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End of Term at St Margaret's

End of Term at St Margaret’s.

I take a tighter grip on the seat of the chair with my hands and sniffle miserably. The hard back of the chair is pressing into my tummy through the thin material of my vest. Through my tear blurred eyes I see a piece of chalk resting on the floor in front of me. It’s strange how you notice things like that at these moments. I fix my gaze on the chalk and, taking a deep breath, try to still my squirming. I can hear animated voices from the schoolyard below the classroom window. The girls of St Margaret Clitheroe’s Finishing School for Young Ladies are talking excitedly among themselves of their plans for the Christmas holidays. There are over two weeks of freedom from the austerity and rigid discipline of St Margaret’s to look forward to. Two weeks to look forward to that is apart from myself.

I hear the rustle of S****r Juliana’s habit behind me. “How many was that Michaela?” she asks me gently.

“Eleven S****r Juliana.” I inform her in an abject mumble.

“Another nine then Michaela. Please hold still and try to be brave.” There is a loud whooshing sound behind me: a sibilant hiss through the air terminating in a resonant report and another jolt of agony courses through my tormented nether portions. I squeal at the impact of the cane across my naked buttocks and my knees buckle momentarily as the frightful pain penetrates deep into the muscle. A stroke of the cane from S****r Juliana perhaps does not match the strength of one from S****r Bernadette and is certainly not as fearsome as one from the gymnastics teacher Miss Pearson but it is painful enough. S****r Juliana’s expertise in this regard has been coming along rapidly in the six or seven weeks since her joining the school teaching staff. Under the tutelage of S****r Bernadette, her swing and application have improved beyond recognition and, since taking on the salvation of my immortal soul as her own personal crusade, she has certainly been keeping in practice.

“Well Michaela?” she urges softly, “I am waiting.”

I blink back my tears. “I’m sorry S****r Juliana.” I draw a deep breath and intone the prayer, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” I sniff once more. “Twelve S****r Juliana.” I inform her according to our standing arrangement.

She nods in satisfaction. “Good girl.” she tells me encouragingly. She is always kind and reassuring, even when caning me, as if she considers that my suffering is a necessity for my spiritual health and that I should welcome the pain inflicted on me as the penance required on my path back to grace; that somehow through my agonies I will come once more to the favour of my stern but forgiving Saviour. She takes deep satisfaction in my endurance of my penance.

But my endurance is very tenuous today. It is Friday, the last day of term. The school breaks up tomorrow and its students will return to their homes. s****r Juliana however has not changed her routine, or indeed mine, in deference to the end of term. Since the day she arrived and took personal responsibility for me as her student in her class that routine has been unwavering. Twice a week at the end of the afternoon she keeps me behind after class to review my behaviour and performance over the preceding days. Any failure in that behaviour or performance will then be corrected. On my Tuesday review she is liable to correct me with the strap or martinet. Friday however is caning day and, circumstances notwithstanding, caning day it will be. In the last two weeks she has been pleased to note an improvement in my overall behaviour and my canings have been short and lenient. This past week however, my resentment at the agreement over my Christmas break has led to a decline in my standards; a decline so serious as to warrant twenty strokes of the cane on my bare bottom and, end of term or not, twenty strokes is what I shall receive. S****r Juliana is very disappointed in me.

There are tears pouring down my face. The tears are only partly a response to the burning pain in my bottom. Mostly they are the result of the long and earnest consultations between my mother, step father and the school authorities. My academic performance and my conduct over the term has been so wretched according to the school that sterner measures are called for; measures that will hopefully instil in me a greater humility and sense of responsibility. Instead of going home for Christmas I am to remain in the convent adjoining the school. There I am to spend my time in hard work, extra tuition and prayer. I am to be subjected to the full rigour and austerity of convent life rising before dawn for morning prayers, chapel six times a day and what time I do not spend on my knees in prayer I will spend on my knees scrubbing the convent floors.

My beloved Jacqueline was devastated when I told her the news. Jackie and I live not far from each other out of school term and we had hoped to meet up during the holidays away from the confines of the school and the watchful eyes of the s****rs. Jackie has even given me the sexy little baby doll night dress she had purchased for Christmas for me. I would have loved to have worn it for her. Instead she must take it away with her for I dare not be caught with it in the convent. More than two weeks without my beloved Jackie! It will be hell. I cry in misery and loneliness.

