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Eyes for a Rainbow.

Eyes for a Rainbow.

There isn’t much to be said for getting caught in a nasty little Autumnal shower on your way home from the shops but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s all worth it. Late this afternoon was a case in point. I had just battered my way through the worst of the shower, pawing the damp ruins of my hair from my face and grumbling to myself when the rain cloud broke in the west and the low sun broke through the clearing clouds and lit up the rain washed air in dazzling radiance. Instinctively I lifted my eyes to the east and there my soaking was rewarded.

Painted against the dark grey clouds scurrying away eastwards and arcing high into the sky above was the most brilliant rainbow I have seen in years. It was not alone either for, framing it above, was a complete secondary bow, paler and more diffuse than the primary, but magnificent nevertheless. It is unusual to see a complete pair of rainbows. Normally the secondary bow is only partial but this was a full bow from horizon to horizon mirroring the dazzling primary. It mirrored it in more ways than one too. If you ever see two rainbows together like this take a look at the colours in them. In the primary bow the colour indigo is on the inside of the bow and the red and orange to the outside. In the secondary bow the colours are reversed as if the rainbow has been turned inside out which, in a way, if you care to delve into the science of refraction, it has.

Stood on the street with the last drops of rain trickling down my face however I was simply mesmerised by the ethereal beauty of the spectacle laid before me. I stood entranced as other shoppers bustled past, eager for shelter. The rain seemed a small price to pay for this loveliness. How many rainbows do you see in a lifetime? Perhaps hundreds but never so many that you can ever tire of their wonder. I blessed providence that I yet had the eyes to see it.

Yet those eyes have grown fragile. Over the last couple of years my vision of the world has been slowly fading like the rainbow growing dimmer in the eastern sky and the clarity with which I once beheld the beauty of the world about me has gradually milked over behind an obscuring veil of muddiness. A few months ago I was diagnosed with cataracts, an occlusion of the lenses, in both eyes. Perhaps thirty years ago such a diagnosis would have condemned me to eventual blindness. By a miracle of the times in which I lived that is no longer necessarily true. Now cataracts can be eliminated through surgery. On Friday of this week I face the first of two operations to hopefully restore my vision.

The operation terrifies me. I have bothered my friends to distraction with my pusillanimous worries. I can’t help it. Some people think that the operation is simply something straightforward involving lasers. It is nothing of the sort. Cataract surgery does not employ lasers at all. In essence it is a transplant operation. The damaged occluded lens is destroyed and removed through a tiny incision at the side of the eye and replaced with an artificial silicon transplant. It is delicate tricky stuff. About one in a hundred operations may involve minor complications; one in a thousand may have complications serious enough to cause loss of vision. Those odds don’t comfort me. If somebody offered me a ten pound roll of a dice in the chance of becoming a millionaire I’d probably jump at it.

So I have fretted and worried. But stood on the street today and watching the glory of that rainbow I know I have no option. I have spent my life in continual astonishment at the sheer beauty and magnificence of the world about me. I have gloried in it; revelled in it and thanked providence for this fleeting moment of existence to witness it. I could lose my legs, my hands, be hideously disfigured or crippled but give me the clarity of my eyes to behold the beauty of this universe and the clarity of my mind to adore it for the rest of my days and I shall count myself blessed indeed.


Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago
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2 years ago
"I have spent my life in continual astonishment at the sheer beauty and magnificence of the world about me"

et vous aurez toujours ce plaisir, croyez moi

quand je lis les messages que vous ont laissé tous vos amis, je suis heureux de vous connaître

