Click, click, click....

Click, click, click…the sound of high heels contacting a hard surface has always attracted and aroused me. Whether it’s on tile floors in a hallway, the concrete of a parking ramp or the asphalt of a mall lot, I turn in anticipation to drink in some pleasing eye candy. How short will the skirt be, how long the legs and what manner of hosiery will adorn the object of my desire? Sometimes you can anticipate the leg length by the quickness of the steps, short light steps equal a petite form, slightly slower, paced steps announce a graceful flowing creature.
Click, click, click…today it was an exceptionally arousing sound… as the heels were on MY feet… accompanied by the swish of my skirt and the erotic feeling of nylon brushing across my thighs. My silicone breasts bounced nicely as I walked, producing a jiggling sensation that further heightened my femmie emotions. The bounce was something I had not counted on, a lovely bonus. I could feel the tug of the lace bra straps on my shoulders, the black band spanning my chest with its back closure. The cup weight invoked an arching of the spine and uplifting thrust of the bosom. Very girly, I reflected.
Click, click, click…further down my torso the black mesh cinching garter belt snugged me at the waist, and stretched across my upper thighs, provoking more lovely carnal sensations. These thoughts were raising my body temperature, and I could detect a fragrance enveloping me, rising from my powdered, scented loins. OMG, my head was swimming with excessive sensory stimuli. I shook my head slightly to clear my thoughts. Oops, more stimuli, my hair swinging across my neck and forehead, the hoop earrings dangling from my lopes, the flutter of mascara on my eyes, and the taste of cherry lip gloss over my scarlet lips. I was drowning now…
“Just don’t stumble here gurl”, I hissed.
“Allow me.”
A voice behind me spoke as I approached the mall entrance. An arm moved before me and the door swung open. I turned to thank the gentleman and saw a uniform, a handsome dark face and a winning smile. I returned the smile and quickly moved thru the doorway. OMG, eye contact, and it was very close, hardly three feet from me. How did I look, as scared as I felt, could he tell, should I run away? Dammit, don’t panic. The next door into the mall opened, I stepped forward, this time closing much more distance between us. He had to catch my perfume as I passed. I paused shortly, turned, look him in the eye and said thank you. Then quickly I moved forward, as my legs wobbled and knees shook.
Click, click, click…only this time I was being watched…my skirt was swinging, swishing, my legs being adored, my ass being assessed, my perfume being inhaled. I totally flushed, hot on my face, hot all over my trembling body. God, if this is what feeling like and being a woman means I want it ALL the time. Breathe sweetie, don’t forget to breathe. Click, click, click. Thrilling was the only way to describe it. As I walked past the shop fronts a few had glass positioned so I could see behind me. He was there, following discreetly, but following. Or maybe just doing the job, yes, that’s all, I’m sure. Then he was gone. I almost stopped to turn and see, actually missed a short stride, recovered and continued.
Click, click, click…disappointment overtook me briefly, did I want to be pursued? Yes…I mean no… I mean… breathe. No, I was on a mission, going to the mall office to retrieve an envelope. John had brought me and sent me inside on this errand. Well OK, Master John, this was our first meeting although we had been talking online for over 4 months. The idea of a Master was completely new to me, interesting, slightly scary, and exhilarating in a sissy way. Really I loved it, just getting comfy with the submission thing. Submission. OMG, was that exciting, being told on the web thru the camera what to wear, what task to perform, where to touch, what to….enjoy, and show yourself doing it! Intoxicating. Almost as strongly as…. click, click, click.
I was passing people as I walked, no one took notice. Well let’s say unusual notice. I smiled when I made brief eye contact with the women, being demure with the men. But the men looked…and watched. I could almost feel some turn around, my legs went hot again, the perfume floated around me. My head buzzed! Click, click, click…I was wondering about the uniform as I strolled. The eyes were a beautiful caramel color, exuding seemingly deep pools of warmth and strength. My thoughts drifted to chocolate thighs, and firm butts and a smooth oiled chest….too much Flickr for me I guess. And what was with this recent rash of cock peeping!? Once I started looking, hmmm, I just kept click, click, clicking.
