I met Chaz online. It was to be the first time I met and dressed for a guy without my wife’s knowledge. She had stopped being into dressing me or letting me dress around her. She felt we needed to get back to “normal” play.

Chaz told me he wanted me to come over in the afternoon around 3 pm after he got home from his teaching job. From our online conversation I knew that he was single, had an apartment, was a top and was looking to get sucked. He seemed a bit indifferent towards my dressing but that was ok.

I arrived at his place which was on the second floor of a big three story in the town next to mine. He told me I could go change in the bathroom and I soon came out wearing garters, stockings, black lace sissy panties, black bra, a red wrap dress, wig and black 5” pumps. He told me that I looked hot and led me to the bedroom. Once there he told me to get on my knees… I knew what was coming, or thought I knew. He asked if I had sniffed poppers before and I told him no. He said he had some good ones a friend got from Europe and then he leaned down, blocked one nostril, held a small bottle under the other and told me to sniff. I did and inhaled the acrid, sweet vapors. He repeated under the other nostril. I didn’t seem to feel anything as I watched him take his huge cock out of his shorts.

All of a sudden it hit me, I felt a warm rush go over my body… I slumped down a bit and let out moan. I felt so slutty and wanting to be used. I moaned again and took his cock in my mouth and took it as deep as I could and found myself trying to get it even deeper. Chaz put his hands on the back of my head and thrust his cock even deeper in my mouth much to my delight. I was choking and loving it!!! He pulled his big cock out of my mouth and fed me more poppers… I sat back on my heels, looked up at him and told him that I would do ANYTHING he wanted and he could do ANYTHING with me. He laughed but didn’t do anything. The rush continued to wash over me and I couldn’t help it…. I leaned forward towards his cock and said “Use me, make me your slut, please sir, PLEASE”

He pulled me up and sat me on the bed. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” he asked. “Yes sir” I replied without hesitation. He then told me to lean forward and grab my ankles. When I did he wrapped plastic stretch wrap around each leg& arm so I was bent forward, helpless with my head down. I tried to tilt my head up so that I could suck his cock but I could not bend up that far. “Are you ready to be my slut” he asked. “Oh yes, use me, please use me anyway you want” I cried. With that he leaned over and had me sniff more poppers. A double dose this time..twice on each side and he told me to hold my breath afterwards. The effect was incredible… my head spun and I thought I would pass out but I felt so slutty, so wanting to be used. I felt him grab my legs and lean me back on the bed. My legs were up in the air, bound to my arms and spread apart. I so wanted to used by him. All of a sudden he thrust his cock into me, he groaned and pumped hard, going faster and faster. Each thrust took him deeper until I felt his balls banging against me. I remember thinking that THIS was what I was good for, making HIM feel good. He continued to fuck my ass for an hour pausing only to feed me more poppers. My legs and back ached but I was helpless to do much about it, partially because of the way I was bound and partially due to him keeping me slutted up with poppers. Eventually he came hard and deep inside me. Spent he flopped down on the be beside me and after several minutes he untied me. I thanked him for using me, dressed and was on my way.

The following week I got an email from him asking me to come back on Friday. I sent him a picture of a new cocktail dress I had just gotten, black, short and tight with a white ruffled collar. He told me to bring that to wear for him. I arrived Friday on time and got dressed and went to the bedroom. He wasted no time in having me sit on the bed and he bound my arms to my legs as he had done the week before. Once I was bound he said “OH, forgot the poppers” and I heard him walk out of the room. I thought I heard the apartment door open then close and wondered why he had to leave the apartment to get the poppers but he was soon back. He leaned over and fed me a huge dose of poppers. My head spun and I found myself wanting to be used, just like I had the week before. It was a welcomed feeling and I was anticipating feeling his huge cock inside me. As he lifted my legs and leaned me back I remember thinking that the poppers were really doing a number on me… I was seeing double, no four images of Chaz getting ready to pound me… but all the images were different. Then I felt others climbing on the bed and realized that there were really four guys, Chaz and three others. “Well my slut, hope you weren’t k**ding when you said you’d do ANYTHING” Chaz said. The reaction of my sissy cock gave me away. One of the guys ripped the top on my new cocktail dress and started teasing my nipples. Another got some nipple clamps and put them on me. The third was guiding my mouth to his cock. I really wanted to reach down and stroke myself but bound as I was that was impossible. I now had my mouth full of cock, two guys stroking theirs while teasing my nipples when suddenly Chaz thrust his huge cock deep in my man pussy… I knew it would be an unforgettable afternoon….

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2 years ago
Wow hope you write the next chapter soon fantasic story
2 years ago
Loved the story Michelle. The sequel os cumming out when? (G)
2 years ago
I keep hearing about are they!?