Bare Hunting (fantasy fiction)

I wrote this for my then fiance' Lynn; now happily married. Enjoy![


It had been a cold fall season to this point. Overcast and dreary skies had dominated the landscape for what seemed like days on end. It could be enough to cause someone one to become depressed, but for me, the anticipation was only growing with each passing day.

We had both been planning and looking forward to this for weeks by now. A hunting trip! But this would be no ordinary hunting trip you see. What we had in mind was hunting of a different nature. Both of us had grown tired of the busy bustle of daily life. We longed for the sweeter part of what we had been missing, ourselves. And what better way to get away from it all than to go to a lonely little cabin, far away from all distractions. It would be a place where two lovers could get back to what was important…

It was a long drive to the remote cabin. Along the way we hadn’t been able to keep our hands off of each other, and we drove even faster the closer we got. It was getting very difficult to drive now as I felt your hand squeezing my now firm cock. You were alternating that with slow strokes up and down the veiny shaft. As you continued, a bit of clear cum began to appear on my shiny swollen head. "Ohhh, mmmm…" you cooed as you then knelt over into my lap. “You have a present for me!” I was having more trouble now as I felt your warm soft tongue swirl and press into my cum hole. The moaning sounds you were making were only adding to my growing difficulty in driving. I was thankful that the cabin was in sight because I knew that I couldn’t take much more of your hot talented mouth on me before I lost control.

Once we pulled into the driveway I pulled your pretty face up and into my hands. We then kissed passionately for a few minutes. Our lips and tongues now played as our kissing grew to a more fevered pitch. Our hands were now roaming freely over each other bodies. I could hear you softly moaning as I began to trace the outline of your panty covered pussy lips with my fingers. I stroked lightly, just beyond a tickle, and I could feel the warm moisture beginning to penetrate the lacy fabric. Breathing heavier now, our kissing was more frantic as we were now grinding against each others hands. I began to draw the circles I was making with my fingers down smaller and smaller still. Now I was just circling your firm little clit. Feeling your rapidly swelling clit fueled my passions even more. My large cock now strained against your stroking fingers, the head now slick with my cum. "Mmmmm…"

Oh gawd it felt so good to have you in my arms this way. We were away from all of the worries of our busy lives, and we were indulging in the pleasures of our lusts with abandonment. Neither one of us would have been anywhere else with one exception. As we became more and more aroused, the cabin, only a few feet away began to beckon us. There was a steady column of smoke curling out of the chimney top. The innkeeper had obviously been expecting us. “I can’t take this anymore” I exclaimed while your hand gripping my shaft was causing me to shudder. I knew that I would cum if this didn’t stop soon. So I pulled my fingers away from your now sodden panties and began to lightly tickle your sexy ribs and tummy. It had the desired effect and I felt your hand release me just in time.

Giggling and laughing, we both left the warmth of the car and stepped into the chill air. Unable to wait to even a second longer we raced through the snow, chasing each other to reach the doorway first. Bursting through the doorway, still laughing and giggling, we continued our game of chase inside. I nearly had you but you twisted away from me giggling even more as you saw my predicament. My heavy cock strained against my pant leg, making it very difficult to run. I could see it in your eyes, chase me, you said, and off you ran. I was beginning to catch up with you when something soft hit me in the face. I paused just long enough to realize it was your top. Ever the talented girl, you continued to speed away, ripping off your clothes as you went. Just to make it fair, I began to peel mine off as well. Our little game of chase continued until neither one of us had a thing on except our undies. As we rounded the corner into the dimly lit front room, I caught you at last. Picking you up in my arms I could feel you surrendering to me as I gently lay you down on the dense fire side rug.

Stopping a moment to catch our breath, we both looked around at this rustic romantic place. It was cool except for the warmth of the fireplace. As the flames danced it threw a thousand flickering shadows across your beautiful feminine form. I brushed your blond hair from your face as your soft lips met mine. Once again I was exactly where I wanted to be, in your arms holding you close. Our lips touched softly at first, then parted, and I could taste your sweet breath mixing with mine. Our passion grew and I could feel you responding as my hands roamed over your golden skin. My lips left yours and traveled along your neck. I gently blew and sucked on your neck, trailing wet kisses as I went. Our passion was flaring quickly, never having been that far away. My fingers once again traveled to your now damp panties, once again searching out your firm clit. A moan escaped your lips as I continued my onslaught to your senses. I moved my soft lips around your neck. While the finger tips of one hand lightly touched your sensitive breasts, the other one continued to trace the outline of your once again firm clit, and your lips as well. Your moaning grew louder as I continued. I knew exactly how and where to drive you insane. Kissing your flat tummy and tickling softly with my fingertips, I gently blew on your moistened skin. Desiring more pressure on your aroused pussy, your hips now rose to meet my hand. I obliged and snaked my fingers under the fabric touching your womanhood; slick with need. As I continued to kiss you, lower now, I teased your entrance with my finger tip, and then spread your moisture upward. Tracing the outline of your swollen lips, up and down, around your clit, and then, only to touch your entrance once again. I lingered there, moving the tip just inside, and now from side to side. I felt you respond by pushing my head lower and I yielded to your need. Pulling your panties off quickly gave me unobstructed access to your beautiful little pussy. I stopped to admire its beauty, the flames reflected there, glistening in your wetness. 'No I’m not teasing you", I said, as I admired your beauty; and I drank in as much as I could before your hand gently pressed me back to your urgent need.

