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How to Please.

How to Please.

How to Please a Woman:

Be sensitive and caring about her concerns and worries.
Be deferential to her femininity and treat her with courtesy and old fashioned charm.
Flatter her and pass no opportunity to tell her that she’s beautiful.
Always listen to her and be respectful of her opinions and views.
Always have a sense of humour.
Charm her with your urbane wit and intelligence.
Always wait until you have seated her before taking your place at a table.
Hold her coat for her and always usher her courteously through the door.
Take her out to romantic restaurants and wine her and dine her on fine food by soft candlelight.
Surprise her with romantic weekends and soirees.
Bring her small gifts and flowers continuously to demonstrate your undying devotion to her.
Never allow her to pay for anything.
Seduce her with gentle caresses and soft endearments.
Show her an appreciation for the finer things in life.
Never fail to notice when she has a new hairstyle or new dress.
Make her feel like the most special woman in the world.
Be respectful and refrain from coarse vulgarity.
Treat her like a lady at all times.
Tell her you love her.

How to Please a Man:

Turn up naked.
Bring beer.


Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Dearest micheala,

I could use a beer. You can keep your clothes on; it's still a little chilly in New York. LOL!!!


2 years ago
I'm so agree with this truth so obvious!
2 years ago
you are right on the nose there my friend. Bring food to a man will also help
2 years ago
I think you have everything just about right here!
2 years ago
ahah !! voila un déséquilibre bien humain .... et que faire quand on n'aime pas la bière ...
2 years ago
Simple and straight to the point...
2 years ago
Could you make sure the beer is cold?
2 years ago
Trade in the beer for a bottle of Jack Daniels and maybe a nice smile too....

Then she can drop her clothes....
2 years ago
This is the funny Decalogue,
of the gentleman, old-fashioned,
I do not know if all the women of today,
share it,
but I like it, and I try to apply it.
Thanks Michaela, for reminding us,
what like it and make please a woman, Luca ...
2 years ago
I don't like beer so much.
2 years ago
This is so succinct and warm and funny and true. I like it too, that as we evolve as a species, it seems like members of both genders are become freer to embrace and integrate aspects that have been previously attributed to the "other".

Thank you, Michaela, for your beautiful and thought provoking writing.
2 years ago
How very true and so perceptive michaela, I hope I will always be these with MY GIRL. !!