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Domestic Disharmony.

Domestic Disharmony.

I wriggle uncomfortably; the stinging from my nether regions still sharp and throbbing. I can hear Mr and Mrs Destet moving about in the next room however so I dare not rub my tender rear. We have been promised a further experience with the strap should Jacqueline or I presume to so much as move a muscle. We are stood side by side facing the living room wall with our hands on our heads. The bottom part of the pyjamas I borrowed from Jackie have slipped down to my ankles. At least, with the pyjama top on, I am wearing more than Jackie. Her bath towel is laid discarded over the back of the sofa. She is quite naked and sniffling softly; her delectable bottom glowing bright scarlet. It is nearly more than I can manage to keep my hands firmly on my head and refrain from soothing her swollen buttocks with soft caresses.

I squirm once more and grimace. I will give Jackie’s father his due. He has a strong right arm! I think of S****r Juliana’s regular strappings I have been obliged to endure at school. They sting to be sure but they don’t compare in agony to the heavy strap Mr Destet wields with such authority. I have no idea just how many times he plied that frightful instrument across my bottom. The whole affair passed in a haze of scorching pain as I kicked my heels and howled. My shrieks of agony and pitiful pleading availed me little however. Mr Destet was thoroughly annoyed. I have to concede that he had good reason to be.

Jacqueline’s parents had returned home from abroad early. It was supposed to be a surprise. It certainly was! The biggest surprise was for them when they returned to the house to find it looking as if somebody had been holding a terrorist’s convention in it. They had viewed the chaos in horrified disbelief. In all honesty they had a right to do so. The food all over the place, trodden into the carpet along with the wine stains, had vied with the confetti we had liberally sprinkled everywhere. There were items of discarded clothing lying around which they fortunately hadn’t enquired too closely about. There had been Jackie’s mother’s best negligee lying in some puddle of discarded pizza and eggnog and her father’s CD collection strewn in gay abandon across the floor. The feathers from our pillow fight seemed to cling to every available surface and there were several small but valuable items of china and glassware in sorry shards s**ttered around. The kitchen had been one unmitigated scene of disaster and we hadn’t done a very good job of cleaning up after Jackie was sick in the bathroom. The place stank of whisky as well; the legacy of the bottle of Tullamore Dew 12 year old single malt so recently liberated from Father Ignatius’ private horde. Yes they had good reason to be annoyed!

Thank God they hadn’t caught us together in bed! Jackie had been under the shower and I’d borrowed a pair of her pyjamas to go downstairs to look for some orange juice to clear the foul taste from my mouth which appeared to have had some small a****l pass away in it during the night, when they came home. I had been rummaging about in the fridge when the front door had opened and the recriminations had begun. Jackie had been summoned before her parents with her hair still wet from the shower and a towel wrapped about her. Together we had stood in penitent contrition while Mr Destet had verbally taken us to task for our misbehaviour. Mere words had been insufficient to express his disapproval however. Jacqueline had been ordered to fetch the strap!

I had never seen Jackie punished before. At school she is generally a model student; the only blot on her copybook being her devoted friendship with the school’s most incorrigible and persistent offender, Michaela Francis.... me! Otherwise her record is nearly blemishless and I have never seen her obliged to lower her knickers for the strap or the cane and adopt the position which is all too familiar to myself. If her record at school can not be faulted however there is little doubt that that her conduct at home is less than perfect for she knew exactly where to go to fetch her father’s strap and tearfully discarded her towel and assumed a position d****d over the back of an armchair with what can only be described as an acquaintance born of long familiarity.

My face assumed a mask of sorrow and pity as Jackie’s father leathered her rump with that heavy strap but it was a facade. I enjoyed watching my little beloved squealing and blubbering as the strap belaboured her squirming buttocks turning them a brighter shade of red with every loud crack of leather against soft flesh. She shrieks so prettily and the sight of her lovely little naked body convulsing under the stinging agony of the strap had taken my breath away, brought a hot flush to my cheeks and a tell tale trickle of moisture between my legs. Her mother had watched dispassionately clucking her tongue in disapproval and Jackie’s screams had grown so loud that I am sure the neighbours must have listened with interest.

