Tempted by b*****r (Part 8 out of 8)

I woke up in the middle of the night from some noise. I carefully opened my eyes and closed them before my b*****r noticed. He was jerking off again. I had to see that. Apparently he just started, because he was still adjusting his shorts, pulling them lower and lower as the other hand stroked and jerked his long hard cock.

He was playing with now much harder and faster than before. His breathing was out of control and he kept switching his hands. His cock was obviously pulsating. His panting was faster and heavier. Suddenly he stopped. He got up and now was walking towards me. I quickly closed my eyes fully, afraid that he saw that I was peeking from under my eyelashes.

But suddenly I heard him pant again. I very carefully stared at him through my eyelashes once again. His cock was inches away from my face. He was staring at me and stroking his cock. My body got all stiff, trying its best not to tremble. My cunt contracted and wouldn’t open up, yet somehow I felt liquid escape my pussy and soon my panties were soaked.

My b*****r was now moaning. I wanted to react and open my eyes and tell him I want him and suck his cock and lick his balls and kiss his thighs. But I was afraid that by me doing so I would stop him from playing with himself, probably cause him to hide his cock in his boxers and make him act all casual again. I didn’t want that. So I kept staring through my eyelashes, pretending I was asl**p, while my body was fully awake and aching for pleasure.

I saw his hand reach out to me. It posed above my breast. Come on… touch it. Touch me. I was almost arching my back, leaking like crazy in anticipation that my nipple, my breast will feel his hand. But he removed it…a sigh of disappointment escaped my mouth. He heard it and stopped, while still holding his cock he was facing me closer and closer. I shut my eyes. I didn’t know how close he was, but I could feel his hot breath on my face. But then he moved away and continued to jerk off.

Soon I could see him cum through my eyelashes. He was trying hard to hold a moan and now that his sperm was shooting in his hand, his breath was unequal. His chest heaving. And just like before. I couldn’t help it I moaned. Whenever he cums, I feel like I am the one having an orgasm. At that moment my cunt contracts so hard, that my pussy starts to pulsate with double strengths and it sends waves of pleasure through my cunt, causing me to almost cum.

He must have heard that too, because he waved his hand in front of my face, but I stayed immune to it. Pretending that I was asl**p. Who knows maybe he will think I am having “nightmares” or whatever. But suddenly he sat on my bed. He fully took off his boxers and now was fully naked. He laid down along my side. And it was so hard to resist. I was breathing and moaning, I summoned the maximum control I had just in order not to touch him, but I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and my body from slightly shivering.

His body was almost burning me, he was so hot, but it felt extremely pleasant. His face was really close now, so in order not to make him suspicious I had to fully shut my eyes again. Waiting in anticipation for what is going to happen next.

I had no clue what to expect and I no longer could see what he was doing. But I felt his breath on my neck. I felt a slight, barely there, touch on my nipple. Then it got more present and more real and more persistent. He was caressing my nipple with his fingers. I was moaning like crazy, but I didn’t take the chance of opening my eyes. I didn’t know if he thought if I was awake or not. But it didn’t matter all I wanted is for him to never stop.

He lifted my shirt, I wanted to protest, but that would blow my sl**ping cover. So I f***ed myself to stay neutral to it. Afraid that he’d get repulsed. But instead I felt his cock, poking with new strength at my side. I was shaking already. My fists were clenched and squeezing the blanket very tightly. And then his hand slid down from my breast and trailed down. He pushed my legs to open effortlessly. I was going to die in anticipation. I could feel my pussy leaking like Niagara falls. It was overflowing with cum. My panties were basically melting between my legs. And the it was it…I craved it so much, that at the first stroke he made to my clit, I was cumming madly. I let go of the sheets and I was now holding on to my b*****r’s neck. I couldn’t help it. There was no use to pretend anymore. I was reaching my peak of pleasure. I was moaning his name, as my body convulsed and twitched in orgasm. His finger still pressed against my clit was causing me to cum over and over again. And then as I was completely out of breath and I felt as hot as a stove. I opened my eyes. He was staring at me. He moved his hand slightly away, it was now on my inner thigh. He looked at me intently:

-I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold…- And then I pressed him in the most passionate kiss I could manage. Our tongues were twirling and rubbing against each other, saliva passing through and coming back. He tasted deliciously. And as we were kissing he continued to play with me. I was in heaven, my body was possessed with pleasure itself. And all I could think about is my b*****r…my b*****r…my b*****r… His hands, lips, taste, smell… he was here, I was touching him, I was tasting him…I was cumming over and over. Soon I couldn’t concentrate on the kiss anymore. I don’t know what happened, but my eyes kept rolling up, tears flowing down from them, my body violently shaking, as my pussy was contracting and squirting liquid. I held on tightly to my b*****rs wrist of the hand that was driving me insane. Constantly arching and sitting up and dropping down as my legs shook in the most powerful orgasm ever. And then when all the possible liquid has soaked into my bed and covers, he gave me a break, retrieved and said:

-Wait.-and disappeared.

