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For some time I have been taking a morning walk/jog. I'm 54, retired, but the wife still works so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I'm not really heavy, at 6' tall I weigh in at 190. I see some familiar faces around the neighbor hood and sometimes we way and say hello. One guy kept catchin my eye and one morning I walked up to him and said hello. We hit it off and before long we were taking our morning walks together. We eventually started sharing different stories of our past. Loney is 61, tall lean and tan. He still strikes a very handsome pose.

We live about 2 blocks apart. One morning I said if your not busy why don't you drop bi for coffee. He said it sounded like a good idea and asked if today was too soon, I said no time like the present. When we walked bi his house he said he needed to go talk to the wife a minute and he would be right over. Cool

It wasn't a really hot day and I hadn't worked up too much of a sweat so I just pulled the t-shirt and shoes off, chilling in my warm-up pants i usually wear for my walks, oh yeah I always go commando. About 5 minutes later Loney rings the door bell. I opened the door and let him in. We chatted guy talk for a few and as it usually does the conversation turned to sex. I have a spa on my deck out back, the house is surrounded bi thick vegetation for the most part blocking the neighbors view of the deck. Loney said a spa sounded good. I got a couple of towels and we headed out back. Loney slipped in the spa with his joggin shorts on. I dropped my shorts on the deck and slipped in naked, the only way to take a spa. The water sure felt good. As we continued our stories about the women we had known I noticed a nice tent in his shorts. i said something like you don't wanna stretch those shorts, why don't you take them off.....he asked if I wanted to help him.....well yeah! Sliding over in front of him I slid his shorts off and there staring up at me was about 7 inches of rock hard cock. I smiled as I reached out to take it in my hand.....damn that felt good...I felt his hand on my throbbing cock too....
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