Sarah and Nicole go Shopping (part two)

Please see part one for the explanation to this extract.


By five o’clock, Sarah had had enough and called a time out. Nicole’s enthusiasm for spending Daniela’s money had worn her out and in any case if it continued like this, Sarah grumbled, then Daniela would be reduced to busking on street corners to make ends meet. Besides, the day was still warm enough to make the prospect of a glass of beer on a sunny cafe terrace an inviting prospect. Wearily Sarah deposited her bags beside a free table and lowered herself gratefully into a seat. Nicole was still grumbling a little. “We haven’t even got to the shoe shops yet!” she protested.
“Don’t you think we’ve spent enough bl**dy money for one day?”
“Well you need a pair of shoes to go with that outfit you got in that last shop.”
“Right now I need a sodding beer!”
“Well I suppose we’ve got time to take a break. The shops won’t close till seven o’clock.”
“What happened to your original plan of dragging me round this collection of gay bars you have on your list?”
“Hell we’ve got ages to do that in.”
Nicole was right. Whilst Nicole had tried on some skirts in one boutique Sarah had received a phone call from Daniela. She’d been apologetic. Things were taking longer than they had expected. She anticipated not being able to get away from the practice studio until nine o’clock. She told Sarah not to wait for them to eat if they were hungry. They’d probably get some take-aways in so she and Nicole ought to grab something in town. She was sorry that it was taking so long. Sarah reassured her that it was fine. “Are you having fun?” Daniela had asked.
Sarah had cringed. “Oh Danny I’m sorry but we’re spending too much money. Nicky’s dragging me around the shops like a woman possessed!”
Daniela had chuckled softly. “Oh let her have a bit of fun Sarah. If she goes too mad I’ll take it out of Charlie’s pay!”
“Oh God what would Charlie say?”
“I’m k**ding, you doughnut! Seriously Sarah let her spend herself silly if she wants. She’s not going to bankrupt us in a couple of hours shopping!”
“She’ll have a bl**dy good try!”
“Sarah darling our CD sales are going viral. I checked out our finances this morning while you were out getting breakfast. We’re considerably richer than we were yesterday but not as rich as we’re going to be tomorrow in spite of anything Nicole can do to prevent it. Relax! Spend money and enjoy yourselves. I’ll see you later. Love you!”
“Love you too.”
Despite Daniela’s reassurance, the frugal part of Sarah still blanched at the amount of money they were spending and in any case she was already mightily fed up of the growing legion of shopping bags she was having to carry around. “Well I’m just about shopped out for one day.” She told Nicole. “Anyway we have to eat sooner or later because Danny and Charlie won’t be joining us for dinner and I’m damned if I want to wait until we get back to the Toggenburg before grabbing some calories. Don’t forget too that we have to go back to that Jewellery store to pick up your pendant.”
Nicole took a seat in surrender and rummaged in one of her bags to gloat over a top she had just bought. “Ok Sarah we’ll give it a break for the day. Honestly though you need to connect up more with your feminine side. Most women with virtually unlimited credit at their disposal would have to be dragged screaming and kicking away from a shopping mall.”
“I’m just not that into shopping Nicky. You know that.”
Nicole sighed theatrically. “And to think you’re the one that pulled a millionairess as a girlfriend! What a tragic waste!”
“Oh shut up Nicky and see if you can grab that waiter’s attention and get us some drinks. I want a beer.”
Nicole rolled her eyes in mock despair. “Oh gosh Sarah! Are you sure you want to go that far? You can’t live the high life all the time you know. This isn’t St Tropez!”
“I’m thirsty Nicky and I want a bl**dy beer!”
“Oh well! Hold the Dom Perignan Oenotheque 1995. Sarah wants a fucking beer!” Nicole turned to attract the waiter’s attention.
As the waiter saw to their order Sarah reached into one of her bags and withdrew the two little boxes containing their double Venus pendants on their chains. “I thought the idea of these was that we were going to wear them today.”
“Oh hell yes. I forgot. Let’s put them on now.”
Sarah opened a box and took one of the chains. “Ok come here, turn around and let me hang this on you. Lift your hair out of the way.” Nicole complied and Sarah fastened the chain about her neck in great solemnity. Before releasing her Sarah leaned forward and kissed her gently on the side of the neck.
