Sarah and Nicole go Shopping (part one)

This and the following part two are extracts from my novel "Sarah's Garden." They aren't really explicit erotica but rather an amusing account of two newly out lesbian girls let loose by their girlfriends for a day's shopping in town and a spot of girl watching with some rather startling results. Just a bit of fun really for your amusement.


“Well all I can say is that it’s going to be an interesting encounter with your mum tomorrow Nicky!” declared Sarah feelingly as she steered her BMW along the west bound autobahn a little outside Zurich. Nicole pulled a face. They had been discussing the episode with Nicole’s mother ever since Sarah and Daniela had picked Nicole and Charmaine up for the drive to Zurich at lunch time. Daniela was occupying the passenger seat next to Sarah and looking serious but Sarah knew her well enough to know that she was highly amused by the situation and having a hard time keeping a straight face. Nicole was sat in the back with Charmaine and looking seriously agitated.
Charmaine was holding her hand supportively but still somewhat at a loss to understand why Nicole was making such a fuss about it. She had more than once stated firmly that she wished to hell that her own mother was as tolerant and understanding as Nicole’s appeared to be. “Maybe I should come with you when you see your mum Nicky.” she suggested tentatively.
Nicole jumped as if someone had stuck a hatpin into her nether portions. “Out of the bl**dy question!” she declared heatedly.
Daniela rolled her tongue in her cheek. “Why not Nicky?” she asked. “You’re going to have to introduce Charlie to your parents sooner or later; get her feet under the table and all that. Doubtless your dad will want to take Charlie to one side and ask her if her intentions upon his daughter are serious and honourable and whether or not she will be able to maintain her in the fashion to which she is accustomed!”
Sarah glared at Daniela. “You’re not helping here Danny!”
Daniela conceded an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry Nicky. I shouldn’t make fun. I know this must be a bit traumatic for you. Still I can’t help but agree with Charlie here. It sounds a bit of a storm in a teacup from what I can gather. Ok so your mum’s got a bit of the wrong end of the stick and all that but to be honest I think most gay people would kill to have a mother as open minded as yours seems to be.”
Nicole groaned. “I can’t just come out and tell my mum that I’m seeing another girl Danny!”
Daniela shrugged. “It sounds as if she’s figured it out already Nicky. Just got the wrong girl is all.”
Nicole blushed. “But I’d have to tell her that... that ...I’m... well....”
Daniela raised an eyebrow. “What... gay? Tut tut! What a terrible admission that would be!”
Nicole glanced at Charmaine hauntedly. “I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.”
Charmaine regarded her shrewdly. “By the sound of things your mum is more ready for that than you are Nicky.” Nicole had the grace to look sheepish. Sarah for her part bit her lip and kept her peace. Charmaine’s astute observation had pretty much hit the nail on the head. Charmaine wrapped her arms around Nicole affectionately. “Come on Fluffy it won’t be all that bad.”
Sarah and Daniela exchanged delighted glances. Daniela grinned wickedly and mouthed “Fluffy!” silently and Sarah had to put a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle. Fortunately she was distracted by the necessity of overtaking a large heavy goods vehicle. Daniela became business like. “Listen Sarah, Nicky we’re on a bit of a tight schedule today so I wonder if you wouldn’t mind postponing seeing the studio and meeting the band till another day. I thought maybe we could all get together next week sometime for dinner and I could introduce you both properly to the guys.”
Sarah nodded. “Ok Danny but won’t it be a bit rude if I drive you to the studio and just drop you off without saying hello?”
“No I was going to suggest that we drop you two off in town and then I drive Charlie and me to the studio. It’s way out of the city centre. Anyway if you drop us off and drive into town you’ll have a bitch of a time finding somewhere to park. Zurich’s a bl**dy nightmare. We can pick the pair of you up later. If you like I’ll drive us home Sarah so you and Nicky can have a drink together after you’ve finished shopping.”
Sarah frowned uncertainly. “How long do you expect to be Danny?”
Daniela paused to think. “I don’t really know honey but we’ve got a fair bit I want to get through today. I’m thinking it’s going to be seven o’clock at the earliest before we’re through.”