There was the sign for the office, as usual down the hallway, off the main mall. Why do they always put the office near the restrooms? I turned the corner, my head full of sissy feelings and gurly desires. My confidence was high, my persona radiating woman, and my bosom floating in time with my steps. The black man in the hallway was between me and the office door; the men’s room just passed him. Plenty of room to pass but I walked closely by the man standing there, I wanted him to inhale a whiff of woman. Then head reeling, I stopped impulsively, turned, smiled sweetly, pointed a red tipped finger and said “office?” He looked up, then looked me up and down slowly, licked his lips, grabbed his crotch and said “yeah baby, buh wot a fine lookin’ woman like you want wit dem when Izz riht here?”
Click, click, click, as I tossed a “thanks” over my shoulder. Duh, what was I thinking, was I d***k on feminine mystic…oops, the hall was suddenly blocked, as two more men exited the restroom. Both were still zipping up and some boxer material clearly flashed. A quick stop, a look up into some dull eyes leering at me, “excuse me” I uttered and pointed towards the office. “Wazz the hurry bitch?” and “wazz you trying to peek at my willy? Dog, I think she wazz peekin”, ending with chuckles all around. These two statements shocked me and cleared my head quickly, this could be trouble. I repeated the “cuse me” and pushed forward attempting to pass. They closed ranks with their shoulders and looked down at me, Mr. Bitch inhaling deeply. “Thaz som fine smelling pussy yo got there”. Chuckles.
Clomp, clomp, clomp…the uniform was making way down the hall, the mountain in front of me parted slightly but not enough to escape thru. “Wazz up dogs, this lady ah…drop sompin”. “Yah b*o, we wazz wishin its wazz her panties”. More chuckles. “OK guys, let’s go in the office and sort this out.” Click, click, click as I was held by the arm and moved down the hall by Mr. Peekin. Wait a minute I thought, what’s to sort, I didn’t do anything. The office door opened, a white man rose from the chair of the clean topped desk. I assumed it was Mr. Thompson, the guy I came to see. I had expected to be greeted and seen by him, and only him. All this other presence of manhood was….exciting, disturbing, imposing.
Mr. Thompson asked “now what happened Walt?” The uniform nodded toward me, I started to speak but Mr. Peekin cut me off. “I wazz leaving the john and this woman runs me over in the hall, nearly dropped me”. “Yeah, nearly dropped the b*****r”, Mr. Bitch adds. I start to protest and Thompson holds up his hand then turns to Walt, “was that it?” “Yeah, pretty much, she was pushed up real tight against the b*o when I came round the corner”. With that I’m off to the races talking fast and excited about how I was just coming to the office, wanted to get the envelope, wanted to see Mr. Thompson, got accosted in the hall, how dare they…… I take a breath. Then realize my voice is wavering in the falsetto I have so carefully mastered. I look up. Damn. Everyone is smiling, Thompson, Walt, Bitch, Peekin, and Mr. Quiet.
Now, I really flush and go white hot. “Sweetie, now calm down and don’t cry, it’s all right, we want to help you, don’t we boys”, nods all around, it’s Thompson speaking. “Now tell me, what did you come here for? What did you REALLY come here for?” I’m struggling to think…ah…ah...envelope, yeah, envelope, I was striding so pretty, lost in the lace and perfume and click, click, click, on my way here to pick up an envelope. Thompson produces an envelope, scrawled across the front is “for Michelle, services rendered, $100”. I blink, feeling my mascara brush across my eyelids, shake my head feeling my earrings and bangs flutter. When I move I hear and feel the nylon and lace caressing me. A moment of femininity oozes thru me.