Nicole started. “What the hell did you do that for?”
“Just telling you I love you. You’re a complete fruit cake and you drive me round the bend sometimes but I love you to bits anyway.” She grasped Nicole’s shoulders and whispered in her ear. “It’s always a sign of love when you hang something around somebody’s neck Nicky. Don’t you know that?”
Nicole breathed deeply. “If you do that again Sarah we’ll have to get a room!”
“Hmmph! I’m not going into competition with your bl**dy harem! Anyway what would Charlie say? You’ve got enough explaining to do regarding the two shop girls you’re supposed to be meeting later!”
“God you wouldn’t tell her would you?”
“Your secrets are safe with me. Come on then. Help me with this other chain.” Sarah turned her back and lifted her hair. Nicole swallowed and hung the chain about her neck with trembling fingers. Finally she managed to close the clasp and cleared her throat. Sarah turned her head slightly. “Well?”
“Well what?”
“My kiss you dibble dabble!”
“Oh er... right.” Nicole leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek but Sarah turned her head to catch her lips. They held the kiss for a long second.
“Ahem! Your drinks Frauleinen.” The waiter was stood over them austerely. The two girls broke hastily and a blushing Sarah fumbled in her bag to pay.
When he had left them they broke into giggles. Nicole picked up her drink. “Sante” She fingered the pendant at her throat with a laugh. “You know something Sarah. I never knew being gay was so much fun.”
Sarah regarded her sourly. “Maybe you should have tried it years ago!”
“Seriously Sarah! It really is. The hunt is so much more exciting. Being straight is boring!” Sarah grinned affectionately at her irrepressible friend. Nicole seemed truly liberated today. The chance to be completely out and unafraid in an environment where nobody knew her other than good friends who shared her sexuality was exhilarating to her. She seemed to have come alive. Her eyes were sparkling and she looked, well there was no other word for it really, gay! Of course she was enjoying the novelty and furthermore Nicole had inherited a good deal of deal of her mother’s penchant for outrageousness. Being able to walk the street openly displaying a sexuality that many still considered taboo was deliciously exciting to her. Spotting other girls of like mind was a triumph as if it connected her to some secret s****rhood beyond the confines of convention. It made the world a thrilling adventure.
“It’s not all fun and games you know Nicky.” Sarah cautioned. “It’s all very well to flaunt it here in Zurich where we don’t know anyone but it’s a whole different game back home where you’re surrounded by friends and f****y and people you have to hide it from. That’s where the real test is.” Sarah paused. “Are you listening Nicky?”
Well the answer to that was not really. Nicole had caught the eye of a very pretty girl passing on the street who she was sure had paused in mid stride to admire her and Sarah. Nicole smiled at her and raised a hand to wiggle her fingers in greeting. The girl hesitated for a fraction of a second before continuing on her way but she tossed her hair back flirtatiously and her walk became noticeably more languid and alluring. Nicole punched the air in triumph. “Yes! I think we can put her down as a definite Foxy.”
Sarah leaned back in her chair and laughed. “God you’re hopeless Nicky! If you were my girlfriend I’d bl**dy chain you up at night. I swear I would!”
“Aww come on Sarah! She was cute!”
“And just what would you have done if she had come over and joined us Nicky? You’ve already got a date at seven o’clock not to mention the fact that your regular girlfriend is turning up some time after nine.”
Nicole seemed unfazed. “I didn’t catch the name of that girl in the shop Sarah. Did you notice she had a piercing through her tongue? I bet that’s fun when she goes down to lick...”
“Too much information!
“Well it would be!” Nicole shivered delightedly. “Sex with girls is great isn’t it Sarah? It’s loads more fun than with men. Oh I’m sure there must be some men out there who know what they’re doing but the vast majority of them are just hopeless. Women just know instinctively what turns each other on and they’re so soft and sensual. I can’t believe I never tried it before Rosy violated me on the alp that day.”
Sarah shook her head fondly. “I think I’ll buy Charlie a collar and lead!”
