Tempted by b*****r (Part 2 out of 8)

But I don’t know if it’s the movie or the presence of my b*****r. But I just couldn’t concentrate. This time I was pressed against his arm even more, but it was done all purposely. I had no clue what was going on in the movie. What I knew, was that the smell of his body was so musky, masculine and invigorating. His arms looked so strong and manly. The feel of his body so close, got mines shivering. My pussy wouldn’t calm down, and I couldn’t stop trembling.

-Woah. You look so cold. Hold on, I’ll get a blanket.

I didn’t want to let go of him. But reluctantly I did, still not able to calm down.

Soon he was back with the blanket. He didn’t look cold one bit, but I guess out of solidarity got under it with me. And I have never experienced a cozier feeling. In fact I would have enjoyed it very much, if only my body would give me a break. While he was gone the shivering stopped a little. But I was hot and didn’t know how to say it. After all, he Did just bring the blanket for me, and I Did just shiver. But there was no hiding it. In just a few minutes, he asked me staring at my red face:

-What’s wrong with you? You’re sick or something? You look all feverish.

-No I am fine, just hot suddenly.- I tried to laugh it off. But voice was breaking. I was only getting hornier and hornier. My mouth was dry, all the possible liquid I had in my body was accumulated in my panties. My heart was beating faster then usual and preventing my breathing from calming down. I just played with myself. I just did it, and yet it seemed of no help at all. The only other time I felt a male body so close to me, was with my ex. But it was all different. He didn’t smell half as good as my b*****r does. It felt awkward with him, with my b*****r on the other hand, it felt familiar, safe and twice more arousing if not billion times more. I loved the hair on his arms, before when we were small, he didn’t have hair like that. And now it only highlighted his puberty in my eyes, the readiness of his body to have sex, to satisfy a female, to indulge in pleasure. That thought alone, was enough to send me over the edge. I was cumming hands free. I squeezed tightly his arm and froze occasionally twitching, as my pussy convulsed in an unstoppable orgasm. He kept saying:

-What’s wrong? Are you ok?- obviously worried by my weird behavior.

But I couldn’t respond. Only after fully cumming, have I lied and said I had a cramp. But it only made matters worse. He demanded to know where. And the only thing that popped in my mind was “leg”. He pointed at my right calf and asked:

He switched to the left calf:

-No, no. Don’t worry about it. It’s gone.

-Those things don’t usually go away that easily. What if it comes back? Is it your thigh?

-Yeah sure, my thigh.- I said somewhat sarcastically. But he took it seriously.

-Which one?-he insisted.

-Right one.- I blurted under pressure and regretted it right away. His hands went under my pants and with his fingers on my thigh, he started massaging it. It was pure torture. I have no clue what did I do to deserve this. It felt amazing and a part of me didn’t want him to stop, but the smarter part of me kept telling me, this will get you in trouble, stop it before it drives you insane, stop it immediately.

-Your inner thigh is so hot.- he said. Of course, I bet the heat from my pussy was emanating all the way to my knees.

-Are you sure you’re ok?

I nodded. I couldn’t even f***e myself to speak.

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4 years ago
Poor girl. Her brother is in for it !
4 years ago
A Very Hot Blog! I can't wait to read the rest.
4 years ago
very nice story so far, go read mine on my blog...
4 years ago
very good continuation
4 years ago
good start, what happens next?