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The Video Store

I had been itching to go to the local Adult Video Store in Providence. This time I wanted to go dressed. I had been before, dressing in panties and bra under my guy clothes but this time I wanted to go in all dressed up. I chose a black satin party dress with white polka dots. It had a bit of a crinoline underneath and looked hot. Underneath I wore a black corset with garters, stockings, red sissy panties and a red lace bra. I finished it off with my long blond wig and red 5” heels. It was a bit cold out so I wore a white fur coat.

I parked near the bookstore and walked about a block. It was a main street and I was so excited to be out in public dressed. I went in, bought the $5 ticket to get to the booths and headed back. Some of the booths have gloryholes but after I walked thru the whole place it was clear that none were available. I picked a corner booth and figured I’d watch a few videos and check for a gh booth again.

I took off my coat, put the card in and scrolled through the videos until I found a good cocksucking one. I took my poppers from my purse and took a huge hit and leaned back to relax. The door swung open and I expected a head to pop in, then pop back out but the guy stepped in and looked at me. He was hot, about 6’ maybe 170 lbs, brown hair… we looked at each other for a second. I reached down and grabbed my poppers and took another huge hit!!! He simply said “You ready to get fucked?” I nodded yes and he dropped his pants to reveal at least a 9” cock. He rolled on a condom and approached me… I was ready to start sucking when he pushed me back on the bench, lifted my dress, took aim and thrust his huge cock right in my asspussy. I let out a big moan as I felt his balls bottom out against my ass. It felt so gooooooood!!!! He pounded me hard for at least 10 minutes straight. It felt so good… I was out of breath. I tried to reach my sissy cock to stroke it but needed to grab the bench to keep from falling off. I took another huge sniff of poppers…. He didn’t seem to be slowing down at all. He grabbed my sissy cock and started to stroke it… I was getting close and moaning a lot.. I didn’t care who heard us… it felt so good. Suddenly he squeezed my sissy cock so hard it hurt…. I felt it shrink beneath his hard grip…. At the same time he thrust harder… then he started to stroke me again. He got me close and squeezed again… he did this a couple of times. Then I felt him tense up and fuck me harder. I knew he was close! A few deep thrusts and he had cum….. He got up quickly, pulled his pants up and said “Thanks for the ride” and left.
I lay there exhausted and still had not cum. I sat up and pulled my dress and crinoline up. I started stroking my still hard sissy cock… I took another huge hit of poppers hoping it would help me get off. Just as I was getting into it another guy walks in, takes one look and unzips, pulls out his cock and comes over and shoves it in my mouth. With both hands on my head he starts fucking my face. I tried to pull back a bit but he was too strong and when I leaned back I was against the wall. He didn’t last long and as he shot his huge load I swallowed to keep any from dripping onto my dress. He finished, sipped back up and left… never having said a word! I still had not cum but was really exhausted now. I was hard as a rock and try as I might I could not get my sissy cock to stay in my sissy panties. I gave up and smoothed my dress down as best I could, put my coat on and walked out. I had to walk a block back to my car, all the time with my sissy cock still hard and bouncing….
Best visit to the ABS I ever had!!!

Posted by MichelleSEmass 2 years ago
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2 months ago
nice read
2 years ago
Where is this store
2 years ago
Wow I've done that and have sucked up to 8 cocks and been fucked 5 times the same viste
2 years ago
wish i was the third guy that night....