rassurez vous, tout ira pour le mieux et vous pourrez longtemps profiter de la beauté des arcs en ciel !!!!!! promis !!
2 years ago
hello Michaela,
I just wanted to say I Loved your way of writing
and hoped your operation went well.
Hugs C
2 years ago
My dad had both eyes done a couple of years back, it was day surgery and he has been given a whole new lease of life with the cataract removal. Don't worry, this type of surgery is as close to routine as any surgery can be.
2 years ago
"One in a hundred operations MAY involve minor complications."
"One in a thousand MAY have complications serious enough to cause loss of vision."
There is no doubt that at least One in One people have no complications.
I know you have the courage to get through this, with the support of all your friends Michaela, you certainly will.
Bless You.
2 years ago
Again,like others through a random connection I have been guided towards you and your emotional stress.Persevere with the drops and the head up times will pass,try to sleep fully and the mornings will greet you with a softer light.Wishing you a strong heart and sunshine in your soul.Use the power in the love there obviously is for you.The future is bright. NOBBY0007xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2 years ago

I saw on sassyBri's page that you had surgury..Congrat on the success..I am hopefull that you see the beauty of many rainbows to come..
I wish you a speedy recovery time

2 years ago
A beautiful thing to read. The contrast of perceptions, the ability of something seen unfavorably, such as being caught in a storm, to be absolutely essential to being present for most delicate and beautiful things life has to offer.
I hope you have a quick and comfortable recovery from your surgery.
2 years ago
Coraline drew my attention to this blog.

Meanwhile, the operation should have been done and I wish and hope that you are able to admire with your two eyes in the future many many rainbows in all their colors.

Best wishes for your full recovery!
2 years ago
i saw this tanks to Coraline!

I really hope your surgery goes well :)

Good Luck!
2 years ago
We hope everything will be fine
2 years ago
Coraline pasted the link on my wall.

I didn't know "you" as in actually knowing that a profile named Mikebasil existed, but... Your story got to me, for real. Couldn't stop reading after the first few lines. Really, really touching.

I am most definitely hoping for a successful operation and a speedy recovery. :)

Greetings from Venezuela!
2 years ago
It would seem I'm a little late to the party so to speak, but, I hope everything went as beautifully as the picture you painted with your words. Too often in life we forget to take the time to appreciate all the wonder and beauty surrounding us - not just in the grand, but all the little things too.
Thank you for the passage, not only did I enjoy it - it made me pause for moment and ponder what until that moment had been a difficult day for me, which seen in a new light was not.
2 years ago
I'm a little late to the game so to speak but I hope everything went as beautifully as the picture you painted of standing in the rain taking time to observe the beauty in this world that we all too often forget.
2 years ago
Thank you for Coraline ... I have read your worries... you appreciation for the little things... the amazing depth you show in how special site is to you. I Love connecting with those who can see those little things. I had a daughter, medically fragile, disabled ... who passed. I know what its like to need to appreciate the little things no matter how mundane. I wish you luck and much love.
2 years ago
My father had the same problem,
the first time about 10 years ago, he was in a
hospital for three days, last month was in hospital
for an half day, the day after return to change
the protection and add some medicine,
the third day was perfect.
I remember the words of my father the first
time :
"What a light!".
In about 10 years the tech is evolved in
an incredible way, instruments gain an
unbelievable sharpness, with new systems
about the lens,now my father see better than me.
This tech has over 40 years of experience
all around the world, with the same web we
are using to communicate, the universities
collect data about the develop of this
kind of operations and results.
I'm Italian, I have a friend here will come
in UK for a delicated matter, change her
in HIM, for ever, he made the first step,
in UK he will complete the operation.
It means UK doctors are trustable.
2 years ago
Thinking of you this day and praying that when you open your eyes you see the world vividly and with the clarity you so much deserve...

Remember, our eyes are the window to our very souls.

You soul is endless like the dazzling, brilliant, surreal rainbows you experienced on that day.

Be well my friend. And although I can not see you...

I feel you with my mind and in my heart..
SassyBri ~
2 years ago
I hadn't seen this until Coraline brought it to my attention. The way in which you framed this entire thing is so very touching.

Been thinking of you throughout the day!

2 years ago
My dad will be undergoing cataract surgery in another month. He needs the operation to complete his enjoyment of life as much as you. Dad has been a hunter since before I was born, raising me and my sister on wild game.