“Aren’t you going to be late at the studio if you drop us off in town?” Sarah asked.
“We could drop Nicky and Sarah off at the tram station and they could take a tram into town.” Charmaine suggested. “It’s only a few minutes or so to the bahnhof. We could pick them up later in town when we’re not so pushed for time.”
Daniela nodded. “That’s a good idea. We’d avoid most of the traffic that way. Would you two girls mind taking a tram into town?”
“No of course not.” Sarah reassured her. “I’ll just have to try not to get lost. I hardly know Zurich.”
“It’s ok I’ve got a street map.” Nicole mentioned nonchalantly. Sarah glanced over her shoulder at Nicole and raised an enquiring eyebrow. Nicole’s eyes fluttered guiltily. “What?” she asked defensively.
“Oh nothing.” Sarah nodded. “Ok that sounds like a plan. Are you going to call me on my mobile when you’re through at the studio then Danny?”
“Yes honey. Make sure you’ve got the damn thing turned on for a change! You just find yourselves a nice little pub somewhere and we’ll come and pick you up.”
Sarah nodded grimly and cast an acerbic glance in Nicole’s direction. “Oh I’m sure we’ll have no problem there!”
It was a good plan. There was a perfectly good tram halt on the way into town and Zurich, in common with most Swiss cities, had an excellent tram service. Sarah surrendered control of the BMW to Daniela at the kerbside by the tram halt and kissed her. Daniela patted her bottom and reached into her handbag. “Here honey take my card and you and Nicole buy yourselves something nice to bring home.”
“I don’t need your credit card Danny!” Sarah protested.
“Be a good girl and do as you’re told! Zurich’s an expensive place.”
“But Danny I’ve got enough money in my own account. I’ve hardly touched my allowance this month.”
“Yes but you tanked up the Ferrari yesterday and this b**st this morning out of your own money.”
“That’s hardly going to break the bank Danny. Anyway it’s mostly your money in my account and in any case.... Urgh!” Sarah’s protestations were cut short in a strangled gurgle. Nicole had just clamped a hand over her mouth.
“She’ll take it Danny!” Nicole affirmed. “Now shut up Sarah!”
Daniela laughed. “Yes shut up darling. You girls go and have fun.” Daniela turned to wag a finger under Nicole’s nose. “And you Miss Richardson behave yourself! If you contrive to get my girlfriend into trouble in the big city I’ll get Charlie to practice her slap riffs on your rump!”
Nicole was the picture of wounded innocence. “I don’t know Zurich well enough to find any trouble!”
“I’ll believe that when I see it!” noted Daniela with a sour grin. “Ok Charlie we’d better cut these two loose and push on. I’ll call you later Sarah. You two have fun ok and don’t get into any mischief.” With a last kiss Daniela and Charmaine abandoned them at the tram stop.
“I don’t bl**dy believe you Foxy!” Nicole grumbled as they stood at the tram stop clutching their handbags. “Fancy trying to talk your girlfriend out of giving you her bl**dy credit card! You must be soft in the head!”
Sarah sighed heavily. “Well like it or not it looks like we’re lumbered with the damn thing. I suppose that means we’re going to have to do some shopping.” Sarah uncharacteristically for a young woman was an unenthusiastic shopper; a fact which was the source of considerable incredulous astonishment to Nicole who could have quite happily made a career out of the pastime.
Nicole rolled her eyes to heaven. “You can bet your last bl**dy rappen on it! The Devin millions at our disposal and the whole of Zurich to spend it in! Damn right we’re going to do some bl**dy shopping!”
“I am not about to bankrupt my girlfriend just to pander to your ruthless avarice Nicole Richardson!”
“Pah! She’ll hardly notice!”
“Hmph! I notice you didn’t mention the other little item on the day’s itinerary you have planned young lady!”
“I haven’t planned anything.”
“My arse! Come on let’s see it.”
“See what?”
“This infamous street map you’re carrying. I’m betting my last chemise it’s got the precise location of every sleazy gay bar in Zurich marked down on it.”
“What a load of rubbish! I just thought we needed some way to find our way about.”
“Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes. I know you too well... Fluffy!”
Nicole groaned. “I’ll bl**dy kill Charlie for calling me that in public! How bl**dy embarrassing is that?”
“Don’t change the subject. Let’s see this map.”
“All right so maybe I have just marked down a couple of places where we could maybe go for a drink after we’ve done some shopping. What’s wrong with that?”
“A couple?”
“Well ok half a dozen or so.”
“Half a dozen! Are you dragging me into a gay pub crawl?”
“It’s just to give us a little choice.”
“Did Charlie tell you all about these dives?”
“Well she recommended one of them.”
“And the rest?”
“I looked them up on the internet.”
“Oh my God! What the hell are you dragging me into?”
“Chill Sarah! We’re only going for a quiet drink and a look see. We’ve only ever been in the one gay bar. I thought it would be interesting to see a couple of others. Give us a bit of perspective and all that.”
“Oh so all this mad scheme is just in the name of academic research is it; mere sociological investigation? The fact that you’re tarted up to the max with your best dress on has got bugger all to do with this impartial inquiry I suppose.”
“Hey we’re on a day out in the big city. I couldn’t dress up like a tramp could I?” Nicole protested. “Anyway you’re looking pretty sharp yourself.”
“Well yes but that’s because I thought we were going to be meeting Danny’s band and I didn’t want to let Danny down in front of them.”
“Well why should you attach more sinister motives to my desire to look nice today then?”
“Because I know you. I know when you’re in hunting mode. You used to do this sort of thing all the time when you were chasing men.”
“Well I’m not chasing men!” Nicole pointed out. “And as for attracting girls well I don’t even know how to dress to attract lesbian girls so your base suspicions of my intentions are groundless. Anyway it’s a good job that we’re both well dressed. With Danny’s credit card at our mercy we’ll be wanting to hit the sort of boutiques that would chuck us out of the door on sight if we looked like a pair of hicks from the Toggenburg!”
Sarah groaned theatrically. “Oh God! Today is going to be an ordeal!”
“Stop wingeing Sarah! Have you got some change handy? Here comes the tram.”
They stepped out of the tram at the main railway station and paused for a conference. Zurich was a big place for two country girls from the Toggenburg and they needed some sort of plan. At the station and to the south of them was a huge shopping area centred on the Bahnhofstrasse but this was a centre of seriously wealthy luxury shops and international fashion full of haut couture designer outlets and breathtakingly expensive jewellery stores. Even with Daniela’s credit card at their disposal Sarah baulked at the sort of prices they would face there. It was a wealthy person’s territory and, rich girlfriend or not, Sarah felt hopelessly out of place there. “What’s the problem?” demanded Nicole. “We’ve got money to burn haven’t we?”
“My girlfriend’s money!” Sarah pointed out “I don’t intend to start a conflagration in my beloved’s bank account. In any case I don’t feel comfortable in the sort of shops they have down the Bahnhofstrasse. They stare down their nose at you unless you’re a millionaire.”
“You are a millionaire!”
“No, my girlfriend’s a millionaire. I’m just a waitress in a rural hotel.”
“I think you’re splitting some seriously dodgy hairs Foxy. You live in an eight bed-roomed country villa; drove us here in a seventy grand BMW SUV; went swanning around Appenzell yesterday in about a quarter of a million’s worth of Ferrari convertible; you’re wearing a frock that didn’t cost a rappen less than a thousand francs and sporting another three grand’s worth of bling on you and now you tell me that you’re too humble to go shopping down the Bahnhofstrasse! Is it me that’s losing the plot or you?”
“Well I think we’d be better off crossing the river and spending the afternoon in Niederdorf.”
Nicole paused to consider. She had to concede that Sarah’s idea was a good one. Close by the station the road crossed the river Limmat and to the south east of the bridge was one of the oldest quarters of the city; Niederdorf, a warren of pedestrian precincts swarming with shops, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bars and food stalls. It was a busy, fun part of town, more bohemian in character and younger and more trendy in nature full of chic young boutiques and music shops. It was a more appropriate place for two young girls out for fun with a much more youthful crowd augmented by students from the university. It also incidentally happened to be, according to Nicole’s detailed researches, the epicentre of the city’s gay community scene with several bars, cafes and dance clubs in the neighbourhood. This, as far as Nicole was concerned, was the decisive factor. “Ok you’ve got a point.” she allowed. “Let’s cross the river and shelter in the shade of the trees.”
