an Evenings Delight

I was at work like today. You were out somewhere. And the boys were both out.  You texted me saying "I want you, be ready for me when I get home and I want you in the suit

I come home. Quickly change into
The suit. Lube myself up. Shine it all over when I hear you drive in and the door slam
You text me again to shut the bedroom doors and turn on my computer and watch you on the webcam

I watch as I see your cam come on too see you all covered in a long leather coat

Your face is all made up but you have an open face latex hood on with your hair up in a pony tail out the top

You had gotten ready and went out around the corner to wait for me to come home
I can see your black boots under the cost

You stand back so the cam shows all of you and fling off your coat revealing what you have on under it

You're wearing your black PVC dress. With thigh high vinyl stockings in your black knees boots and elbow length latex gloves, along with your hood

You stand there with your hands on your hops looking back at me through the computer. You look so amazing I want to have you now

But you shake your head and waggle your finger at me
You're not done yet.

You sit down in your chair( and I can still see all of you perfectly)
Lick your lips and smile at me as you raise the skirt to show me you have on your latex sheath panties under your dress
The shiny black latex covers your hips and thighs and the bright pink sheaths glisten wetly with lube. I can only imagine how wet and horny you must feel inside of those

You can see how aroused I am watching you like this  and you tell me "no playing, just watch me, but I want you filled". I reach over and grab out my inflatable plug and as you watch I slide it into my rear sheath. And pump it up

You smile at the look of lust and desire in my eyes as I take all of you in. Wanting to kiss and run my hands all over your body. Before sliding inside your pink sheathed holes

You reach down and pick up your pink vibrator and turn it on low then run it all over I your body, across your breasts, in and out of your mouth around and over each of your sheaths. Teasing your clit through the rubber then sliding it in and out pussy and ass. Teasing me with the sight of it sliding inside your rubber sheathed love holes
You pull the vibrator out and run it around your mouth before setting it down with a wink then you pick up your small buttplug drizzling some more lube on it and slowly achingly slide it into your ass
You then take out your replica dildo and teasingly take it into your mouth licking and sucking on it. Before bringing it down, down and gently slipping it into the waiting pink depths of your rubber lined pussy.

As you fill yourself completely you moan loudly, closing your eyes with the feeling. I can only wonder how wet you must be inside your panties with the fold of latex lining your wonderful pussy and ass and the toys invading you. As well as the sight of me watching you, incredibly aroused. Glistening in my full latex suit only my eyes showing

And knowing all you have planned for us this night as you smile and begin sliding your dildo in and out teasing me more as your pleasure grows
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