I've heard Dad wax poetic about hunting season many times. He goes out into the woods before dawn, in the cold December air, and watches the forest waken all around him. For Dad, hunting is about more than the prize, more than the kill. It is his was of communing with nature. For him, it is an almost holy rite.

Last deer season, he saw several deer, but his eyesight is so bad that he can't shoot accurately. Without this surgery, Dad will lose the ability to do one of his favorite activities and be that much less than he was.

Good luck with your surgery, Michaela.
2 years ago
Beautiful words Michaela, God bless you :-)
2 years ago
2 years ago
I came across a link to your story from Coraline and just felt like I needed to click on it.
Amazing story, your words are beautiful It sounded so amazing so very discriptive as if I was there experiencing the beauty that our world still has to offer..and it instantly caused me to realize how terrifying it would be to lose the chance to see life's splender..I was completely there with you and felt your appreciation for that rainbow...Because like yourself I too am dealing with the loss of vision and it has completely puts so many things into perspective for you..I could'nt have agreed more with you than when you said.." could lose my legs, my hands, be hideously disfigured or crippled but give me the clarity of my eyes to behold the beauty of this universe and the clarity of my mind to adore it for the rest of my days and I shall count myself blessed indeed.
As for me 3 weeks ago I was alarmed that my right eye's upper half was very grey and somewhat foggy looking..so I saw my GP and refer me to the Opthymologist and to have an MRI of my brain..before I hear back from specialist two day's later my right eye is completely blury all I see is grey..I can not see a thing out of my eye at all..Fast forward
I see the eye Doc after many series of test she say's I need emergency MRI right then. My optic nerve was completely inflamed and swollen. the thought was that maybe by chance the tumor that was found on my pituatary gland before might have grown and be putting presure on the nerve causing the problem..if that was the case then the would remove the tumor and the gland and that should bring the vision back..
Well fortunately or unfortunately the tumor was not the cause it was the same size as before so that was not the cause. It turns out so far as the Doc can come up with it is ...
Ischemic anterior optic neuropathy
she explains it as my optic nerve had a stroke..turns out there is no cure for it..
So we tried a serious course of steriods to see if that might help, it was a shot in the dark but had to give it a try..only 60% of people that get this never get any vision back at all the other 40% only get some vision back..I hope I'm one of the 40% I'd do anything to get my eye sight back..This has been so devastating to deal with and I'm trying to accept the situation..At least I have one eye that works..very awkward to adjust to not having any depth perseption at all.

Michaela I can totally relate to you and what you are feeling it is life changing. I hope and you will be in my prayer's that your surgery will be successful and you make a speedy recovery and you will forever be able to witness the beauty of Rainbow's and everything else that brings joy to your life..Take care and please let everyone know how you are doing..right now is when you need more support than ever..I hope we can become friend's. thanks so much for sharing your situation with all of us.
2 years ago
Very best wishes - your concerns are completely natural and beautifully articulated. Despite your fears it is obvious you also possess great courage - and that courage will no doubt see you through.
2 years ago
beautiful post
2 years ago
You will be in my thoughts Michaela.
You are very precious and special.
I send you my love

Emma Josephine.
2 years ago
This explains everything.
You are in my thoughts always michaela and in my heart forever.
2 years ago
My thoughts and good wishes will be with you for Friday. I am sure all will be well. x
2 years ago
"Carpe Diem" In the future there is no certainty!

Beautiful picture, dear Michaela and really moving the story ....
Even I, will say a prayer for you, best wishes with all my heart, Luca ..
2 years ago
Dearest michaela,

I will say a prayer for you.


2 years ago
I love the picture and the first half is so beautiful.. Magical! :)
The second half has brought tears to my eyes as I truly care about you and your well being Michaela!

With my love and kindness always...

2 years ago
Another beautiful post from a beautiful lady :)
And did you know that one can never get to the end of a rainbow?