Nicole took another sip of her drink. Sarah didn’t know what the drink was. Nicole had picked it out off the cocktail menu. Sarah knew only that it was expensive and probably contained more alcohol than was good for her. Nicole seemed lost in thought for a moment. “You know Sarah there’s only one thing I miss.”
“Oh God! Now what?”
“Well you know... I quite like.... well being penetrated too.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake!”
Nicole held up her hand. “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean I miss men like that. Charlie can do more with her hands and mouth than most men have never dreamed of. Then there’s this other thing she calls scissoring which is where you...”
“I’m aware of that particular position thank you Nicky!”
“Anyway I’m not complaining or anything. It’s just that when she tops me I’d like her to be able to penetrate me and give me a right good...”
“Ok, ok! I’ve got the picture! I think we can skip the details!”
“I’m not being heterosexual about this Sarah. I mean if all men have got going for them is a dick then they’re pretty much a waste of space aren’t they. Still if Charlie had an auxiliary penis she’d be just about perfect.”
“Well use a sodding dildo then.”
“I suppose so. I don’t know if Charlie’s got one.”
“Well you’ve got a vibrator. I know you have because you’re always leaving it out after you’ve been playing with it.”
“Yes I guess so.”
“And if you like scissoring get one of those double headed flexible dildos so you can penetrate each other at the same time.”
Nicole’s eyes widened enthusiastically. “God! That sounds like fun! Have you and Danny got one?”
“None of your bl**dy business!”
“Come on Sarah. You can tell me. I’m a newbie at this sort of thing. I need some tips.”
“Well we do have one as it so happens but I’m damned if I’m going into all the sordid details.”
“Could we borrow it?”
“No you bl**dy well could not! Buy your own bl**dy toys! I’m damned if I’m letting you rifle through the contents of our bedside cabinet! Buy one yourself. Better yet buy Charlie a strap on.”
“What the hell’s a strap on?”
Sarah blushed. “Well it’s like a dildo you wear with a sort of harness so it’s like an artificial penis so you can simulate straight penetrative sex.”
“Oh wow! Do you have one of those as well?”
“Well as it happens Danny brought one back from Berlin with her.”
“Yes? And?”
“And what?”
“Details, details Sarah! I want details! You can’t end a story in the middle. Have you tried it out yet?”
“Well yes we have.”
“Well it was fun.”
“What more do you want to know for Christ’s sake?”
“bl**dy hell Sarah! You haven’t even begun! For one thing which one of you used it?”
“Well we...”
“Come on Foxy! Don’t be shy.”
“Well we both had a go.”
Nicole’s jaw dropped open in delighted astonishment. “Oh wow! Jesus! Talk about a game of two halves! I’ve just got to have one of those. Do you think Danny could fetch one for us?”
Sarah rapped on the table top imperiously. “Danny’s got better things to do with her time than supply you and your girlfriend with bedtime accessories Nicole Richardson! If you want one then go and buy one yourself.”
“I wouldn’t know where.”
“There’s a perfectly good sex shop I noticed on the corner of Muhlgasse and Limmatquai Nicky. I’m sure they have an extensive range of sex aids there.”
Nicole swallowed. “What? Go in a sex shop? You’re k**ding! I couldn’t.”
“Why not?”
“I... I just couldn’t. I’d die of embarrassment.”
“Plenty of people do Nicky. Where did you buy your vibrator?”
“A girl from school bought it for me. I dared her.”
Sarah sat back with a wicked grin; the germ of an evil plan formulating in her mind. “Well I dare you! Let’s see just how far this new found gay liberation of yours extends. I dare you to go in that shop and buy a strap-on dildo.”
Nicole looked at her desperately. “I...I can’t!”
Sarah leaned forward to home in on her prey. “I tell you what. I’ll do a deal with you. You go in and buy that strap on and I’ll let you use Danny’s card to buy that handbag you were after.”
Nicole hesitated. It was a telling bribe. The handbag in question had been a bone of contention. They’d seen it in a boutique a little earlier and Nicole had fallen in love with it. But it was a designer make and the best part of eight hundred francs and Sarah had refused point blank to allow Nicole to squander Daniela’s money on such an expensive triviality. Since then however she had received permission from Daniela to allow Nicole to indulge herself and she had already decided to treat Nicole to the bag. Now however she had a mind to make Nicole earn it! Nicole was wavering. The handbag was a temptation of the devil. “You’d really buy that for me?”