A cell phone rings, it’s mine, and I dig thru my purse and look at the screen. It’s Master John, I meekly answer “yes?” “Michelle, you are safe, I have a friend there, do you understand me, you are safe“. Again I whisper “yes?” Sternly I hear “yes what!” stunned, I reply “yes master”. Was that a muffled chuckle I hear, I can’t tell the bl**d is pounding in my ears. “Did you get the envelope”, I replied almost silently “yes Master”. A pause……..then Master says “Michelle, I want you to submit, repeat the word to me”. I do not reply, my ears again, the bl**d is pounding, loudly. “I said repeat the word to me, Michelle”, “submit, I submit master”. It barely squeaks out of me, yet everyone hears it clearly. Thompson takes the phone quickly, and says “yeah John, no worries, fantasy of a lifetime, you owe me one”, I hear the phone go click shut. I can barely hear him, my ears are ringing with the word “submit”, it keeps repeating in my brain, submit.
I can see the lust in five pair of eyes ranging over my body. I feel the heat rising again, it’s still white hot. Submit. Thompson speaks, I try to understand the words, something about an apology. He wants me to apologize to Peeking. Submit. I say I’m sorry. Peeking says “not good enough, I wants summing’ betta. Dos lips, yeah, I want dem lips on me”. As this is being said I can feel pressure on my shoulders, easing me to the floor in front of Peekin. Submit. My hands are placed on his waist band, I hold on to his hips as he sways closer to me. Submit. My hands find the buttons of his pants and I work them, the pants drop to the floor. Submit. I slide the boxers down below his knees and can feel the heat of him. Submit. A faint cinnamon scent wafts into my nostrils. The office is dim but a healthy cock is easily visible, healthy and rising.
Peekin says “neva had no virgin mouth befo, I be easy hunny, slow and easy…and deep”. I lick my lips. Touching my first ever cock, I so want to enjoy this. I close my hand around it. It’s warm, I can feel its heat rising up my arm. Its firming up even as I hold it, it feels alive in my tiny red tipped fingers. God the contrast alone is making me quiver. I raise it slowly, moving it toward my lips, a kiss first, the heat is wonderful on my lips. Then a lick. I want to bath the entire thing with my tongue, impossibly wrap my tongue around it and take it home like a warm puppy. It tastes clean and has a sweetness about it, cinnamon again? As the mushroom cap passes my lips and I suck……this thing feels like 5 pounds of warm meat, now I WANT it in my mouth. Ooooohhhhmmmm, the warmth is more than I expected, and so much more pliable than a piece of silicone. But the size around is about the same, that’s good, it relaxes a few fears. Plus, I am loving the soft/hard feel in my mouth while I alternate tonguing under the head with full on sucking. I push it to the back of my throat, a deep moan utters out of Peekin, “oh yeah baby thazz it, swallow it all”.
I don’t get the chance as I’m pulled to my feet and guided over to a sofa that has been pulled out away from the wall. Mr. Bitch, Quiet and Walt can’t wait any longer to get at me, they want some NOW. I’m positioned facing the back of the sofa, this leaves access to both my ass and mouth, plus I’m kneeling on some cushions. This is a better position. Peekin moves in front of me again and I eagerly pull my pleasure toy back to my mouth, I want to try all of this. While my mouth is full of black cock (I love saying that, my mouth full of black cock) my lips are not really stretched, just a firm grip trying to keep the teeth covered as I suck deeper and deeper. Peekin now has me by the head covering my ears and gently guiding his insertions. I respond my grabbing his muscular ass cheeks and pull him into my throat. Just like practice my throat opens and I feel him enter new territory, a small gag and I drive him deeper. A very load moan reaches my covered ears, followed by what sounds like whimpering, “oh god, oh god.”
That’s it for Quiet, he has been working to get at my ass for a while now, peeling off my panty girdle undies under my garter, then unsnapping the black stocking and raising the garter for access. I can feel his strong hands working the straps and snaps as his heat for me is building. It’s a powerful feeling knowing you have inspired such frenzied efforts. I twist the cock in my mouth around and see Walt slowly working a monster, 10 inches if an inch. Mr. Thompson has pulled out a nice 8 incher every bit as big around as Walt, maybe bigger. Thompson has taken possession of my black panty girdle and is moving his manhood thru the silky fabric slowly, very slowly. Mr. Bitch is still hiding his woman pleaser and rubbing it thru his pants, it looks looong. As I start to drift into gurly thoughts of innocence in causing all these stiff cocks, my head is gently but firmly moved back into a deepthroating position. Peekin is feeling a need coming on, the need to blow some black seed and unload down my throat.