Finally Mr Destet had relented and Jackie had collapsed onto the carpet sobbing miserably and clutching her bottom. Mr Destet had not been impressed. He’d ordered her to stand against the wall with her hands on her head under the direst threats should she dare to rub her bottom again. Then he had turned to me!

Up until that moment I had had no idea that I would be punished as well. I had some notion that I would have been sent home in disgrace and possibly even have been forbidden to see Jackie again as a bad influence on her. But my parents are away as well and I am thus under the guardianship of Jackie’s parents for the moment and Mr Destet is a believer in direct action in the execution of his responsibilities. Thus I had found myself bending over the back of the armchair and blushing crimson in mortification as I was ordered to drop my pyjama bottoms in front of Jackie’s parents for the strap. My embarrassment had not lasted long. It had soon been replaced by the fearsome agony of that awful strap to the accompaniment of shrieks every bit as loud as those so recently emitted by my beloved Jackie.

Jackie glances aside at me sorrowfully. “I’m sorry that I got you into trouble Michaela.” She murmurs under her breath.

I shrug. “I think we got each other into trouble sweetheart!” I tell her in a whisper. “Your bl**dy dad’s a bit heavy handed with that strap!”

“I’m sorry darling! I didn’t think father would strap you as well! Did it hurt horribly?”

I manage another shrug. “I’m sort of used to it by now!” I hear footsteps approaching from the next room. “Look out! Here comes your dad!”

We stare fixedly at the wall in front as Mr Destet re-enters the room. He glares at us. “Right girls! Turn around and listen!” Obediently we turn about and face him. “Now Jacqueline,” he continues, “Your mother and I are going out for the rest of the day. You girls however are forbidden to leave the house under any circumstances. You will now set about and clean this mess up! We will return at five o’clock this evening and I shall expect to find this house spotless by then or woe betide the pair of you! It’s a couple of years since I last took a birch switch to your backside Jacqueline but if this house isn’t immaculate by the time we return then that is what you may expect.” He pauses for effect. “Both of you!” he concludes. "Once this house is tidy you can both go to your room and stay there for the rest of the evening until bedtime. Do you both understand?” We nod contritely. “Good! Well get to work then!”

As we start the business of cleaning up I reflect that it’s an ill wind that blows no good. The burning from my rear has only inflamed the arousal I experienced while watching my Jackie strapped. We hear the front door as Jackie’s parents leave. I reach over to Jackie on her knees beside me and stroke a hand across her bottom. I can feel the heat emanating from the swollen orbs with the palm of my hand. She shivers and bites her lip. “S...stop it Michaela! We... we have to clear this mess up.”

But her protests are transparent as I slide my finger into the cleft between her buttocks and feel the moisture there. “So it’ll take us maybe three hours to clean this up. We’ve got nearly six and there’re other more urgent tasks to attend to first!”

She melts against me in surrender. “Oh Michaela!” she breathes and clutches at me hungrily. The strap seems to have inflamed her as well and there’s no keeping a pair of bad girls down!

Michaela xxxxx

Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I just adore naughty girls...I am hoping they will still be enjoying each other's company when the parents arrive home to the same chaotic mess!
2 years ago
LOL!!! Naughty girls!!!

Thank you michaela.
2 years ago
The best ending to 2012 I could have wished for.
I will be going into 2013 breathless and fully aroused, not only with the memory of this fabulous episode from the St. Margarets series but at the thought of similar events happening to MY GIRL when she has recovered from her op.
I can't wait, be ready.

Loved it but LOVE YOU MORE.
2 years ago
I love it... Very Nice!!! ;):)
2 years ago
Very good xxxxx stars
2 years ago
Such a nasty little girl you are !!