly went to my room, got undressed and went back to peek through and watch her at her best again. The cucumbers were in her slutty holes, she was fucking herself hard and I had to wank again but this time she saw me through the door and she called me in. I knew I was in trouble and this could lead to me getting kicked out of the house.

I entered the room and she told me to come closer and not say a word. Then out of my wildest imagination, she started to suck my big hard cock, whilst continuing riding the cucumbers. It felt so good, having her slutty mouth suck me off whilst she gets fucked. I then took out the cucumber from her pussy and started to finger that wet cunt of hers, best thing I had ever felt. As I continued to finger fuck her, she started to quicken the sucking, deepthroating me on every occasion she could. I then felt her pussy tightening, meaning that she was about to cum and squirt all over and she did with huge success and at the same time, It was time for me to cum. She started to wank me off whilst i continued fingering her and I couldn’t hold it any longer and started cummin down her slutty whore mouth and she sucked every single last drop out of my cock. The slut even swallowed the entire load and licked my fingers clean.
Has we sat there smiling, she asked me if I would like to do this on a regular occasion and I happily agreed. I knew that my time here would be great.
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