I pull my focus back to the cock at hand or mouth as the case may be. Peekin is driving as gently as he can but I can tell it’s hard for him to hold back. I’m doing all I can to accommodate and inspire his assault. After he pulls me close, I wait a millisecond then drive it just an inch deeper. It has my desired effect, he’s moaning uncontrollably. At the back door, Quiet is doing a lot of grunting as he finishes unwrapping his prize, a finger slides into my hole. “Goddam, this bitch is already greased for fucking, damn girl, that’s hot!” I forgot I had squeezed off an inch of lube into myself just before John (Master John, I gotta remember that) and I left the hotel. That preparation may pay-off with this hung crowd, smooth and lubed is fun. I’m sure after the first load I’ll have plenty of cum glide working.
Quiet has his rod lined up and Walt grabs him by the shoulder, “easy big man, the word is use not abuse, remember?” Quiet snuggles in closer, he grabs me by the hips, I love the heat from his hands being on me. Now his cock tip touches me, I can feel a slow pressure build as the head of his pulsing cock finds the spot that will slowly release the sphincter and allow penetration. OMG, I’m about to be penetrated by the real thing, a real man’s cock in my ass. I have sooo longed for this to happen and the moment is here. So while Peekin is shoving down my throat, Quiet has just managed the head of his cock to open me and begin to enter my ass. I have to take a personal second to feel and appreciate this event. A mental momentary aerial view of the action that is all around me and in which I am the center of lust.
A black cock driving down my throat, one that I enflamed and encouraged, another cock opening my ass inch by inch, push by push. I want to feel all the finery I am still encased in, the bra straps pulling on my shoulders, the breast forms full across my chest and cushioning the assault in the my ass as I’m pressed into the sofa. And after being released, my nylon stockings drooping down my thighs with the garter restricting me around the waist, my earrings banging around from the throat fucking I’m receiving. To complete the final piece of the picture I reach out and grab my panty girdle with Thompsons cock still sliding around inside, I stroke him too. Then Mr. Bitch gets the idea and unzips, placing his tool in my last remaining free hand. I marvel at the sight of my bl**d red nails and white hands stroking over two firm cocks, one white, one delightfully contrasting in black. God, am I in heat, and fulfilled.
Well this is fun but the aerial view is over, time to finish off a couple of cocks and start them cumming. Peekin is still driving into my throat so I release the cocks in my hands and grab his ass. On the next thrust I deepthroat him to the hilt, sniffing the flat of his stomach. He reacts with a moan and a grab, I have to struggle a little to get some air. This action sends Quiet into a frenzy, so I pull off Peekin and hiss to Quiet “slow stroke my ass baby, make it deep”. He gets it, and cruises into some nice action. Peekin is dying to cum in me so I match Quiets rhythm with deepthroating Peekin. It’s working out perfect, when Quiet drives forward I swallow Peekin, when he pulls back, I withdraw. About six steady strokes like that and Peekin is gasping for air, so I pull off quick and groan “spunk me baby, shot it down my slut throat, now”. Peeking grabs my head and buries his cock. I grab his ass, pull some too, just for effect, ain’t nothing going deeper off this boy, I own it all.
With that happening in front of him Quiet drives me hard and fast, I couldn’t complain if I wanted to, nothing coming out of my mouth but hot running cum. I snatch one gulp of air and drive back down on Peekin, he’s unloading a quart of hot cum, down my throat, across my lips and face, in my hair, I’m surprised it isn’t running out my nose. Quiet is a visual boy, and bang, once he sees cum running out of me he unloads too. I can feel it squirting up inside me, ooohh this is causing another aerial view mental picture moment, hot cum squishing in my ass, and starting to run down my thigh. OMG, this is a fantasy I shared with Master John, a gangbang with cum all over me and ruining out every hole, YES, this IS IT! Ohhhhh, sooo like a woman, a very slutty woman, but so like one. The feeling, the fullness, the squishing sounds, the smells, I’m dizzy and overwhelmed.
