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Lilith: Lady of the Night.

Lilith: Lady of the Night.

One of the joys of xhamster, to my view, is not so much the abundance of erotic material contained within the site (although I’m not complaining about it!) but the opportunity to meet extraordinary people online at the very confluence of their sexuality and imagination. True there are many users on the site whose sole purpose is to stimulate themselves by watching pornography and there’s nothing wrong with that. Then again there are many users whose persistent efforts to persuade you to “cam” with them or to show you deeply uninteresting photographs of their penis can become downright tedious. These however are more than counterbalanced by the remarkable number of truly fascinating people who populate the site with their wonderful minds and enrich these pages with the glory of their personalities and dreams.

Of all the people that have come to be my friends or those that have moved me in some way I can think of many who have become important to me. Space here precludes my mentioning more than a handful of them but all are in my thoughts. There is my beloved wolf lady of Carolina, my often troubled but always engaging miller man, my gentle and considerate Master, my treasured Japanese princess, the forbidden one who early extended his umbrella of protection over me, my often absent but never forgotten blushing nipple, my dear French corvid, my gentleman and confidante of New Jersey, the man of York who torments himself with his failings yet endears me to him with the qualities he gives himself no credit for, my old soldier who delights in the written language, the lady of Hertfordshire who thrills me with her mind and dark passions and.... oh well the list just goes on and on and if you do not recognise yourself here then be assured it is not because you are forgotten or any the less appreciated.

Yet new people turn up out of the blue all the time; new people that instantly touch some inner core, stir me with inspiration and propel me into new unexplored territories. I was fortunate enough to meet one such person this very week and, although my acquaintance with them has been very brief thus far, they have inspired me to write this blog and to post the picture gallery of the same name which accompanies it. The inspiration arose from the name they had adopted for their alter ego and it is a name of dark magic to me; Lilith.

Lilith has always been one of my favourite mythological characters. At a very young age I read and was completely entranced by the fantasy novel “Lilith” written by the Scottish author George MacDonald in 1895 and ever since I have retained my fascination for this powerful female deity and her representation of unfettered female sexuality. She was the dark woman, the Lady of the Night who populated my dreams and fired my imagination. I even partly based a powerful female character in my novels on her and rewrote her story into my own fantasies. She has appeared in several guises throughout my posts here on this site but I have not, until now, given her a space of her own. Therefore I decided to write this blog and accompany it with images of Lilith in a picture gallery. This effort is of course dedicated to the Californian lady who so identifies with this dark goddess.

Lilith is one of those mythological characters that have been with us for at least three millennia but she is curiously unrecognised by most people. Nearly everybody has heard the name; most people will have come across images of her and yet few people know of her deep seat within the roots of our culture. Once you start to look for Lilith she turns up everywhere and, in fact, in common with many a mythological character, she is instantly recognisable as a cultural symbol and personification of an aspect of humanity. Regular visitors to my page will know of my love and fascination for the bad girls of history and legend. Lilith is the ultimate “Bad Girl”!

Unsurprisingly she was also the first girl! Lilith’s origins are obscure for she comes to us out of a hazy background of oral folklore and myth possibly first recorded in Mesopotamian texts in antiquity. She appears very early it seems in assorted texts and tablets dating back to the seventh century BC and one tablet, the Burney Relief of Babylon, possibly showing Lilith, is dated at between 1800 and 1750 BC. This girl’s been around with us a while. In fact if you are to take the authority of Hebrew folklore as recorded in the Alphabet of Ben Sira from around the 8th to 10th centuries she’s been with us from year dot. Forget Eve. Lilith was the first woman.

According to this body of folklore and this version of the creation myth Lilith was the first wife of Adam. Unlike Eve she was created in exactly the same fashion as Adam himself and this led to all the trouble. You see if Lilith is created in exactly the same way as Adam it makes her his equal; a notion unlikely to sit well with a male dominated, patriarchal church eager to foster its own interpretation of Genesis. In this version Adam and Lilith have a dispute. The gist of this dispute was simply who was to go on top when they were having sex! Now this might seem a pretty trivial thing to have an argument over and you’d think that Adam would welcome the chance to lie back and let the missus do all the work for a change but in fact it was fundamental. At its heart, the matter was about who is the dominant partner in the relationship between man and woman. Adam’s insistence on being on top is, in essence, his assertion of his right to dominate and a demand that Lilith be subservient to him. Lilith’s great crime therefore was simply a demand for equality. Naturally this was unacceptable. Lilith gets chucked out of the Garden of Eden in disgrace and Adam, now a swinging bachelor once more(not that there was anybody to swing with!) is provided with a replacement, by way of his rib cage, called Eve who is presumed to be more cognisant of her place as his inferior and the rest is if not history at least the story most people know.

Lilith, as a result of her wilfulness, becomes identified as a demoness and seems to morph into the personification of all female demons dating back into antiquity possibly as far back as 3500 BC. She is said to become Satan’s lover, give birth to a hundred demons a day, associate with goats (always a satanic symbol,) kites, bats. owls and serpents, bring storms and disease, ruthlessly seduce men, tempt women with her wickedness, cause barrenness, drink bl**d and strangle newborn babies in their cribs. In short she’s had some pretty bad press! She’s blamed for everything from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to (you’re gonna love this) wet dreams! She was the dark woman of the night (her name sometimes is translated as night spirit): your original scarlet woman of the night hours with her evil passions; a dark seductress and temptress. Medieval monks were known to sl**p with crucifixes over their private parts to ward off the temptations and ravages of Lilith during the night. Among other things she is held to be a very bad influence on suitably chaste and properly submissive women so it is no accident that she is also frequently associated with the serpent that tempts Eve with the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden and many depictions of Lilith show her in this guise; often as half woman, half serpent.