But soon he was back with a condom. He put it on and positioned himself between my spread legs. I encircled his neck with my arms and arched my body towards his. All my dreams were coming true today. There were no words to describe how much I wanted him. How much I craved him with every pore of my body. And then he sank his cock into my cunt. He felt like a trunk. So huge, so big, spreading and stretching my pussy, while it desperately tried to unclench, but it couldn’t. It kept holding on tight to him, reluctant to let go. And then he started getting in and out. Penetrating me over and over. My moans turned into screams of pleasure.

I kept calling his name, unable to believe he is doing this to me. And each time he slid his cock in and out, I kept thinking of what we’re doing and who I am doing it with and my body kept grinding towards his and convulsing in orgasms.

This was better than anything I pictured, I was getting d***k on this. Our bodies kept grinding and sliding, sweat running down our backs, our stomach and mixing together. His pubic hair kept tickling my clit with every penetration making my body twitch in double pleasure, while his balls, were pressing now and then against my bottom. The combination of sensations had me dizzy, I kept screaming and screaming and moaning and calling his name, my body shuttered in explosive orgasms.

His cock sunken deep inside my throbbing cunt was causing my body to lose control. He lifted my legs above his shoulders and kept going at it. Soon enough I was squirting and cumming as his cock kept massaging and teasing my vagina. And when I barely had any energy left in my body and convulsed in yet another orgasm, my legs and body abused by pleasure. He cummed. And this was the best thing ever, seeing him bury himself deeper inside of me, as moans escaped his mouth and all his muscles clenched in a powerful orgasm.

That was the best sensation I have ever experienced. That night we fell asl**p the way we were. He was still inside of me, his breath on my neck, his body on mines. He was somewhat heavy, but it felt too good, my breasts pressed against him, my legs around him. Him fully naked in my bed. That night we woke up three times, to repeat the same thing over and over.

Sooner than later we were addicted to each other. While our parents were away we couldn’t keep our hands of each other. When they came, nothing changed much. While they were at work, we were doing it. Every night we were going at it again. I thought my desire would calm down, but knowing what pleasure his cock and fingers and mouth can bring to me, it only made things worst. We totally lost it. At school during breaks and sometimes during classes, we would sneak in the bathroom, or gym showers and masturbate each other, caress, and do it. We wouldn’t stop. Even during my periods. At first I was shocked that he still wanted me. I refused and protested, but later on, we end up doing it in the shower doggy style. Soon we barely got by an hour without each other’s touch. But when we had to wait, we only went at it twice harder and twice more passionately, making each other forget reality and indulge in each others caress.

Later I found that he had my “Biology” notebook hidden, and often masturbated at it. He couldn’t believe he had such a dirty minded s****r, and it turned him on hardcore. I also found out that his friends knew about him and me. When they found out we were together, we got warm congratulations, apparently Lemon was a nickname for me, for my blonde hair. I didn’t tell my friends, although they all could tell, that something was different about me, I couldn’t stop smiling and seemed really busy lately. Well of course every free time I had, my b*****r and I were getting it on.

But best of it all, as I am writing this, he is stroking his cock, moaning and waiting for me to mount him. And after this sentence, I will be bouncing on his cock, making it penetrate me and indulge in the pleasure by the name of my b*****r.

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2 years ago
By far the most Unbelievably hot taboo story I've read.... But where is part 6???...
3 years ago
Awesome-o. A very sexy story.
3 years ago
great story. You should direct a porn movie
3 years ago
Thank you all so much for such great comments, I am so glad you enjoyed it.
3 years ago
THAT was FUN!!!
4 years ago
Made me want to f*** my brother don't even have a brother..
4 years ago
great story. ! WEll done ! I enjoyed it all
4 years ago
So hot. I just read all 9 parts and I was rock hard the entire time.
4 years ago
awesome story.. your brother is a lucky man.. :)
4 years ago
Funky set of stories. Raging hard on all the way through.
4 years ago
Yes, yes fucking yes it is about bloody fucking time, you are a cock teaser...
4 years ago
Happy days !!
4 years ago
yes! yes! yes! excellent
4 years ago
that ws so hot!!!!
4 years ago
great story so hot!
4 years ago
omg...this is hot....mmmmm