Sarah blinked in surprise. It was a remarkably witty and subtle reference coming from Nicole. She pulled a face. “I think the Stonewall Inn is in Greenwich village, New York Nicky; not in Niederdorf!”
They negotiated the busy intersection at the station and walked across the bridge. On the edge of Niederdorf they passed a small hotel where a spectacularly dressed young lady was lounging about outside. She was pretty enough for Nicole to submit her to an appraising look and she received an inviting smile back as a result. Excitedly she whispered to Sarah. “That girl gave me a come on Sarah! I’m sure she did!”
Sarah sighed. For a girl that was forever berating the rural backwardness of the Toggenburg Nicole was surprisingly unworldly when it came to the trappings of urban life. Sarah was no city girl herself but at least her years at university in Bern had taught her to be a little more streetwise. “Forget it Nicky! I’m not letting you spend Danny’s money like that!”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“She’s a prostitute you muppet!”
“You’re k**ding me!”
“Not at all. That hotel is doubtless her workplace.”
“Why would she try to invite a girl?”
“She’s probably having a slack day and prepared to bat her eyelashes at anybody who seems interested regardless of their gender. I suppose it makes no odds to her. It’s not as if she’s interested in her clients for their sexual attraction or anything. Who knows, a pretty young girl might make a pleasant change from the usual fat, balding middle-aged men she normally does business with and you were leering at her. Maybe she thought that two well dressed young girls might have a bit of money about them.”
Nicole pondered. “I didn’t think this was the red light district Sarah.”
“It isn’t really. Oh there are a few brothels and strip clubs in Niederdorf but the main red light region is around Langstrasse over on the west side of the river. Alan took me for dinner in a Brazilian restaurant there one day when we were in Zurich. It’s a pretty dodgy neighbourhood but apparently it’s pretty tame compared with the red light districts in most big European cities.” Sarah giggled. “Danny told me a funny story about the street girls in Zurich.”
“Oh yes?”
“Yes. Apparently the local city council was trying to clean up the city a bit and they tried to pass a civic ordinance forbidding prostitutes to ply their trade on the streets during peak trading hours. The local prostitutes’ guild was outraged. They stood to lose a lot of business. As a result they all went on strike in protest.”
“Oh come on!”
“It’s true! Every single last working girl in the city went on strike. They even staged a demonstration and a rally in the city centre all dressed up in their working clothes, waving placards. Apparently it was one of the funniest demonstrations ever seen in the city. After all you don’t see many protest strikes from a group of workers demanding longer working hours!”
“Oh God! Only in Switzerland! Can you imagine a picket line outside a brothel?”
“Priceless isn’t it? I wonder if they bussed scabs in from other cities to cross the picket lines!”
“What happened in the end? Did they stop the ordinance or what?”
“I don’t really know what happened although that young lady we just saw would seem to suggest that the protest was successful. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon and she was definitely on duty! I suppose perhaps that sober heads in the city council may have reconsidered. After all, a group as colourful as that must be worth its weight in gold as a tourist attraction. The Langstrasse holds a big carnival every year that is one of the city’s most salacious and popular entertainments. There’s another thing too. I suspect that it doesn’t do for people with fragile public reputations to piss off the city’s prostitutes! God knows how many prominent civic figures there are who wouldn’t wish their leisure activities to become public knowledge!”
They turned on to the Niederdorfstrasse; the long pedestrian street that arrowed through the heart of the Niederdorf district. It was a fine day for a stroll down this bustling centre of the old town for the autumn sun was shining kindly and had lured thousands of people out onto the streets. It was a perfect day for people watching or, more specifically in Nicole’s case, for girl watching. Sarah could sympathise with Nicole’s new found fascination with her own gender. When Sarah had been first coming to terms with her own sexuality she had done much the same thing; going through to Winterthur to observe girls. It had been an exciting journey of discovery. Pretty girls were an endless source of fascination. The city was a perfect place to watch girls and, despite being October, the weather was still warm enough to tempt those girls out onto the street in clothes more notable for their decorative function rather than as a barrier against the elements.
