Best Friend Rams me with a Strap on 3

This is the story of the third time Steph fucked me.

It was the beginning of July and I was just relaxing by my pool. My parents weren't home, they had gone on a trip and wouldn't be back for a couple of weeks. I heard a car pull up and looked out into the drive way. It was a car I had grown to dread seeing after the grad party, Steph's car. I was wondering how she made it past the gates, and up our long driveway without me noticing, but then I remembered that I gave her the key after she threatened to show the pictures to my best guy friends.

She got out of the car and the clothes she was wearing would have shocked my parents, if they were home.

She wore a leather half- jacket, leather pants, and knee high leather boots. The jacket was unzipped to reveal a lot of her nice cleavage. As she walked towards me I was hypnotized by the way her breasts bounced with every step. as she drew closer I noticed a bulge down by her leg. This time the thought of getting my ass rammed by Steph didn't scare me, It actually excited me.

As she drew closer I walked out to her and bowed down, kissing her boots and saying " Hello Mistress." "Hello bitch." she replied.

"So what do you want today? More fucking?" I asked. She said "Yes, but not like the last times. Today is going to be in a whole new environment." As she said this she looked at the pool. Oh my god she is going to fuck me in the water I thought, and my cock sprang to attention. She looked happy that I was looking forward to the fucking, and said "That's a good slave, standing up when his mistress demands. Now get in the water" I did as she said, and took off my bathing suit. As I watched her strip I grew harder and harder. As she took off her pants, her cock, 12 inches and pink this time, sprang out.

She climbed into the water and went straight for my ass. She roughly turned me around and instead of gently warming up, immediately rammed the whole thing in my ass. The water lubricated the dildo, and it didn't hurt as much as the last two times. She continued fucking me and then whispered in my ear "I hope you can hold your breath." Before I could say anything, she dumped me underwater while she continued to brutally fuck my ass. I almost blacked out, but she pulled me up and started jerking my cock while I gasped for air. When I came, the cum floated up in liquidy strands and Steph just smiled and left.
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1 year ago
Very nice story! Want some more :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
aw please more femdom and longer. but it is amazing!
3 years ago
im looking forward to reading the next one ;)
3 years ago
are you still her slave?
3 years ago
what a great childhood friend
3 years ago
sounds FUCKING fun
3 years ago
Nice story.