There is another sweep of the cane and another streak of agony across my bottom to interrupt my melancholy and self pity. Caught unawares I howl loudly. The voices of the other girls below grow quiet. Doubtless they are listening in interest to the yelps of pain emanating from the classroom above. Sobbing miserably I mutter the hated litany. “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” I wipe a tear from my eyes. “Thirteen S****r Juliana.” I conclude in a dismal mumble.

“Well done Michaela.” She tells me kindly. “You’re doing very well. Only another seven to go now.” I am barely comforted. I glance behind me at S****r Juliana as she raises the cane once more. Her face is bright pink and her breathing slightly heavy. It is characteristic this. She usually blushes as she beats me. I suspect it has little to do with embarrassment. For all her purported moral efforts on behalf on my immortal soul I suspect a baser reason for her frequent punishing of me. She enjoys it! She becomes genuinely aroused by beating me. It is the one sensual indulgence her strict convent life allows her under the pretext of reforming a poor sinner to the ways of God.

It is significant that I am barely dressed for my punishment. In her first week at the school I was found to be wearing frivolous and titillating non-regulation underwear. Now she insists that I strip down to knickers and vest when being punished so that she may ascertain that I am wearing modest and uniform underwear. I suspect it to be another pretext. I think she likes to see me scantily dressed. With my vest raised high on my back and my knickers around my knees for the cane I am nearly naked. I think it excites her. I have even thought about wearing something sexy under my uniform when reporting for my routine punishments. Of course it would earn me extra strokes but it might be worth it just to tease her.

There is another pistol like crack of the cane. I wail frenziedly and nearly collapse. S****r Juliana is learning the finer points of corrective discipline for she has landed the stroke with admirable accuracy into that sensitive region where the swell of my reddening buttocks meets the top of my thighs in a faint crease. “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. four***n S****r Juliana.”

I have barely gabbled out the prayer when the classroom door opens. I glance over my shoulder. The formidable figure of S****r Claire, our head teacher, strides into the room. She pauses in surprise. “Oh! Forgive me S****r Juliana,” she says, “I didn’t realise you were busy.”

S****r Juliana seems flustered by the interruption as if caught in some guilty act. “Oh!” she gasps. “Not at all S****r Claire. I... I was merely attending to Michaela’s disciplinary requirements S****r Claire.”

I glance behind me to see S****r Claire nod approvingly. “But of course S****r Juliana.” She assures her younger colleague. “I wouldn’t wish to interrupt you in the execution of such an important duty. Our Lord alone knows that the wretched girl needs it if anything is to be done with her. I must say S****r Juliana that I have been most impressed with the way that you have taken this sinful young lady so firmly in hand since joining us. I fear that your predecessor, God rest her soul, was far too kind hearted with her. I have noticed a discernible improvement in her conduct since you have taken responsibility for her; not exactly a complete reform you understand but at least a measurable degree of progress. In fact it was about her that I came here to consult with you about.”

“Oh really S****r Claire? In what way may I assist you?”

“Well that can wait for the moment S****r while you finish correcting her. I would not like to be the cause of you neglecting such a needful obligation as thrashing Miss Francis’s deserving backside for her. May I ask how many strokes she has earned herself this time?”

“Er twenty S****r.”

And just what offence is she being punished for on this occasion?”

“Oh... er.... an accumulation of things S****r Claire. I have made it a policy to review Michaela’s conduct and progress twice a week and to discipline her whenever she fails to meet the standards expected of her over the period of her review. She has been much better of late S****r but unfortunately she has lapsed somewhat this past week and therefore I’ve been obliged to penalise her for it.”

Yes well of course there has been a tendency to relax discipline somewhat in the last week of term previously S****r which I disapprove of. Doubtless this young lady thought she might be able to get away with things since school was breaking up. I’m gratified that you are taking the trouble to disabuse her of the notion. What sort of things has she been up to?”

“Quite a number of rather naughty things I’m afraid S****r; general inattention in class, disrespect and insubordination to some of the senior S****rs, some quite blasphemous remarks she made during scripture lessons with SW****r Mary, some rather.... er vulgar drawings she produced in her art lessons and a most scurrilous rendering of the hymn “Come Down, O Love Divine” she was heard to sing at morning mass.”