I pressed my broad tongue against your full pussy lips now. Using wide strokes I pressed deeper into you, getting high on your fragrance. Moaning more loudly now, I pressed my tongue into your entrance. With more pressure, I moved the tip of my tongue from side to side. Feeling you respond, and tasting your nectar, it was nearly more than I could bear. I traced your lips up to your clit once again, drilling circles round and round, only to draw downward and press my fleshy tongue in your spasming hole. Back and forth I went, from your clit to your entrance, and it was having the desired effect. I sensed your need and concentrated the efforts of my tongue on your rigid pleasure center. "Oooohhhh, it’s perfect! Don’t stop", I heard you say. "Mmmmm….. YES! Right there, mmmm…". I loved doing this for you, feeling the waves of pleasure pass through your body were intoxicating for me. I stopped long enough to lick my fingers, making sure you could see. I heard you whimper at the site, anticipating what would come next. I returned to your clit now, making steady slow circles, and flicking back and forth. Pressing into you with my fingers now, I felt you adjusting to their size. Slowly, in and out, and farther with each pass, I slipped them deeper into you. I heard a hiss leave your lips as they reached to the pleasure centers inside that I knew so well. I pressed my tongue more firmly at your urging, feeling you respond. My fingers continued their assault on your g-spot; I could feel it swell under the pad of my finger as you continued to breathe faster. My tongue and fingers were now in perfect sync as I felt your strong muscles begin to clamp down. I was amazed by your strength. I knew you were close as my fingers began burning inside you, and your rhythmic contractions changed to a continuous pressure. "Oooooohhhh I’m going to cum! Ahhhhhh Ohhhhhh Immm cuuummminggg ahhhh…" I felt your tremulous hand press against the back of my head as you cried out and it was all I could do to continue my ministrations, riding your orgasm with you, holding on. I felt the power of it as it washed through your body. And as it subsided I lightened the pressure in your most sensitive of areas. Feeling you beginning to relax, still breathing hard, I returned to your side. I kissed your neck once again, lightly now, as my finger also danced gently against your soft bronzed skin. I concentrated on giving you goose bumps. I knew I was successful when I felt you begin to shiver and giggle just a little. I wasn’t able to keep this up for long though. You were regaining your strength now, and you had other ideas in mind.

I knew that look in your eyes as you pressed me down and rose to your knees. My eyes rolled back with a sigh when I felt your soft lips touch my chest, tickling my skin. Planting soft wet kisses as you reached near your goal. I was already hard, turned on by everything that had happened up to now, the long drive, teasing me in the car, chasing you, and then finally feeling you cum hard while my fingers were inside you. It was almost too much to bear and my cock was already heavy and firm in your hand. Squeezing me in your hand I heard a moan escape my lips. You smiled at my response, "you’re already so hard", you said, like you should have been surprised. You know full well the effect you have on me. And being together for this long you were well practiced at your art. I drew in a sharp breath as I felt your lips part over my swollen head. Your soft tongue made a gentle pass across the top. "Mmmmm…" it felt better than ever, just like each time you did this. "Mmmm…" As you pressed your soft lips farther down I could feel your tongue swirl along my sensitive underside. "Mmmm, I can taste you", you said. "Uh huh", was all I could manage, because now you were stroking my shaft while you began to pump and suck the head with your lips. "Ohhmy gawdddd Lynn, I’m not going to be able to take this for long". That only encouraged you further as I felt you redouble your efforts. Pumping and sucking, I tried to watch you practice this art, but the pleasure was too intense to keep my eyes open for long. You pulled your hand away from my steely shaft, now pressing your mouth down as far is it could go. I whimpered and gasped as I felt my now swollen and leaking head touch the back of your throat. I tried to hold on, not wanting to cum yet. I watched you again, now pumping your whole mouth down over my engorged shaft. "Oooohhhhh Lynn, don’t make me cum yet", I managed to get out. "P-Pleaseeee", I begged. You continued your efforts, but now you slowed down, allowing a brief reprieve from my fast approaching orgasm. As I watched you, again your hand returned to my shaft and began to pump me. Your lips barely parted and you began drilling the firm point of your tongue in my cum hole, once again beginning to drive me insane. Alternating between short and long strokes of your hand, I felt my orgasm once again welling up inside me. You brought me to the brink, but I had to stop you this time, for I had better things in store.

