Their First Adult Book Store. Part 4

Albert actually falls asl**p for a few seconds, before Gary opens the door to his booth. "Hey stud, thought ya might like some company over here."
Gary's cock is big and hard and right in Albert's face.
Albert's first thought is, 'I'm bigger than that'. He looks at Gary's face with its countenance of anxious, lustful anticipation. "Hey stud, to you too." Albert takes hold of Gary's dick. He starts to stoke it a little. "Wow, that is a nice dick you got there, Gary." Albert rubs up and down on Gary's cock awhile.
Gary asks “So Albert, do you and Joe…. you know… fool around with each other?”
“Oh no.” Albert answers. “I mean, when we were younger we kind of did some things. Just learning about ourselves.”
Gary tells him “Yeah all boys do that. I kind of thought this was new to you. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”
“I know.” Albert replies. “I like how your dick feels in my hands though. Do you mind if I just play with it for awhile?”
“Not at all, it feels pretty nice.” Gary smiles at him.
Albert slowly strokes Gary’s cock, up and down… up and down. He cups Gary’s balls with his other hand and gently squeezes them.
“Yeah… Albert. You know what you’re doing there.”
“Thanks.” Albert notices a large drop of precum at the tip of Gary’s dick. He wipes it with his palm and slides it over Gary’s cock. Squeezing Gary’s dick and balls brings forth more precum quickly and steadily. Soon Gary’s cock is well lubed and he is quietly moaning.
Gary uses his finger tip to gather a drop of his precum and licks it off.
Albert grins and asks Gary what it tastes like.
Gary tells him “It’s really quite delicious.”
Albert takes the next drop of precum and puts it to his tongue. “Mmm, you’re right. It IS delicious.” Now they share the continual flow of the sweet nectar three ways, between Albert’s tongue, Gary’s tongue and Gary’s cock.
Albert has gotten a full erection again and Gary tells him to stand up. Gary begins to massage Albert’s dick and they both quicken their pace at stroking one another’s cocks, squeezing balls and licking precum.

Down the hall Joe and Marcie are standing face to face and Marcie removes her top, revealing a sheer white brassiere over her flat chest. Joe is amazed at how sexy she looks with it.
Marcie wraps her arms around “Josie”. She pulls him close and puts her lips to his.
All of Joe’s qualms and inhibitions have disappeared as he holds Marcie and kisses back. As their tongues begin to explore one another, Marcie presses her panty covered dick against Joe’s undie cock.
They kiss deeply and passionately while grinding their panty cocks against one another. Swaying slowly to a silent melody, Joe has feelings of romance like he’s never felt before. Joe knows that Marcie is a man, but everything about her is so feminine. Even her dick is compelling to Joe and he presses harder against Marcie’s cock.
Then Joe pulls his dick out of his undies and rubs his bare cock against Marcie’s panties.
“Oh my god Marcie. Your satin panties feel so good.” He tells her. “And our cocks are making them so wet. What an incredible feeling.”
Marcie smiles “You have a beautiful cock, Josie” She then sticks her tongue deep into Joe’s mouth as she presses hard against Joe’s crotch.
After a few more minutes of frotting through her panties, Marcie let’s go of Joe and turns around. “How about rubbing your dick on my ass, honey?” She asks Joe.
“Oh yeah!” Joe loves this idea. “You have a prettier ass than any woman I’ve ever seen.”
“Why thank you sweetie.” Marcie replies demurely. “You really know how to sweet talk a girl.”
Joe begins to rub his cock on Marcie’s panty covered butt. He starts by sliding it all around her full back panty. “Ooohh…” Joe moans as his cock glides over the round, satin panty butt cheeks, his precum making it wet. He puts his hands over her bra and pinches her nipples through the thin, silky material. Marcie squeals in delight.
Marcie presses her butt against Joe’s cock and his dick becomes wedged between Marcie’s butt cheeks. Joe’s dick is surrounded by juicy panty ass and he rubs his cock up and down in that sweet crevice.

Albert says to Gary “You really seem to enjoy sucking cock. Is it really fun?”
“Oh yeah.” Gary answers enthusiastically. “Cocks are so great. The feeling of a big hard cock in my mouth is so exciting. It makes me hard and horny. I could suck cock all day and night. Do you want me to suck you again?”
“No… I mean… well yeah.” Albert stumbles for the words. “I mean maybe later… it’s just that… well…. I think I want to suck your cock, Gary.”
Gary smiles and says “Alright, I know you’ll enjoy it. It looks like you’re having a lot of fun.”
Albert sits back down in the chair and takes hold of Gary’s cock.
He licks the precum and kisses the tip.

Marcie is loving the panty fucking she is getting from Joe.
Her butt hole is twitching from the cock action through her panties.
“Oh, Josie honey, you’re driving me crazy.” Marcie gushes. “I need you baby!”
Marcie pulls her panties down and Joe’s cock is sliding up and down between her bare ass cheeks.
Marcie’s pussy ass is glistening with her sweat and Joe’s precum.
On his up strokes, Joe’s dick flirts with entering that tight hole.
Each time his cock makes that slight entry and then back out, they both let out a moan of pleasure.
Marcie can’t take it anymore. She cries “Fuck me Josie…. fuck me….. FUCK ME!”

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1 year ago
I want to
1 year ago
omg this is a hot story... wish i was Joe... can't wait to read more
1 year ago
Just getting better and better..xx
1 year ago
Ilove stories about guys progressing to full hot wet man sex. You knocked it out of the park with this story. I just finished reading it and cumming hard. Thanks.
1 year ago
1 year ago
love both scenarios