“Yes much the usual in fact S****r Juliana. And have you taken her to task for the obscene gestures she was making during Father Ignatius’ reading in Mass on Sunday?”

“Why no S****r Claire!” S****r Juliana sounds shocked. “I had no idea that she had misbehaved on that occasion.”

S****r Claire snorts. “Hmmph! You have to keep your eyes on this one at all times S****r. Poor Father Ignatius was quite distraught over it. Completely lost his place and felt quite unable to carry on!” I listen to this intelligence with scepticism. Father Ignatius’ confusion at Mass was more to do with an over indulgence in Tullamore Dew Whisky than any sin of mine.

S****r Juliana however is disturbed by this latest revelation. “Really Michaela!” she admonishes me. “I thought we had agreed that misbehaviour during the Holy Mass was unacceptable. I’m very disappointed in you!”

“I... I’m sorry S****r Juliana.” I mumble penitently.

“I should think so too!”

“If you are inclined to take my advice S****r Juliana,” S****r Claire remarks, “I’d award her an extra ten strokes for that particular misdemeanour!”

“Indeed I shall S****r Claire! I am very displeased with you Michaela. I thought that we were beginning to see an improvement. I’m shocked by what S****r Claire has told me. You will be obliged to take another ten strokes in penance!”

“Yes S****r Juliana.” I mumble, bitterly wishing that S****r Claire had kept her nose out. “I’m sorry S****r Juliana.”

There is a snort from S****r Claire; the sort of sceptical snort that suggests that she believes not a word of my humble apology. “Well I don’t want to delay your needful duties further S****r Juliana.” she says, “So please feel free to carry on. We can discuss the young lady’s immediate future after you’ve finished thrashing her.”

“Yes S****r Claire. Thank you S****r Claire.”

“I wonder however if you wouldn’t mind me staying here to witness her punishment S****r Juliana. I would be most interested to observe your technique and application.”

“Oh... er yes.... er of course S****r Claire. B.... by all means.” I can hear the confusion in S****r Juliana’s voice and I can almost see her blush. I rather feel that thrashing me is something she would prefer to do privately.

“Very well then S****r Juliana,” S****r Claire tells her. “Pray proceed!”

“Yes.... er yes of course. Er how many were we at Michaela?”

“fif***n S****r Juliana.” I mumble.

“Very well then! Six more to come plus the extra ten for your wickedness in Mass Michaela. Please straighten your legs.”

Miserably I comply. There is a loud swoosh and I jerk my head and howl at the blaze of pain across my rear. Evidently the watching presence of S****r Claire has induced S****r Juliana to show due application to her duty for the stroke is the hardest yet; a scorching streak of agony on my already tender buttocks. Sobbing as the pain seeps in, I mumble my litany once more. “Fifteen S****r Juliana. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

S****r Claire nods. “Quite acceptable S****r Juliana but I’d use a bit more strength behind it if I were you. She needs to be taught a salutary lesson S****r so please don’t spare her. Oh yes and make sure that you apply ample strokes to the back of her legs as well as her bottom. The cane stings a good deal on the back of the thighs and any refinement you can make to emphasise your disapproval of her conduct is to be applauded and certainly not in vain.”

“Yes S****r Claire. Of course.” S****r Juliana is nothing if not deferentially obedient in the execution of her duty. The next stroke is harder yet.... across the fleshy parts of my upper thighs. My scream will be easily audible to the other girls in the school yard below.

Some time later I am kneeling before the crucifix on the classroom wall ostensibly saying my prayers and begging my Holy Father for forgiveness; the ache and burning in my nether portions to remind me of my penitence. Under S****r Claire’s supervisory scrutiny, S****r Juliana has applied herself most diligently to her task. The second half of the thirty strokes I have suffered was the hardest she has ever caned me. My eyes are red from my tears and my throat horse from my howls of agony. S****r Claire seems satisfied. “A job well done S****r!” she declares in warm approval. “However,” she continues on a note of caution, “This is an ongoing task. Constant vigilance is required S****r and firm and regular application of the rod a necessity. You must not allow yourself to slacken the reins for an instance or she’ll take advantage of your lenience immediately mark my words! Now I’m sure you’re aware by now that Michaela Francis will not be going home for the holidays but instead remaining with us in the Convent.”