“Oh yes but only if you agree to buy that strap-on.”
“This is fucking blackmail!”
Sarah smiled sweetly. “Yes it is isn’t it?”
“Come on Fluffy! What’s it to be?”
“If I have to go in to this fucking sex shop will you come with me?”
“Damn right I will! I wouldn’t miss this for a king’s ransom! This is payback time; revenge for that day you made me model that sodding bikini in that sports shop in Lisighaus!”
“You vindictive cow!”
“So are you going to do it?”
Nicole took a deep breath. “Alright bitch! I’ll do it then!” She sighed in defeat and tapped the side of her glass. “But I’m going to need another of these first!”
Sometime later they were stood outside the sex shop in question or, to be more precise, Sarah was stood outside the shop leaning against a wall with her arms folded, looking smug. Nicole was pacing up and down on the pavement looking agitated and had been doing for several minutes. Sarah glanced casually at her watch with a wicked grin. “I don’t wish to jiggle your elbow Nicky dearest but it is nearly six o’clock. Bearing in mind that we still have to go back for your bag should you manage to earn it and still have to get back to the jewellers before seven then if it were done then ‘twere best done quickly!”
Nicole glared at her. “You’re bl**dy loving this aren’t you?”
“I’ve had less agreeable shopping experiences I must confess.”
Nicole growled an unfortunate epithet and steeled herself to the task in hand. “Ok let’s do it before you misquote anymore bl**dy Macbeth at me!”
Her throwing down of the gauntlet to Nicole notwithstanding, Sarah had never been in a sex shop in her life. She was surprised. In her mind she had envisioned a somewhat seedy, dark little interior populated by furtive old men guiltily thumbing their way through dirty magazines. Doubtless in the back streets of the red light districts of many European cities there were indeed shops that fitted that description. This however was a fashionable quarter of Zurich and even the sex shops tended to be on the up-market side. With its chic stylish interior, glossy displays and neon lighting this shop could have been any fashion outlet in the city as long as you ignored the frequently startling array of products on display. There were parts of the shop in fact that resembled a chic lingerie store with racks full of wispy creations and items of underwear quite clearly designed more for the purposes of titillation than practical use. God in heaven there were even changing rooms! Sarah experienced a sense of disbelief. Would you seriously want to change into an item of underwear that somebody else had possibly already tried on? She glanced quickly at the price tags on some of these items and was truly appalled. How anybody could justify prices as astronomical as these for items of clothing that could quite easily have been folded up and fitted into a small handbag beggared belief.
Even the shop assistants were a surprise. In her mind’s eye she had imagined a rather grubby paunchy man behind a counter surreptitiously handing over the shop’s wares in plain brown paper bags to shifty looking customers glancing nervously over their shoulders. In fact the shop was attended by two very smartly dressed young ladies with friendly smiles and an efficient air about them. They could have been assistants in a bank for all the evidence to the contrary. In fact the presence of these two attractive girls very nearly broke Nicole’s resolve. She might just have been able to deal with a man but telling a pretty girl that she wanted a strap-on dildo for her girlfriend didn’t bear thinking about! She stood in the middle of the shop in an agony of indecision. “Oh the hell with it!” she whispered fiercely to Sarah. “I guess I don’t really need a new handbag after all. Let’s get the fuck out of here!”
“How the hell am I going to ask a bl**dy lass for an artificial dick Sarah?”
At this point one of the shop assistants walked over. “Can I help you ladies?” she inquired with a pleasant smile.
Nicole jumped. “Er we’re.. er just looking.” she informed the girl in a voice that sounded unnaturally high and squeaky.
“Well please let me know if you require any assistance.”
“Yes... er yes of course.”
The girl drifted away and Nicole leaned heavily against some shelving. “Oh God! How the hell have I talked myself into this?” She glared at Sarah fiercely. “You’re not bl**dy helping here Sarah!”