Now you might think she sounds like a hell of a girl and just the sort you want to invite to your next party. If so then you’re very wicked and I hope you go straight to church and get down on your knees for your unclean thoughts! Of course, to the patriarchal monotheistic religions that emerged from the body of myths in the Middle East, Lilith is their worst nightmare. To an emasculated priesthood determined to suppress the very notions of female sexuality and equality then a strong minded, sexually precocious female deity is the very devil incarnate in female form. She is frequently depicted as a demon, complete with bat wings, horns, tail etc. She has been virtually expunged from Christian teachings. The heavily edited and revised body of stories accepted as Holy Scripture by Christianity mentions her only once. She even metamorphosises into a vampire which, given her association with seduction and the night, is no surprise. Above all she is sex, pure and powerful female sex, and nothing could be more threatening than that. There is a bit of Lilith in the soul of every woman and that scares the priests, mullahs and rabbis to death!

This then is my gallery depicting this embodiment of female sexuality complete with all the demonic associations attributed to her. It is a celebration of our darker female side, seductive and powerful at the heart of every woman. Lilith is everywhere once you start to look for her.


Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago
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9 months ago
another excellent read full off great imformation on the secret part off history which not alot off people know about.
10 months ago
Very interesting and informative, well written. As a man lilith is one of me favourite woman archetypes, do you know the beautiful song by the band genesis: lilywhite lilith?
1 year ago
Great read very informative. Thank you.
1 year ago
enjoyed the read
1 year ago
My mighty miss Michaela
what a wonderful writer
you are with unmatched
depth and wealth of
knowledge and insights

I take my hat off!
I add this to my fav'
I include the link in
my profile - poet Pete
2 years ago
You write with such a deep and calm understanding of things that are ephemeral but also very real. That is a truly rare gift, and it is a great joy to me that you share your unique insights and warm friendship so generously.
2 years ago
You have a very delicate and intricate writing style. It was both informative and poetic at the same time. I wish wish you wrote all my text books.

Lilith has always fascinated me. You are right in every woman there is a Lilith wanting to come out.
2 years ago
nice read. I don't get into the blogs too much, but this one was very interesting. cheers.
2 years ago
thank you for the beautiful interesting blog..

2 years ago
Thank you for this great tribute to Lilith10,
a lady whom I love and respect very much!

Thou hast written very well and have made ​​it clear to us simple people, more than the female mind, although I think
than a little of Lilith is in many men, including me!

You're a person! intelligent and sensitive, with many qualities :)
For me it is a pleasure and an honor to read your blog, Michaela!

I greet you with affection and great sympathy, Thailock!:)

PS:For now, no headaches! lol
2 years ago
Thank you Michaela. I always wondered why the name "Lilith" struck a chord. From the songs of Peter Gabriel to the Munsters, the name seemed enigmatic to me. Like something that is at the edge of memory but never quite becomes tangible. Thanks for putting flesh on the bone.
With Love.
Colin xxx
2 years ago
Yes of course! She's been giving patriarchal male dominated culture, religious authority and anybody else who has striven to suppress female sexuality a headache for more than three thousand years!
2 years ago
Oh is that so? Headaches? lol.

I identify with the mythological Lilith WAY too much sometimes : )
2 years ago
The lady does give people headaches on occasion dusty....lol
2 years ago
thanks not only for an erudite and insightful read but a mention within it too. (Even if the pic at the top did give me a headache...)
2 years ago
Dear michaela,

Very nice thoughtful post. Always been faxcinated by Lilith, the original "bad" girl.

Thank you.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig
2 years ago
2 years ago
From that very first moment when Lilith came storming into my thoughts one night as I stared, newly-faithless, into the stained glass windows of my former place of worship, to these more recent nights where she has guided me patently into the restorative springs of sin, Lilith has been an undeniable part of my soul. Her wild spirit has led me to far deeper truths of my being than Christ ever could, and has set my own spirit free. For this I consider her my savior.

Thank you so much, Michaela, for such a beautifully written description of Lilith and her significance. Absolutely wonderful and definitely the best account I've seen of her very enigmatic, yet relevant, mythology. This was an outstanding read!
2 years ago
My dear Michaela, your delicate attention really affected me a lot. You're a so special person for me... I admire your sense of the writing, your knowledge, your imagination and especially your personality. All which makes of you somebody whom we want to discover and to know.
Thank you very much!
2 years ago
Michaela, I can not express how delighted I was when I saw this fabulous post and the accompanying gallery on your already distinguished and fascinating profile. I see that you too have been touched by Lilith - well, who could resist her charms?
2 years ago
Sensitive and yet provocotive illustration of character who until now was unknown to me. Yet again michaela you have fired my imagination, you truly are a source of inspiration to myself and so many others.
2 years ago
Just visiting your profile for the first time, and loved this post. I can't wait to delve into your previous writings and look forward to your future musings and lovely galleries.
2 years ago
This is so very touching... thoughtful and very sweet!
You truly are a kind hearted woman!! :)
Thank you for posting!!! :D