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My First 100 Galleries.

My First One Hundred Galleries.

With a shock I have come to realise that I have now posted the grand total of one hundred picture galleries on this site. It is a prodigious total especially considering that my galleries tend to be mostly very large; usually in excess of fifty images per gallery and frequently up to a hundred in total. In fact those 100 galleries consist of a total of 7,952 images, photographs and artworks; a quite phenomenal number.

Having reached this milestone it occurred to me to mark the occasion with a special centenary gallery as it were; a kind of look back over the material that I’ve already posted. The idea came to me that a nice way to do this would be to pick out a single image from each gallery and use the comments box to indicate from which gallery it came and to explain a little of the concept behind the gallery. A good way of selecting the images chosen to represent each gallery was to allow the many people who have viewed my visual material to choose them. Thus each picture is the image from each gallery that has attracted the most votes from that gallery.

These voting totals will not be astronomically high! My posted material is somewhat eclectic at best and hardly going to figure amongst the most popular material on the site. Nevertheless there is a hard core group of regular viewers who enjoy the more aesthetic and artistic material which makes up the bulk of my posts and a lot of people who appreciate the more humorous contributions believing possibly, as I do, that we need to take ourselves less than seriously once in a while. So this gallery is really dedicated to all the people who have so faithfully followed my contributions to the site over these last 100 galleries.
In case of a tie in the voting over certain pictures I’ve reserved the right to cast the deciding vote myself. Also if anybody enjoys a picture or is interested in the gallery from which it came I’ve labelled each picture with the name of the gallery and included a brief description in the comments box. Also should they wish to take a closer look at the gallery I’ve included the link to it in the comments to facilitate their being able to find it without the tedium of scrolling through my huge portfolio of material.

Several galleries in my collection are themed around certain subjects and many of these subjects are dealt with in more depth through accompanying blog posts and thus I’ve also included a link to the posts that are married to the gallery where relevant. I hope that where anybody finds an interest in the subjects that are dealt with in the galleries they’ll open the links and read the blogs I’ve written on the subject.

In short I hope that those people who have followed my picture galleries over this past year will enjoy this reflection on my first 100 galleries and also I hope to stimulate the interest of any viewer coming upon my material for the first time. This then is my first one hundred galleries and be assured.... there are plenty more to come!


Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago
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2 years ago
What a lovely way to bring your body of work together for those who enjoy it, Michaela. You have so much elegant charm in everything you do. I am only recently aware of your work here, but everything you have shared since I have known you has been beautiful to me. You have truly touched my heart.
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this astounding number of great galleries. The number of pictures is so large I can not comment on all of them. I hope you understand. Be assured I love all of them one way or another.
2 years ago
Contratulations Michaela on your 100 galleries and of course I/we look forward to the next 100. I know you take great care and thought in each of them and many we can learn from them from the blog that is related to your gallery.

Fine work my friend!

2 years ago
I love what you've done and it truly has touched me in so many ways I can't begin to describe my real feelings. I just love it and you Michaela!
2 years ago
You're an inspiration x
2 years ago
100 not out.
A fabulous achievement for the best contributor on here.
WELL DONE michaela I've loved every gallery you have posted and I look forward with keen anticipation to the 100 and then the next etc.

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU michaela.

Master xxxxxx
2 years ago
Thank you Michaela for posting such enjoyable and educating galleries.
Will be looking forward to the next 100 galleries.
With Love
2 years ago
Dearest micheala,

Thank you for all your hard work. That sentence seems so trite, but I cannot find the words to describe my admiration and thankfulness for all you hard work.

I am in awe of your dedication, and the tenaciousness you have shown in this effort.

I wish I had more than words for a reward, but I am left to say over and over again, "Thank you".