Sarah had half collapsed against a rack full of bondage wear, holding her side and trying to muffle her laughter. “I... I can’t help it! Your face was a picture when she told you to call her if you needed assistance! I wonder what she would have said if you’d told her you needed help with a strap-on! God above she might have demonstrated one for you!”
“Well what the hell am I supposed to do?”
“Well just look among the shelves until we find what we’re looking for and then just take it over to the counter, pay the money and run.”
It was a good plan but it very quickly came unstuck. There was such a bewildering collection of sex aids in the shop that they frankly had no idea where to start. Nicole regarded the array in desperation. “What the hell is a rampant rabbit for fuck’s sake Sarah?”
“No idea but it comes with batteries included according to the box.”
“Oh God! This is hopeless! I’ve not the faintest notion of what half of these things are for let alone anything else! You’re going to have to ask that girl Sarah.”
“No bl**dy way! You’re not squirming out of it like that Nicole Richardson! This is your bl**dy problem. You ask the girl.”
“Oh hell!”
Sarah examined her fingernails distractedly. “And Tempus Fugit Nicky! It’s nearly ten past six so I’d hurry it up if I were you.”
Evidently the shop assistant had been observing them closely and noticing that they were flummoxed. She reappeared at their side. “Were you ladies looking for anything in particular?” she asked helpfully.
Nicole swallowed and stared at her in abject terror. Sarah nudged her. “Well go on! Ask the lady.”
Nicole struggled to articulate for a few seconds. “Well er yes.... I mean we... er were looking for something.” she ground out at last.
“Well possibly I might be able to help.”
Nicole clenched her fists and took a breath. “Well we were looking for a slap on.” she bleated pathetically.
The girl raised her eyebrows enquiringly. “A slap on? Oh do you mean a strap on?”
“Yes! Yes that was it!” Nicole squeaked desperately before turning to shoot a poisonous glance at Sarah who seemed to be choking on some obstruction in her oesophagus.
“Well if you’d like to follow me I’ll show you our range.”
Nicole blinked. “You... you have a range?”
“Oh yes. If you’d like to step this way.” They had a range alright! Sarah had no idea that strap-ons came in such a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs and colours. There were even ones with changeable dildos; ones with odd appendages on or curious nobs on them; ones that came with their own lubricants; even, God help us, ones with batteries! There were black ones, flesh coloured ones, ones in day-glo colour schemes; even ones that lit up or glowed in the dark. There were big fat ones, little skinny ones, double headed ones and even ones with rotating heads. It was unbelievable. Sarah wondered what kind of person dedicated a career to the design of sex toys. God only knew what went on in the research and development departments of the manufacturers of these products!
Nicole was staring at the array with the air of a person suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder. Once launched into her spiel, the shop assistant could not have been more helpful and informative and she was pulling one line after another off the shelves and extolling their various virtues and advantages. Nicole had turned a delicate shade of green and was making a passable imitation of an asphyxiating goldfish. “I er... I don’t know.” She conceded helplessly.
Sarah poked her in the ribs. “Maybe you’d like to go to the changing rooms and try a couple on.” She suggested malevolently.
“Why don’t you just fuck off?” Nicole growled between clenched teeth.
“I’d recommend this model.” the shop assistant told her briskly. “It has adjustable straps, it’s a good make and, although a little more expensive than some of the others, it does have...”
“We’ll take it!” Nicole yipped, cutting the girl off in full cry.
“Are you sure? I mean this model here for instance...”
“No, no, no! We’ll take that one.”
“As you wish. Do you want it wrapping?”
“Look just put it in a bl**dy bag alright!”
At the counter the girl placed Nicole’s purchase in a bag. There was nothing surreptitious about this shop. The bag was a branded carrier bag bearing the store’s logo. Hastily Nicole concealed it inside one of her other shopping bags as Sarah handed over the credit card. As the girl processed the card Sarah whispered to Nicole. “God knows what Danny’s going to say when she finds that little item on her balance!”
The girl handed back Sarah’s card. “Have a nice day now.”
“Yes ... er thank you.” The two girls fled from the shop with their tails between their legs.
“Well mission accomplished.” breathed Sarah out on the street outside.
“God I need a stiff drink now!” declared Nicole feelingly.
