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Farewell to my Lady Lilith.

Farewell my Lady Lilith.

Was it just a dream them? Was it just an illusion in the quiet small hours of the morning? Did I really touch the soul of some distant lady by the shores of the Pacific Ocean far away? Did she really come to me like a shadow on the edge of reality and move my consciousness with her dark passions; inspire my senses with the searing light of her presence and leave me breathless half a globe away? Was she really there? Was there truly a spirit that I adored on the end of this fragile, tenuous tendril of electronic tangibility? Did I really love or was that just a dream and that within a dream of dreams.

My Lady Lilith is gone. I stare at the implacable cold light of a computer screen and see only a void where once there was joy and illumination. She is gone and I scarce know why. In some vaguely remembered past she came to me like that shadow of the night she most considered the true meaning of her troubled spirit, took solid substance in my mind and filled my thoughts with exaltation; a gratification that such a being as she existed and graced the world with her presence.

I remember the excitement of discovery; the realisation that somewhere, in a land I had never seen, there was this person who could move me with the beauty of their actuality. I remember how that distant presence uplifted me and filled me with gratitude that this age of miracles could make such contact possible; how it could reduce the vastness of geographical separation to the loving touches of a fingertip upon a keyboard. There was this person there. I might never touch the warmth of their face with the palm of my hand; never gaze in wonder into the eyes that receded back into the glory of their imagination or ever scent the perfume in their hair. Yet they were there and if all the pictures in my mind of them were but constructed images that person nevertheless had substance and reality for I saw that which was most beautiful about them; the inner vision of their quintessence that they had in such generosity bequeathed me.

And now that quintessence is gone. Like a shadow it came and like a shadow it has left me and the great space it once filled is now just a chasm in the ether; remorseless in its deafening silence. For two days I have stared into that silence and implored it to speak to me; begged it to brush away my tears with a glimmer of sound beyond its cavernous solitude and bring some flicker of light to my desolation. Yet the silence remains and mocks my loneliness with its obdurate persistence.

I do not know why my lady Lilith is gone. She left some parting message as enigmatic as ever she was herself. There was some hint of other things to do; some sense that it was time to move on to fields anew. There was perhaps that awful expression that she must turn her attention to the “real” world. The “real” world! How I hate that phrase! As if there was ever such a thing! I learned long ago that there is no reality but that which we construct about ourselves through the postulation and creativity of our minds. If you place ten people in a room you have in essence ten different realities and who is to say that one is more real than another’s? This was a “real” world. On the end of that line from California to here there was a heart and a being who existed.

And now that heart breaks and that being cries in grief for she has gone. The void echoes with my laments; my unanswered questions come back to haunt me. Perhaps I will never now have the chance to tell her that I loved her truly; that there was a part of me that belonged to her; a part of me that was my gift to her yet remains unopened in the frigidity of the silence. My lady Lilith is gone and my world seems a darker, colder place in the absence that remains.

In sadness,


Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Well I saw this and thought it suited the mood.

2 years ago
I know what you can feel my dear Michaela, because I lost someone in my life too. I know the emptiness that lies before you, the "joie de vivre" that has become so cold ...
2 years ago

I too miss Kate's very presence. She is a force of life within itself. She left footprints in all our minds with her quick wit and her honest, opinion. Her deep raw emotion. She makes me smile with just a thought.

I haven't heard from her since Thanksgiving. Hoping for something soon...

SassyBri ~
2 years ago
I cant describe how i feel when i lost my wife. Every night i wish so hard that she's lying beside me. I close my eyes and pretend that she is turning the other side, so that was why she wont hug me. I wake up and still wish her good morning. I pretend not to see its empty space.
Everyday i do this. Everyday.
I never wish for anyone to feel how i still feel.
But i understand your pain.
2 years ago
Heartfelt, yes? The heart remembers the love, the mind remembers the lover, but not as it should be.
Time is the great healer, love. Best wishes.
Oh hk55 sent me here
2 years ago
Lilith-Kate was and is even a my friend ..
I can only say that I hope she returns,
she did not like the real world,
why not allowed her,to being herself,never..
why her should love the real world now?
I hope that the ideas of Lilith can change ..
2 years ago
The real world is here, because here we are
free to be what we like to be.
Some time ago I left xham.
Now...I'm here writing this comment.
Look around you, we don't have her culture,
her knowledege and her ability with the "pen"
but we are here to support you.
She and other members did it for me when I
lost a friend, more than a simple friend.
We can't erase your sadness, I know it very well
but we can read you and share your feelings, if
you need and when you need.
Some members here are angels and they will have care of you like they did with me.
2 years ago
That is beautiful
2 years ago
Beautiful thoughts. Wherever she is, how fortunate to have someone think of her like this.
2 years ago
Sometimes people leave. They leave a big hole in your heart but be sure they still left a part of themselves in your soul. They will always be with you and you will always be with them.
2 years ago
My heart goes out to you, Michaela. I cannot know the full depth of your loss, but I hold you dear for all the love and care that is so clearly at the center of your heart.
2 years ago
She will always reside in my heart, as I am sure in yours. Know that she loves you too and always will.