Nicole was clearly excited at the opportunity to overtly look at attractive young girls; something she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing in the Toggenburg. In truth as well she was not alone. Sarah was enjoying the experience too. In spite of the fact that she was in a serious relationship with one of the most stunningly beautiful lesbian women in the country, Sarah was nevertheless not averse to the charms of a pretty girl even if they were only to look at. She liked looking at them. Furthermore her enjoyment was increased this day by the opportunity afforded to share the experience. Daniela often pointed out nice looking girls but Sarah was usually inhibited about doing the same by the feeling that it was somehow disrespectful to your girlfriend to be ogling other girls whilst in her presence. Also it was true that Daniela was so captivatingly lovely that, when with her, Sarah usually only had eyes for her and all other girls paled in comparison. Today however she was not only at liberty to admire the girls but also able to discuss their merits with an equally enthusiastic observer.
Nicole nudged Sarah. “Check out the girl on that cafe terrace; the one in the blue top. She’s hot!”
Sarah laughed. “She’s also straight Nicky. Can’t you point out a girl without a bl**dy great hunk of a fellah in tow for a change?”
“Hell I only want to look at her not shag her!”
“Well your gaydar needs some fine tuning. So far every girl you’ve pointed out to me has either had the boyfriend in tow or been a prostitute!”
“Well how the hell do you tell the difference anyway?”
Sarah scratched her head. “To be honest I’m not sure. Oh sometimes it’s obvious. I mean you could tell Charmaine was gay straight away but a lot of the times gay girls don’t look as if they’re gay. It’s fairly easy with the boyish looking girls but a lot of lesbians are pretty girly too. I mean most gay girls take years refining their gaydar to spot each other. Danny can pick out a gay girl a hundred metres away with unerring accuracy. I don’t know how she does it.”
“Well it’s easy for her isn’t it Sarah?”
“How do you mean?”
“Well she’s just about the most well known gay female in Switzerland Sarah. Any gay girl that sets eyes on her is going to light up like a Christmas tree! They’d stand out a mile.”
“I see where you’re coming from. Yes that’s a good point. I think a lot of the time when I spot a gay girl on the street it’s because they spot me as well. You get that “Is she or isn’t she moment” and then you realise you’re both looking at each other and wondering the same. Bingo! Contact!”
Nicole paused to consider. “Maybe we’re too straight looking Sarah. If we’re going to spot the gay girls maybe we should look a bit more lesbian and attract their notice.” Nicole laughed shortly. “It’s ironic isn’t it? Before you met Danny and came out as gay you looked more lesbian than you do now!”
“Hmmph! Have you noticed that you seem to be dressing more girly since you started going out with Charlie?”
“Well it’s not really helping us now is it?”
“Well we could try to look more gay.”
“I suppose so. What are we going to do? Buy some more masculine cut clothes or get your hair cut short?”
“No fucking way! Danny loves my hair! She’d wring my neck if I had it shorn off!”
“Well what do you suggest?”
“Well let’s try holding hands. Better still put your arm around my waist. That should send a good enough signal to our spiritual s****rs.”
“You’re taking the piss!”
“Why not? Come on we’re in Zurich! Nobody knows us here.”
“Are you sure it would work. I mean we’d look like a couple and turn everybody off.”
“We’d still attract attention and, as you already said, we’re only trying to spot them, not shag them.”
“Ok we’ll give it a bash; just as long as we don’t pull in a bunch of fellahs with lesbian fantasies!”
“That’s always going to be a risk.”
As chance would have it their luck was in for they had gone no further than a hundred and fifty metres when two girls passed them in the opposite direction. One girl might have been a little ambiguous in a short skirt and white top but the other girl wore a pair of stylish black trousers with a masculine style shirt and a black waistcoat. With her boyish hairstyle she looked the part even if she hadn’t smiled openly at Nicole and Sarah. The two girls smiled back and there was an instant understanding between the four girls before they separated. Nicole was exultant at the triumph. “They were gorgeous!” she declared. “Do you think they’re a couple?”
