Summer Heat

The summer heat had become nearly unbearable and the thought of another evening spent trying to stay cool only added to her growing frustration. Although the heat often affected her demeanor she pondered the deeper reason for her discontent, nothing tangible just a growing sense of the world not being in balance. “Fuck” she muttered under her breath as the office witch fired off another volley of emails that would sap the remaining hours from the day. Each word of her response had to be carefully crafted and weighed to assure she wasn’t misunderstood or taken through another round of “she said, she said” by the bitch. It amazed her how the woman had ever convinced anyone that she was competent enough to hold her position but now for good or ill it was her responsibility to bear the pain as so her boss was spared. When 5 o’clock came the hour startled her arriving so quickly. She had avoided any more explosions and felt that she had crafted the afternoon as only she could making life better for everyone else but still feeling the tension rise.

She realized that in a few minutes she would be with him but even now was unsure of what to expect. Her lover of many years was an enigma in many ways, sometimes gentle and giving, sometimes harsh and almost brutal in his lovemaking. She considered picking up the phone and canceling but knew that whatever the result she wanted to feel his touch. She pressed the buttons of her blackberry and it leapt to life the buttons lighted awaiting her command. Texting a brief message saying she was on her way she reached into her purse pulling out her keys and opened her car. The heat hit her like a wall as she started the engine hoping the air conditioning would respond. She could already feel the sweat break out on her forehead and back drops pooling and trickling between her breasts as she placed the car into gear and backed from her parking spot. It seemed like an eternity until the air cooled from the vents and she directed the streams to any exposed skin. Unbuttoning another button on her blouse she was able to feel the cool air dry the moisture from her chest. Soon the raging heat gave way and allowed a bit of comfort for the last few minutes of the drive.

Arriving at the hotel she was again faced with entering the outdoor sauna and taking another brief walk into the safety of the room. Stepping into the sunlight she could feel the perspiration again begin to coat her skin as the moved toward the room. He always likes the room cold so she prepared herself for the shock to come. As he opened the door she was pleasantly surprised that the room was comfortable. Setting down her purse and bag he immediately wrapped his arms around her from behind. His lips began the tantalizing caress of her neck and she offered no resistance as his fingers began to loose the buttons of her blouse. She wanted to turn full into him and press herself against his body but his strong arms encircling her dissuaded any thought of movement. As her blouse opened he tugged it from her skirt and finished opening the remaining buttons. He pressed his lips harder into her neck as he found the nubs of her rapidly hardening nipples beneath the filmy bra she was wearing. She loved having her nipples teased but was unprepared for the pressure he applied. The pleasure and pain mixed as he twisted and tugged the flesh bringing a cry from her lips. Lowering his other hand he quickly unclasped her skirt and is pooled around her feet. He moved his lips close to her ear and whispered. She could feel the heat of his breath as he described in great detail what she was going to experience. Her mind was running fogged by the passion he had stirred in her heart and yet frightened of the words he spoke into her very soul. She both loved and hated what he said but knew his control of her was total, she was willing to allow any intrusion, any deviance, her body already preparing for what was to come as he turned her toward him and looked deep into her eyes for a moment before the blindfold slid into place. The lack of senses heighted her already aroused body as she felt her nipples grow unbearably hard. He led her to the bed and guided her carefully extending her arms out toward the head of the bed. The fabric was unlike anything he had shared with her before. It was plastic and tape like in feel and yet did not have the adhesive she would have expected and she almost grinned to herself thankful the adhesive component was missing. He continued his labors for a moment and then as if testing the effectiveness of the work tugged against her arm satisfied that she was not able to escape. In this way her wrists and hands were secured to the bed frame yet he could move her from a face up to a face down position with minimal effort. She heard him walk away from the bed and wondered what was next. At times she could not believe the trust she had in him, allowing him to hold her captive to his every whim or fantasy, but it was a trust born from experience and a confidence that she would ultimately benefit from her submission.

