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I've had a fantasy recently that I meet a guy online who tells me he wants me to dress up in a special dress and go to one of the local video booths with gloryholes with him. I agree and he tells me he will by the dress and send it to me at my post office box. I give him my measurements and wait. The rather large package arrives and I am told NOT to open it until that nite. We set the date and I get a hotel room nearby. I dress in my open bottom girdle with 6 garters, panties, bra, stockings, do my wig and makeup an then open the box.

What I find is a frilly little girls dress in my size, along with black patent mary jane heels and ruffled top socks. The dress is all pink and ruffles. I will certainly stand out in that.

I can't walk down the street to the ABS dressed like that!! I email him to tell him that I got the package but don't think I can driver over to the ABS and walk in like that from the parking lot. He answers back that he understands and if he picks me up and drops me at the front door would that work. Figuring it's better than walking down the main street I agree. The motel is only 5 blocks away from the ABS. I walk from the motel quickly to the car and am relieved that it's a short trip to the ABS. Half way there the guy pulls to the curb and tells me to get out and walk. I protest and he tells me that I need to be punished for not wanting to walk from the parking lot in so I need to walk from here. I get out and I am petrified walking down the main street at nite dressed as I am. I get a few comments from cars as I hurry along as fast as I can in the heels.

I get there and he is waiting for me.. along with a few others. Over the next hour I am used every way imaginable. It appears that the way I am dressed has attracted a lot of attention. I'm exhausted and look for the guy that brought me so we can head back. One of the guys comes up to me and says "Are you looking for the guy that you came with?" I tell him I am. "Well he left you this" and he hands me a note which says "Have a nice walk back"

Posted by MichelleSEmass 2 years ago
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2 years ago
LOVE the dress... very sexy