“I don’t know Nicky. They’re both lesbian for sure though.”
“How can you tell? I mean the tall girl was straightforward enough.”
“Possibly a bad choice of words there Nicky!”
“You know what I mean. The other girl though... I mean if you saw her on her own would you have known she was gay?”
“Didn’t you see her earring?”
“No. What about it?”
“She was wearing a black triangle as an earring.”
“Well what the fuck does that mean?”
“It’s a lesbian identification symbol Nicky. Gay men use a pink triangle as a gay symbol and lesbians a black one. They’re taken from the triangles that were obliged to be worn by gay inmates of the Nazi concentration camps of World War Two.”
“You mean lesbians had to wear a black triangle on their prison clothes?”
“Not exactly. Certainly gay men had to wear a pink triangle. It’s a bit more complicated with lesbians. Black triangles were the badge given to anti-social women. To the Nazis any woman was anti social who didn’t conform to the stereotype of submissive housewife taking care of the home and breeding a new generation of Aryan babies for the fatherland and the greater glory of the master race and the Third Reich. Lesbians certainly came under that heading and so the lesbian subculture has appropriated the black triangle as its symbol.”
“God where do you learn all this stuff?”
“I do my research. I’ve got the country’s most famous lesbian as a girlfriend. I need to know this stuff.”
“So a black triangle tells other gay women that you’re gay?”
“Yes among other things.”
“What other things? Are you telling me that there’re more symbols and stuff you can wear on you to advertise your sexuality.”
“Hell yes. There’s the labrys, or double headed battleaxe which is a symbol that dates back to the Minoan civilisation or there’s the lambda from the Greek letter which is a general gay symbol. Or you can wear various forms of the gay rainbow flag or, for lesbians, the double Venus symbol. There’re loads of them.”
“And you can buy this stuff as jewellery?”
“Sure you can. All sorts of stuff; necklaces, pendants, bangles, commitment rings, earrings you name it.”
Nicole clapped her hands together. “That’s it then! We’re on a mission Sarah! Let’s find a trendy alternative jewellery store and see if they’ve got some lesbian chic bling in stock!”
“You’re k**ding!”
“Straight up. Er... I’ll rephrase that. I mean sure. Come on Sarah. We haven’t even started to put a dent in your girlfriend’s credit card yet!”
If there was one thing that Zurich possessed in abundance it was jewellery stores. Most of the big brand leaders in jewellery and watch making, Cartier, Bucherer, Tiffany’s, Swatch and the like, were concentrated around the Bahnhofstrasse but there were plenty of smaller and less well known outlets s**ttered around the city. Niederdorf was the perfect location to look for the kind of shop Nicole wanted to find and within a few minutes they had located a likely prospect. It was a trendy little boutique with a wide range of costume jewellery, trendy watches, Goth adornments and outrageous accessories clearly marketing the young crowd. You wouldn’t go there to order a tiara. You would go there to buy a nose stud! Inside the shop the girl who came across to serve them was wearing a black see through blouse over a black bra, skin tight black leather trousers, high black boots with huge platform heels, assorted piercings, heavy black eye-shadow and a scarlet streak in her jet black hair. It was all very encouraging. “Greuzi.” She greeted them. “Can I help you girls?”
Nicole’s earlier confidence seemed to evaporate when it came to the test. She swallowed and blushed. “Er we’re er... looking for... well er for well you know... girl’s jewellery.”
The girl gave Nicole an amused look. “Girl’s jewellery? Do you think you could be a little more specific?”
Nicole took a deep breath and tried again. “Well you know jewellery for well... like two girls.”
“Two girls?” the girl still seemed perplexed.
Nicole was becoming desperate. “Well that two girls might er like want to er wear to... er together like.”
“I’m sorry Miss I’m not catching your drift.”
Steeling herself for one last effort Nicole lowered her voice. “Well you know something a girl might er want to buy for... well er... another girl.”