Sarah consulted her watch. “No time Nicky! It’s nearly half past! We’re going to have to run if we want to catch those other shops.”
They made it back to the jewellery store with literally a couple of minutes to spare. Nicole’s morale was somewhat restored now she had her precious handbag firmly in her possession but they were out of breath having made the last dash at a dead run. The shop girl looked at them in amusement. “Hey I didn’t think you were coming back today.” she told them. “We were just about to close up.”
“We were pushed for time.” Nicole gasped out. “Is my pendant ready?”
“Sure. Do you want to see it before I wrap it up?”
“Yes please.”
The engraving was tastefully done discreetly on the back of the pendant. Nicole seemed pleased. Sarah patted her fondly on the bottom. “I’m quite proud of you Nicky.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean having your initial engraved on a present to Charlie. I didn’t think you were so sentimental. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were quite sweet on Charlie.”
“I’d button my lip if I were you Sarah unless of course you want my last purchase but one shoving up your rear orifice! I’ve taken enough grief from you for one day!”
The shop girl wrapped Nicole’s present and handed it over with a smile. “Well are you girls still on for that drink?”
Nicole nodded. “After the day I’ve had I could use a drink!”
Sarah agreed too. The girl had been so helpful and friendly that it seemed churlish to refuse the offer of a drink together although sooner or later they were going to have to tell her and her colleague that they were spoken for. The shop girl brightened visibly. Inwardly she was jubilant. She had Sarah and Nicole pegged down as a pair of beautiful but unsophisticated country girls. Well she and her friend were just the two to corrupt this pair of innocents with their decadent, city charms! Of course she would have been rather less confident of their chances had she been party to the identity of her prey’s girlfriends! “Well we have to close up the shop first.” she told them. “Why don’t we meet you down there in about twenty minutes?”
“Er we didn’t catch your name I’m afraid.” said Sarah politely.
“I’m Petra. My colleague’s called Kim.”
“Well I’m Sarah and this is Nicole. That sounds like a plan. We’ll see you there then.”
“I’ll look forward to it.”
As soon as Sarah and Nicole had left the shop Petra collared her friend. “We’re in Kim!” she exulted. “We’re meeting up with those two chicks as soon as we close the place up.”
Kim punched the air gleefully. She and Petra were old friends and they even shared an apartment together although they were not a couple. They had once been lovers some years ago but it hadn’t worked out and they’d simply settled into a relationship of close friendship. It suited them both for they were too busy playing the field to settle in serious relationships and together they were a formidable combination. They hunted in a pack! Kim was a contrast to Petra in that she was very feminine in a hot pink short skirt and long blond hair. She wore high heeled shoes, very girly make-up and delicate earrings. Coincidentally, in one of those strange connections that often occurred among the lesbian community, she was close acquaintance of Rozella Fangio and had even modelled for her. Rozella’s tentacles spread far and wide among the gay women of Switzerland! “I like the chestnut haired one!” she told Petra. “You can have the little blond piece.”
“Hey they said they have to go back tonight.”
“Where do they live?”
“Somewhere out in the sticks near St Gallen so they said.”
“What are they; pair of farmer’s daughters or something?”
“Something like that I guess. They seem out of their depth in town.”
“Well we’ll just have to ply them with alcohol and persuade them to stay the night won’t we?”
“They might be up for it. They look like they’re in town for fun and games; buying Lez jewellery and all. Looks like they’ve slipped the leash for the day and up in town for mischief where mummy and daddy can’t see what they’re up to. I’d guess they’re not out. The blond girl was terrified of asking for something with a Lez theme on it!”
“It’s a sure fire winner by the sound of it Pet! If we can’t lure those two back to our place we’re losing our touch!”
“Well come let’s get this place shut up and the game is on!”
Sarah and Nicole found the bar easily enough. “I wonder if they do food.” Mused Sarah wistfully. “We haven’t eaten yet.”
