Business trip to Mumbai

Last month, me and an Indian work mate were in Mumbai on a business trip and stayed at the Heritage Inn in Byculla - central Mumbai. He asked me whether I wanted to try Indian pussy, little did he know I fucking love it. He being a local knew all the best spots, so one evening we caught a taxi and after a while arrived in a place called Colaba. The place was located on some winding street which would be difficult for any stranger to find. At the entrance, we were greeted by some chubby looking lady (who knew the taxi driver by name) and asked us to sit inside a small room which was dimly lit. After few minutes she walked in with 10 stunningly gorgeous girls all dressed in different styles - some in saris and others in jeans. Me and my friend were asked to pick one each, I was instantly hard making some of the girls giggle and after few minutes of total silence - I selected this stunning dark girl from the whole pack. Her price was 4000 for he night, but my friend managed to get it down to 3500.

The one I chose came in and my first act with any girl is to stand and kiss her all over -- it gives me that GFE. She was small and had beautiful long dark hair and skin with perfectly shaped small Indian titties. After 15 - 20 minutes of kissing, hugging, caressing, I asked her to take my clothes off . as she was taking my clothes off, I asked her what was her name to which she replied: "Sanjita". I then asked her how old she was, she replied 23.

Wow, I didn't know they made women like her in that part of the world. I then asked her to give me a blow job, she did so without even asking me to put on a condom! After a couple of minutes, I splurged into her mouth and she swallowed it whole - wow man, this hottie is amazing. She cleaned my dick completely and then we proceeded to the bed. She was so hyped up that I wouldn't be surprised if she was high, she loved running her dark little hands all over my hairy chest and body. She kept licking and moving all the time around my dick. She made me cum atleast 5 times within the space of the next 3 hours - and then we both got tired and fell asl**p. At around 8:30AM in the morning, she woke me up and we both proceeded to have shower together. Again, she gave me a BJ without a condom. Before leaving, I told her I would be back to see her again. My friend also had an amazing time, we left and the rest is history. She was even better than all the girlfriends I have had.
91% (6/1)
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3 years ago
Wow sounds perfect!
3 years ago
hii i am an indian and i went there a lot of time...
3 years ago
Nice Indian fuck you got ;)
3 years ago
sounds like a nice place