Comprehension dawned at last. “Ah!” said the girl in an unnecessarily loud voice, “You mean like lesbian jewellery?”
Nicole cringed. The girl’s voice had a carry like a well hit golf ball. Several other clients in the shop turned to stare in interest. Blushing furiously Nicole murmured “Yes.”
“Sure we’ve got a range of Lez gear. Were you looking for anything in particular?”
“Er we just wanted to browse for the moment if that’s ok.”
“Sure I’ll go dig out some things for you.”
Nicole leaned back against a counter with a groan. “Oh god this is torment. Stop fucking laughing Sarah!”
Sarah covered her mouth with her hand. “I can’t help it! This is priceless!”
In amelioration of Nicole’s embarrassment it seemed as if they had hit the jackpot on the first attempt for the shop seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of lesbian related jewellery. The shop girl laid out tray after tray of products for their perusal. It was a bewildering collection. Many of the lesbian symbols that Sarah had already mentioned were on offer but there were dozens of others. There was even a range of jewellery from the hit television series “The L Word” on display and some startling items that caught them by surprise. One of these latter consisted of two rings each with a Venus symbol on them connected by a thin silver chain. “What’s this?” inquired Nicole, picking the object up in puzzlement.
“Nipple rings.” the girl informed her succinctly. Nicole dropped the object as if it had come fresh out of a furnace.
Sarah also found a surprising item that caught her eye. It was a beautifully crafted white gold pendant on a chain with two interlocking Ds with a single large sapphire set in the centre. “This is lovely,” she told the girl, “but what has it to do with lesbianism?”
“Ah that’s from our new Daniela Devin collection... you know the lesbian singer.”
“Yes.. er yes I’ve heard of her.”
“Well the two Ds are her initials and the sapphire is a reference to her single “Blue Stone Lady”.”
“Oh! I see.”
Nicole grinned. “Now that you’ve just got to buy Foxy!”
The shop girl looked uncertain. “It’s a little pricy.” she pointed out.
“I’ll take it!” said Sarah in sudden decision.
The girl blinked. “Of course. Do you want it gift wrapping?”
“Yes please.”
The girl left to wrap Sarah’s purchase. Sarah took a deep breath. “I don’t believe I did that! That cost over eight hundred francs!”
“Well you’ve got Danny’s card.”
“I’m not going to pay for it out of Danny’s money you idiot! I can’t use my girlfriend’s card to buy a gift for her.”
“But most of your own money is from Danny isn’t it?”
“Not all of it. I still have all my wages from the Hotel which I’ve hardly touched because Danny picks up all the bills and I’ve still got a nice chunk of money in my savings account. Danny does give me a generous allowance but I use that mostly for housekeeping and to be honest I never spend as much as she gives me. I’m forever telling her that I don’t need that much.”
Nicole frowned. “Do you think that range of jewellery is an official endorsement by Danny Sarah or somebody just using her name. If so Danny may want to sue!”
“Oh God that’s a point! I don’t know if she’s copyrighted the use of her initials or anything. She’s never mentioned endorsing a line of jewellery with her name on it.”
Nicole shrugged. “Well we seem to have got distracted. Let’s find something for us two.”
By the time the shop girl had returned with Sarah’s purchase they had made a choice. It was a fairly conservative one for they picked out two matching eighteen carat gold chains with double Venus pendants in the same material. They were understated but stylish and reasonably priced at a little over four hundred francs apiece. The shop girl was getting more interested by the minute. These two girls had money it seemed and she was on commission. She smiled at them. “Do you want these wrapping as well?” she asked.
“No need. Just put them in their boxes.” Nicole told her. “We’re wearing them today.”
The girl lifted an eyebrow. “I see. Are you two a couple then?”
Nicole started. “Er... no. We’re just good friends.”
“Are you two from Zurich then?”
Sarah answered. “No we’re just here for the day. We live in the country in Canton St Gallen. We’re going back sometime this evening.
The girl’s interest rose another notch. “Is that so? Hey we close at seven o’clock this evening. Maybe you two girls would like to meet up for a drink before you head off home. There’s a little bar just on the corner that’s kind of nice.”