“Yes so I had heard S****r Claire.”

“Yes. Her parents and we have discussed the matter at length and decided that she will benefit enormously from a period of penance and strictly ordered life. Now of course I have to give some consideration as to how best to fit her presence into the convent with the minimum of disruption to our lives. It has occurred to me therefore that, since you are already doing an admirable job of monitoring and correcting her behaviour that it would be best if you were to take responsibility for her during the period she is with us.”

“M...me S****r Claire.”

“Yes! Who better? I think you have done wonders with her so far S****r Juliana and I have every faith in you to ensure that she is well behaved and benefits from her penance. I have been greatly impressed by your diligence regarding her and I think this will be the perfect arrangement.”

“Th... thank you S****r. Your faith in me is most gratifying.”

“Well deserved S****r. Now I’ve given some thought to the girl’s accommodation. Now normally a lay guest in the convent would be housed in those chambers set aside for laity but I shudder to think what devilment Miss Francis here will get up to if left to her own devices in a room of her own. I thought it better therefore that she share your cell for the duration of her stay with us S****r.”

“M... my cell?” enquires S****r Juliana in a small voice. She sounds nervous and bewildered.

“Yes we can have a small cot placed in your cell for her to sl**p on. That way you can keep an eye on her all the time. She won’t need much. I’ve already decided that she’ll wear a simple plain shift while staying with us. You’ll be there to get her out of bed for Matins in the morning as well. So take heed that it is supposed to be a penance for her so I shall want you to keep her under tight control S****r. I want you to put her to work and stand over her to make sure she works hard. When she’s not working or taking extra tuition then you’ll be advised to have her on her knees in the chapel in prayer. This girl has a lot of praying to do if she’s ever going to see the Kingdom of Heaven! In addition to that I want you to make sure she gets flogged twice a day; once after Matins and again before Vespers and, at least once a week, I’d like you to take the time to have her stripped down and given a thorough whipping. This is a penance after all and there’s not a moment to lose if this girl’s soul is to be saved.

“Yes.... yes of course S****r Claire.”

“Very well then I shall leave it entirely in your hands. I’m relying on you S****r so please act diligently. Thank you for your time.”

With that S****r Claire leaves. S****r Juliana seems flushed and distracted. I think I understand why. Her punishments of me go some way beyond mere pious concern for my immortal soul. The pain in my bottom starts to ease as new thoughts occur to me. S****r Juliana is young and quite pretty for a nun. She is also more than a little tormented by her temptations I feel. And now for more than two weeks she will have me sl**ping in her own cell. I feel a slow smile spread to my face. It isn’t a holiday with my beloved Jackie and it certainly promises to be painful and onerous, but it occurs to me that perhaps, just perhaps, the Christmas holidays might just be shaping up to be interesting after all!


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2 years ago
In your St Margaret's series much autobiographical is incorporated. Brilliant written and so vividly described that I thought I'd been there ...
2 years ago
Hmm! my original comment seems to be blank!!
I get the sneaking suspicion that young Michaela loves a good caning, especially by Sister Juliana, who she loves to torment with her lasciviousness!!
2 years ago
Very enjoyable read!! most imprest thankyou
2 years ago
It seems as though Miss Francis' behavior is continuing to be an issue. Indications of improvement followed by lapses into downright defiance. We can only hope that her closely watched confinement over the holidays will bring about the desired result.
2 years ago
What's the over/under on micheala and sister juliana sharing the same bed before the end of Christmas break? I have three nights.

"Please, sister, I'm lonely and cold, may I sleep next to you for some warmth and comfort?"

2 years ago
What's the under/over on Micheala sharing the same bed with Sister Juliana? I'm in for three nights and Micheala is cuddling up to the young novitiate.
2 years ago
Another arousing episode in the day to day life of michaela francis.
What will she get up to over the Christmas break with Sister Juliana?, I can't wait to find out but I know how how michaela will end up :) and I look forward to reading about it.
Keep up with this michaela, I LOVE IT and YOU.