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My new online novel.

Well I finally did it! After interminable procrastination, much wringing of hands, pathetic drama and the exasperation of all my friends, I finally published a novel online. It's something new for me and I'm both excited and terrified at the same time. Half of me wants to dash about the street jumping up and down like a frog in a bucket while the other half wants to crawl into the darkest recesses of the broom cupboard and hide while whimpering piteously. It's an emotional roller coaster in other words. But the deed is done and I can't put the genie back in the bottle.

Since this is true I... Continue»
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Michaela and the Price of Sin.

Michaela and the Price of Sin.
(A St Margaret Clitheroe's story.)

It is chilly in the corridor outside S****r Claire's study. The battered, decrepit iron radiator on the opposite wall emits nothing more than the most tepid of thermal radiation to alleviate the glacial frigidity of the corridor's ambient temperature. It is a part of the school where one would wish to be warmly clad in woolly pullovers and comfy jackets. It is most definitely not the sort of place where one would care to be standing, as I and my companions are presently doing, in a doleful line against the wall, cla... Continue»
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[Story] Julie and Debra: a Bedtime Spanking.

n.b. This story is an extract from my three volume saga "Slaves of the Amethyst". I post the story as it makes a fitting accompaniment to my gallery of bedtime spankings. If anybody becomes interested in the larger narrative behind this little extract and would like to read more of "Slaves of the Amethyst" then please be sure to let me know.


Thursday morning dawned grey and overcast and there had been rain overnight. From the windows of Waterstone House the view was unappealing. The outside was dark and damp and a light drizzle streaked the windowpanes. It didn’t se... Continue»
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A Walk in the Woods.

A Walk in the Woods.

Recently I've posted quite a number of galleries featuring bondage and exhibitionism. From this the viewers of my material might deduce that these are subjects which I personally find stimulating. There is something deliciously exciting about being tied up, helplessly exposed and completely at the mercy of whatever abuse the person responsible for your abject condition might subject you to. I have been the all too willing victim of such “maltreatment” more times than I would care to reveal but, the other day, whilst walking in the countryside by night, a partic... Continue»
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Michaela in Trouble Again!

For making rude remarks about somebody's avatar.

For discourtesy in leaving a conversation without saying goodbye.

For mentioning my lack on underwear in a public comment.

[image]http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/204/0/2/lita_paddled_at_school_2... Continue»
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Lesbian Pulp Fiction.

Lesbian Pulp Fiction.

One or two viewers have expressed surprise at the posting of one of my recent galleries and I thought a short word on the subject might clear up some misunderstandings. On the face of it, my gallery “Lesbian Pulp” might indeed appear as a rather surprising subject for somebody with such pro LGBT rights views as my own. After all the gallery is a compilation of the book covers of works of lesbian pulp fiction from the 1950s and 60s mostly and they are hardly sympathetic to women's gay righ... Continue»
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The CD.

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The Light in the East (re-post)

The Light in the East.

(This story is re-posted on this day, 6th August 2014, in commemoration of that day, that terrible day, sixty nine years ago.)

My country is known for the emergent light in the east; rising from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The people of the mainland in China knew our country as that which lay in the east beyond the horizon where the ball of light would lift from the sea and they called it “the land of the rising sun”. We adopted it as symbolic of our country and our flag depicted the ri... Continue»
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Some Corner of a Foreign Field.

(n.b. This story of mine I posted some years ago on xHamster but, in commemoration of the start of World War One, I thought it appropriate to re-post it now as a timely reminder of the terrible price so many paid in that conflict and of the insanity of war in general.)

Some Corner of a Foreign Field.

“If I should die, think only this of me,
That there’s some corner of a foreign field.
That is forever England.”

... Continue»
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Michaela and the Sporting Life.

Michaela and the Sporting Life

(A St Margaret Clitheroe's story.)

The austere grounds of St Margaret Clitheroe's School look almost attractive in the warming balm of the summer sunshine. There are marquees s**ttered upon the sports fields; there are flags blowing in the gentle breeze and there is a buzz of humanity from the crowds around the fields from the adults gathered at the refreshment tents to the young pupils of the lower school assembling for events in their gym kit. It is the day of the lower school's annual sports day and the overnight rain has given way to a day of e... Continue»
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Another spanking for Michaela!

After posting scurrilous pictures of the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day, Michaela gets what she deserves for making fun of a revered American icon!

I'm sorry.... I won't do it again....honest!

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Skirt Length.

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Michaela and the Dead Fish Liberation Front.

Michaela and the Dead Fish Liberation Front.

(A St Margaret Clitheroe's story. See "Michaela and the Dead Fish")

It is dark as I ease the window open on the dormitory landing, slip clandestinely through the gap and slither down the drainpipe attached to the outside wall. My feet land heavily on the soft earth below and I pause with my heart beating heavily, listening fearfully lest my clumsy landing have alerted any of the nuns in the convent wing. But there is just the hooting of an owl in ... Continue»
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Another day at St Margaret Clitheroe's.

Michaela xxxxx
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TRex Cartoons one person too many!

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From one cheek to another.

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A Bad Day in the Colosseum.

A Bad Day in the Colosseum.

The thunder of excitement in the Amphitheatrum Flavium is electric; a palpably mounting pulsation of noise from the 80,000 fortunate souls to have gained a place this day in the largest amphitheatre in Rome or indeed the empire. The three tiers of the vast arena are packed with baying, howling mobs jostling for space arranged according to their status within the Roman culture.

At the very lowest level, just above the sanded ground of the central arena, are the elite among the Roman classes seated in the podium. Here fat and fabulously wealthy senators ... Continue»
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Limericks of Disgrace.

Limericks of Disgrace

Welcome to the great Limerick challenge! I challenge any of my readers to submit their own Limericks to me for inclusion in the blog. The funniest and best ones will be singled out and awarded places in "Limerick of the Month"

I've included a few of my own offerings to get the ball rolling,

A verbose English student called Took,
Was grammatically most out of luck,
For, while rather a “know it”
She was certainly no poet,
And would in fact have preferred a good coital intercourse more than a book.

I've always said if you've got 'em,
Then flaunt 'e... Continue»
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Cleopatra VII Philopator.

(This blog accompanies my gallery "Queen of the Nile" and is a brief summary of the story of Queen Cleopatra. I hope it will enhance the viewers enjoyment of the depictions of this great historical figure.)

In the First century B.C., for a few turbulent and romantic years, one of the oldest civilisations on the planet was ruled by one of history's most compelling figures. Holding sway along the banks of a river regarded as the longest in the world, that stretched 4258 miles from its source to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this ruler carried a na... Continue»
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The Oriental Gardens.

The Oriental Gardens

(note: This is a chapter from my novel "Slaves of the Amethyst of which there are several other extracts among my blog. I post this chapter in response to a discussion regarding beautiful and famous gardens with a friend as this chapter is set in an imaginary garden of my own creation and is lushly descriptive of that garden.)

Chapter Seventy.

Rebecca woke first in the cellars and gazed in total satisfaction at the sl**ping Jennifer, face down, at her side. She was beautiful with her auburn tresses lying in a great sheath on the pillow. Fondly Rebecca str... Continue»
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