Nicole swallowed. “Oh yes I saw it when we came up the street.”
“Well if you fancy it I’ll be there with my colleague just after seven. Pop in if you’ve nothing better to do.”
Nicole and Sarah exchanged glances. “Er we’ll think about it.” Nicole told her. “We’ll be hanging around until at least then I think.”
“Great I hope to see you. I’ll just go put these in a box for you.”
Once she had left once more Nicole pulled a face and ran a hand through her hair. “Jesus! I think we just pulled Sarah! That bar is one of the one’s on my list!”
Sarah placed a hand on her hip and regarded Nicole with exasperation. “Oh just great! So now when Danny and Charlie come looking for us this evening they’ll find we’ve just picked up a couple of shop girls! I can’t even go shopping with you without you managing to get me into trouble!”
“Relax we don’t have to turn up. Anyway are we done here?”
“Not quite. You ought to buy something for Charlie.”
“Eh? You’re k**ding! I can’t do that.”
“Why the hell not?”
“Well for one thing I can’t afford it! Since you’ve set the precedent for not using Danny’s money to buy her a present I can hardly now use her money to buy my girlfriend one.”
“You don’t need to. You paid me the rent for the house this month but as of the beginning of the month you didn’t have to. I was going to give you it back but now I think you could use it to buy Charlie a present. If you’re a bit short I’ll lend you the rest.”
Nicole grimaced. “I could have done with that money Sarah. I’ve hardly got any work at the moment.”
“You’ve got plenty Nicky. For one thing you don’t have to pay rent anymore. There’ll still be some weekend work in the Hirschen and Simon and Peter need help decorating their new pub.”
“They haven’t got the money to pay me yet Sarah.”
“No but Danny has. We were talking about it last night. Danny’s putting a good deal of money into that pub and she says she’ll pay you something for your efforts.”
Nicole brightened. “Oh God! That’ll be a blessing.”
Sarah grinned and pinched Nicole’s cheek. “Don’t worry honey we’re not going to let you go short. On top of that we’ve still got Danny’s card for the rest of the day and there’s another thing you haven’t thought about.”
“What’s that?”
“Well I’m not the only one with a rich girlfriend now am I? Charlie may not earn as much as the regular band members but Danny is certainly going to make sure that she’s well paid and doubtless there are going to be all sorts of opportunities for her now. She’ll be rolling in the stuff so if I were you I’d stay on her sweet side and buy her that present. Call it casting bread upon the waters!”
“Well what should I buy her?”
“Well as it happens I’ve seen just the thing in that case over there. Since we’re buying necklaces for you, me and Danny it would look awful if we didn’t do the same for her. It’s not lesbian related but I think she’ll like it.”
“So show me.”
It was a chunky pendant in f******n carat gold on a chain, fashioned in the shape of an electric guitar. Nicole loved it as soon as she saw it. It was fairly expensive at three hundred and fifty francs but she decided on it without hesitation. The shop girl returned to find that they had another purchase. She grinned. “Every time I take my eyes off you two you’ve bought something else! Maybe I ought to slip out for a coffee and you’ll end up buying half the shop!”
Nicole fingered the pendant lovingly. “I ought to have it engraved.”
The shop girl nodded. “No problem there. We do free engraving the same day. It doesn’t take long. You could come back before seven and we’ll have it done for you and then we could go for that drink.”
Nicole hesitated. “Ok then. Could you just engrave the letter N on the back?”
Sarah raised an eyebrow sardonically. “N for Nicole? Sure you don’t want F for Fluffy?”
Nicole glared at her. “Somebody’s asking for a slap around here!”
Sarah laughed and turned to the shop girl. “Ok we’ll collect it later on. Can we pay you now?”
Once the complex financial transactions were completed the two girls found themselves back out on the street. Sarah was looking shell shocked at having just spent two thousand francs on trivial jewellery but Nicole was only just gearing up for some serious shopping with a predatory gleam in her eye. She dragged Sarah away and they began to hit the shops in earnest.

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is there a part two?
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enjoyable story :)
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I really enjoyed reading this story! :)
You are quite a wonderful writer!! ;):)
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