The first touch shocked her senses and although the water was warm she had not expected the wet sensation and so she gasped as he began to glide the washcloth across her hot skin. His tenderness was thorough as he carefully removed the sweat from her skin, opening her legs to allow access to her intimate folds. She wondered if he could see her juices glistening between her hot lower lips. She knew from the moment he first touched her that her body had responded and she felt embarrassed knowing that she had no secrets from his eyes. In moments he left her and she was alone feeling the moisture drying in the cool air of the room. Her skin felt chilled and she listened intently for his motion. She could hear the rustling and wondered what was next. When she felt the pressure of his weight on the bed and his hand pushing her legs apart she complied instantly. His lips kissed her inner thighs and she moans opening herself more fully and lifting her knees. She adored the feel of his lips and tongue on her pussy and she was ready for the sensation to begin. She felt his hot breath on her mound and she groaned again lifting her hips to try to feel his touch. His tongue slowly almost agonizingly opened her flesh his finger tips spreading her open exposing the wet hotness of her pussy to his gaze. Another sensation that she could not identify as a pressure began to open her pussy…not fingers, to large for that, then ahhhh the feeling of a large plug being pushed inside. They had not played too much with toys and she rolled her hips upward indicating her acceptance of the intrusion. She loved new experiences and even though he had shared his intent she was tingling with the thought of what was to come. She felt the pressure on the bed as he shifted positions and soon felt his hands caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples. His lips teased hers and his tongue danced playfully before claiming hers in a deep passionate kiss. While continuing to kiss her his hand crept lower until she could feel him gently touching her clit in a way that was maddening. When she reached this point she did not want to be teased and wished he would lick her through an explosive orgasm but instead he touched and caressed. She groaned in frustration and it was this surrender he had been waiting for. With the toy still inside he guided her body into a face down position. She instinctively raised her hips from the bed while pressing her face and shoulders into the soft mattress. Waiting in this position she wondered what it would feel like to be spanked. Would he be to gentle and leave her wanting more or would he release all of his frustrations on her ass and have her body crying out for him to stop. Feeling a new sensation caressing her ass she tried to picture what it was. It felt soft almost like fur as he brushed it against her skin touching and caressing her taut ass. Then she felt the tapping, not really spanks but time to recognize that this was real, her ass was exposed, she was securely tied to the bed frame and he was really going to do it. The thought caused a flood of juices to coat the invader in her pussy and her hips pushed back into it trying to increase the friction but to no avail. The sound that preceded the first blow was like something from a dream. Not the high swish of a crop but rather the low whistle of something larger. The leather paddle landed on her left cheek with a crack the nerve endings registering the pain almost instantly sending a flurry of signals up to her brain. It seemed like an eternity until the sound came again this time on her right cheek. The sensations were intense and she felt the contact throughout her entire body. She barely made any noise other than a guttural groan when the pain fully registered. She heard another sound but could not place it. A whooshing sound…short, crisp…then she felt the lurch in her pussy and realized he had inserted the inflatable plug. The second blow on her left cheek was different than the first, the pain more intense and the warmth after lasting longer, then another whoosh as he expanded the plug. Now the right and she heard a cry escape from her lips. When she heard him speak his voice was filled with excitement and he seemed to have planned that the intensity would become too much for her to bear. She opened her mouth allowing the soft latex ball to enter and then waited while he secured it in place. The spanking now took on a rhythm with each blow landing on a slightly different place. Then a second set covering the first causing her to sink her teeth into the ball as her muffled cries continued. His use of the paddle and the plug were masterful and she felt the pain and pleasure blending and building. The final blows rained down and it felt like her mind would be consumed by the sensation. She realized that she might even orgasm from the intensity of the experience and yet began to grow concerned that that much paddling might mark her too much. Never had she imagined the pain could be so intense and yet she was proud that she had accepted everything and had not backed down. Her body was spent and yet as he removed the ball from her mouth she knew he was not done. She felt the soothing cream applied to her bottom and even pushed back as he slipped a finger deep into the tight pucker of her ass. She wondered if he would take her that way filling her ass and pussy at the same time and thought of what it would be like to feel his hips driving against her hot red skin. But instead he rolled her to her back and the bed sheet felt cool against her blistered backside. Still secured she felt his tongue caressing the folds of her filled pussy, moving to her clit and working against it. There was no more teasing for her, the sensations grew and the pain from her ass blended with this exquisite pleasure. He pushed first one and then two fingers into her tight rear hole and she greedily accepted them. Her body was ready for anything, she had pushed herself to the limit, enduring a level of pain she had only imagined and now it made her pleasure that much more sweet. The orgasm built more suddenly than normal and it broke with the intensity of the paddle sharp and sweet, she was filled and stretched in every way imaginable and the pleasure reached new levels of ecstasy. It climbed and built her muscles clenching at the expanded shaft filling her pussy, her hip rocking as his tongue became a blur of passion. Finally it happened…not what she expected but much more as her hot red ass sent jolts of pleasure and sensation to meet the tremendous pleasure she was experiencing. Peak after peak wracked her body as she screamed out loud the echo’s of her passion filling the air. As the waves slowed she felt him deflating and removing the plug only to replace if with his rampant hard cock. It was evident that using her in this way had excited him and he drove into her for only a few minutes before pouring his cum into her as she dearly loved.

Finally released from her bonds and the blindfold removed she lay tight in his arms safe and loved.
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