Best friend rams me with a strapon 2

This is a description of another time Steph railed me.

Since Steph took those pictures of me at my grad party, I've had to do everything she said.

Often times this involved being fucked with strapons. The second time was much worse than the first.

Steph called me over to her house 3 days after the grad party. She said it was to just go swimming, but the ache in my ass told me otherwise.

When I got there Steph and our friend Kellsie were splashing around in the pool. We swam in the pool for a little bit and then Steph invited us both inside. She said "Mike do you know why you're here?" I answered nervously "Um, no." She said "You're here because you need to be trained to be a submissive bitch. My parents are out of town so we have plenty of time. Me and Kellsie are going to make you our bitch. Now go in my room and take off all your clothes."

I did as she said and when she and Kellsie came in they both only wore strapons. I looked at them painfully, they were at least an inch longer than the first one Steph used.

She had me lay on the bed while she fingered my asshole. Each thrust of her finger went deeper, and she kept adding more fingers until she had all of her fingers in there. Then she put her fingers together and slid them all into my ass, then made a fist. All this time Kellsie was slapping me in the face with her 12 inch black strapon. When she was done at my ass she moved back to my front, where she ordered me to kneel. She and Kellsie both stuck their dicks in my mouth, slapping me, ramming me, and Steph even punched me once.

This whole time the girls were just laughing and joking.
"I wonder how deep his ass is."
"Can he take both of us?"

And other things like that.

When Steph decided the time was here for the fucking she had Kellsie walk behind me and she stayed in front of me. Kellsie started to slide her dick in my ass as Steph continued to fuck my face. When Kellsie had gotten all the way in she started stroking my dick. We continued like this for a long time, any time I was about to cum they would stop, and they were constantly biting, hitting, slapping, and generally torturing me. When they finally let me finish my ass was burning and I was sore all over, but oddly I was starting to like the hurt.....
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1 year ago
A little extreme... Then again... Who doesn't love extreme !
2 years ago
Cool Story.
2 years ago
good not great more girls, some pussylicking, pls?
2 years ago
oh thats sounds fun
3 years ago
nice very nice
3 years ago
loved it
3 years ago
Great Story.
3 years ago
nice story.
3 years ago
Wish I was there.