Nicole glanced around the interior. “It doesn’t look promising Sarah.” It was true. The bar looked more like a pure drinking establishment. “Looks like we’ll have to make do with a packet of crisps.” In other respects however the place fitted Nicole’s expectations for it was clearly gay and had a mixed clientele of gay men and lesbians. There were quite a number of people in the bar but you had the feeling that it would get very busy later on. Feeling a little shy the two girls opted for a corner table in a little alcove where they hoped to be relatively unnoticed. It was a forlorn hope. The two attractive girls had aroused interest the moment they walked through the door. Nicole’s eyes flitted about nervously. “It looks like they don’t have table service Sarah. One of us is going to have to go to the bar.”
Sarah pulled a face. “Well I’m not going to sit here like a spare part. I’ll go. What are you drinking?”
“Get me a vodka orange.”
“Don’t get bl**dy canned Nicky! You’ve got enough of a list of sins to explain to Charlie today without being blind d***k as well.”
“Stop being such a mother hen Sarah! I’m not going to disgrace myself.”
At the bar Sarah was acutely conscious of eyes on her from several directions but it was not this that arrested her attention. The bar was evidently proud of its gay character for the back of bar was covered in a motif of gay imagery; posters and photographs of gay icons, a melange of photographs obviously taken at the Zurich gay pride festival that summer and numerous camp pictures of the bar’s staff and clientele. Sarah was not surprised to see a large poster of Daniela holding pride of place among this collection and some other pictures of her. Daniela after all was just about the country’s most famous lesbian. However it was not this picture that brought her to a grinding halt. A rather startling collection of pictures were an obviously new addition and Sarah stared at them in horror. “Can I get you something Miss?”
Sarah was startled out of her transfixed gaze by the bar man. “Oh! Oh yes! Er a vodka orange and a white wine please.”
“Coming up.” The bar man turned to attend to her order.
“Are you together with that blond girl honey?”
Sarah spun around. She was being addressed by a large rather masculine dressed woman who was eying her with obvious interest. “Oh er yes. Yes I am.” she told the woman hastily.
“Shame! You’re hot honey.”
“Er thank you.” Sarah looked for the bar man desperately. He seemed to be taking his time with their drinks.
“Why don’t you and your friend join me for a drink?”
“Er well we’re waiting for somebody actually.”
“Let me know if you change your mind.”
“Yes... er thank you.” The bar man finally arrived with her order. Sarah paid quickly and beat a hasty retreat. Back at the table she placed their drinks down and then bent to lift Nicole’s chin and kiss her tenderly on the lips.
Nicole was taken aback. “What the hell was that for?”
“Camouflage! There’s a big butch girl trying to hit on me!”
Nicole giggled. “Well we are proving popular!”
Sarah took a seat looking worried. “It could get worse Nicky. I’m not at all sure it’s a good idea to stay in this bar.”
“Why the hell not? It seems ok.”
“We might end up attracting rather too much attention Nicky!”
“Come on Sarah! We’re only here for a quiet drink. We’re not on the pull or anything.”
“So why have we got a date with two shop girls?”
“Sarah we’re only meeting them for a friendly drink. Whatever you think about my morals I do have a girlfriend and I’m not about to drop my knickers for some shop girl I barely know!”
Sarah snorted. “Hmmph! Well if you do drop your knickers for her you won’t be showing her anything that everybody else in this bar hasn’t already seen!”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“You might want to check out the picture collection behind the bar.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well among the extensive collection of gay personalities of Switzerland depicted among the collection is a montage of the latest works of a certain well known Swiss photographer known as Rozella Fangio, taken from the last issue of L-Mag, entitled, if memory serves me correctly, as “Sapphic Switzerland; the gay girls of the Helvetian Republic”. Holding centre spot in pride of honour is a well known blond girl disporting herself among the alpine flowers wearing a daisy chain and a satisfied smile!”
Nicole sat bolt upright. “You’re taking the piss!”
“Go take a look yourself if you don’t believe me! They might even ask you to sign it for them!”
“Oh God! Let’s get out of here!”
A movement at the door caught Sarah’s eye. “Too late Nicky! Here comes our date!”

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2 years ago
I truly loved this story for it's so funny and Very Well Written! :))))
Thank You!!! :D
2 years ago
Thank you to LeviGang's accurate remark about my story. I'm sure he isn't brainless enough to intend it as a homophobic slur and is just pointing out that, since it is a story about two gay women, then it would be GAY naturally.
2 years ago
2 years ago