I pulled you to me and our mouths sought each other out. Kissing passionately we only wanted one thing now. I felt you spread your legs in anticipation. I moved closer to you , feeling your hand firmly grab my hard cock, guiding it to your clit. Our kissing grew more frantic as your began rubbing my swollen head against your clit. I felt you press me down to your soaking entrance, picking up your slick secretions, and then bringing it back up to your clit. Rubbing back and forth, my firm cock head could make out the detail of your quickly hardening clit, sending the details of your firmness to my pleasure racked mind. Neither one of us could stand much more of this. There was only one thing that would now satisfy our wanton urges. I felt you move me lower and I began to press forward. Feeling your lips resisting me I applied more pressure. Both of us gasped and moaned now as my meaty head made its way just past your tight entrance. Your slick channel gave way as I continued to gently press myself farther into your core. I felt you gripping my back, pulling me deeper still. Waves of pleasure began to tingle up my spine. Even though I felt this way every time, I couldn’t remember feelings of pleasure this intense. Nearly completely inside, I began to stroke you, slowly at first, all the while kissing your soft lips. I could feel your breath coming in short gasps. Mine too were nearly uncontrolled as the intense pleasure building up inside made it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Your clinging passage massaged me until I was throbbing and full. The head was now swollen and I began to pop it in and out of your entrance with each stroke. I could feel your efforts become uncoordinated as your orgasm approached. "Mmmmmm…. Oooohhh, Mike! I’m gonnnna cuuummm sooo harrrrd". I felt your pussy spasm around me and your legs flexed wildly at my side. "Ooohhh! FUCK ME HARD, I’M GONNA CUMMMM OOOHHHHH.... MMMMMM AAAHHH!!!" I strained to fill you completely while your body was racked with intense pleasure. The sensation of your hot womanhood crushing my swollen cock was almost too much to bear. I felt my orgasm surging close, welling up inside me as I fought it off. You stopped clutching me just in time. My swollen vessel was now throbbing with every beat of my heart. Stopping only long enough to regain control, I helped to rolled you onto your side, both of our coordination was shot, but somehow we managed. Straddling your leg, once again I began to move inside you. I saw you reach down to your clit, getting more turned on as I watched. Sensing you getting close, I angled my hard cock to massage your g-spot. "OOhhhh, yes, right there", you said. As I worked with you, watching the pleasure waves ripple through your body, I looked down to where we were joined. It looked so naughty, almost vulgar, as my big swollen shaft, glistening in the firelight, stroked back and forth across your swollen lips. Watching us joined together seemed somehow to make the sensations I was feeling that much more intense. I could feel you beginning to clutch me once again as another orgasm was beginning to build. Your moaning grew more incessant as you begged me not to stop. "Its right there, RIGHT THERE!" you gasped as you teetered on the brink. Sensing your need, I leverage my hard swollen tool directly into your g-spot. I felt your pussy spasm tightly against me as yet another orgasm began to wash through you. "Ohhhhh gawwwd oooohh gawwwd I’m cummmming again ooohhhhhh mmmm…"

I knew that you wanted to rest, but I was so turned-on that I couldn’t stop myself or hold myself back. Pulling out of you for just a short while, I helped lift you up onto your knees. I wanted to stop and kiss you, admiring that beautiful sexy ass of yours, but I had to have you right then. My cock was so hard it ached, and there was only one thing that would satisfy its selfish desire. But it wasn’t just me, you too wanted the same thing. I felt you reach down and guide my still slick cock to your swollen entrance. I heard a moan escape both our lips as your lips stretched to accommodate my size. We were both too turned on to last long now. I pressed my manhood into you and felt you pushing against me. Slowly we began to move against each other. Your abused little pussy began squeezing me once again, so strongly, that it felt like you were distorting my shape. I felt myself grow even more swollen and hard as my cock head popped in and out of your engorged pussy. Looking down I could see, as well as feel, your lips flaring around my shiny shaft. Our need grew as we now pressed harder against each other. I grabbed your hips and pulled you against me with each thrust. You cried out, "Ohhh gawwwwwd I’m gonnna cummmm again". Your voice trembled as unintelligible noises left your lips. Feeling you squeezing me as your orgasm approached was just too much for me to take any more. Your clutching spasming channel transmitted every detail of its shape to my tortured mind. I felt myself swell to incredible proportions as the cum welled up inside me. When you yelled and signaled your cumming, I could take it no more. I pressed the whole of my turgid length into you, feeling you stretch to accommodate my size. We were at that moment like one a****l, thrusting against each other with wild abandonment; the same goal in mind. I felt my cock head flare as I erupted inside of you, spilling my cum against your battered walls. We were both trembling so much that we could no longer hold each other in the same position, and we collapsed to the thickly carpeted rug, gasping for air.

As we clung together there on the floor, regaining our senses, I was at a loss of time and space. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. Nothing else mattered as I felt you cuddle and press yourself back against me. Still joined together, I felt you flex your muscles against my still firm cock. I flexed back in response. Holding you there, with part of my body inside yours, I felt like we were one. I realized once again that I was the luckiest guy in the world as I heard the words I could never hear too much of. "I love you!" You said. "I love you too Honey". It just doesn’t get any better than this. I hope it’s a long weekend!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

I AM the luckiest guy in the world because I have you for a friend, and a lover.

I love you Lynn!
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4 years ago
Hot fucking story. And knowing you are a real couple turned me on. Mike, you are one lucky dude. While looking at lynns pussy gettn plugged... shit, I popped by the time i got to the end. Write some more dammit
4 years ago
very good