Peekin slips from my lips and staggers away, still moaning and collapses on a chair. Quiet gives a last big grunt sinks in deep and holds my hips as I feel the final swellings of his cock as he tries to turn his balls inside out from pumping me. Even before Quiet is done I feel a cock pushing at my nose and lips, its da Bitch, and he has some size to him. Well it’s mostly length though, he’s no wider than Peekin. This is good, I’m not getting choked just very deep deepthroating. This boy is anxious, a few quick complete swallows and I bet I can spew him like shook up can of Coke. I go for the whole thing and he sees it coming, grabs my head and slowly glides himself in. OMG is he long. The pullout takes a little longer for me and that’s when I gagged a little. Did I just hear a chuckle? OK, game on, I didn’t practice all those years to be chuckled at. Take this big boy!
As I start a controlled throating of Bitch, Walt has made his way into position, I can feel a visitor entering my parlor. Feeling bitchy about da Bitch, I give Walt a couple of muscle squeezes just to slow his penetration down some, it’s a control thing, I can get freaky. Walt takes his time and slides into a nice smooth, filling, deep, steady, rhythm. Sneaky bastard takes control right back, gotta love black men, they know how to please a gurl with a tool. His 10 incher puts me in heaven, starts hitting places that make tingly things happen. Now I’m having to concentrate on Bitch so I decide to finish the throat job and get back to this serious fucking behind me.
Bitch is sliding past my lips with no issues and I am really starting to get into the length thing. I can tell the ridges and bumps as they move over my lips and tongue, take a quick breath and start pulling him back in, sooner than last time, sooner than his rhythm. I now control his action and I start driving him in just like I did Peekin, grab his ass and bury my nose. When I hit that far he moans. That’s all I wanted to hear, I got him now. I speed it up… pull, throat, release…pull, throat, release. He is all but facing fucking me now and I’m handling it fine. So I pull off, look him in the eye and say “fuck my throat baby, all the way, blow that black seed”. He grabs my head and assaults me. In, down and out, in, down and out, with a nose press on each thrust. When I grab his ass this time he shoots. I’m gulping as fast as I can, this boy has a load too, my god what have they been saving themselves for? OMG, it IS me, again, I realize this is the fantasy I told Master, big cocks with a set of Full balls, spraying warm cum in me, on me, all over me. Ultimately drenched in manseed. Bitch finishes jerking the final drops across my face and pulls up his pants.
Well this has been one entertaining walk at the mall so far, what’s next? Walt’s sweet motion and stroking brings me back to him. He’s certainly well on the way to blowing some seed, I just hope it’s a serious load. Thompson has finally found my mouth, he slips between my lips. He’s a Big boy, I’m a little stretched there, hope he doesn’t shove into my throat. Walt sees the mouth action and picks up the pace and again starts hitting places that are rocking my world. Up till now I’ve only thought about pleasing my black studs, submitting as Master put it, throat their cocks, drink all their cum, send them home dry and pleased. Fuck that, Walt is changing the game here, I’m starting to need an orgasm from this black stud. Oh yeah baby, bang that backdoor, drive that cock into those wonder places, lord, I think I’m going to orgasm from my ass! Yes! Yes! YES!
Oh my, I never would have believed I’d spew from an ass fucking. Well, my man Walt has turned this gurl into a full cock whore, ass fucking slut! Who, BTW, is an excellent cocksucker! Walt starts pumping for his finish, so I grip him anally a little every once in a pump, he loves it. Walt starts moaning “yeah baby squeeze that sissy ass on my cock, make daddy blow this load into you so hard and deep so it cums out your nose, yeah baby that’s it squeeze me tight”. A big grab on the hips a deep thrust and his fire hose is turned on! I’m filled, more than filled, over flowing like a dropped bottle of molten honey, gooey everywhere, running down my legs, what a hot feeling! It takes Walt about four minutes just to stop twitching in my ass and finally slide out. He was swelled up in there a like Great Dane fucking a Chihuahua, and all I wanted was more, more , more.
At this point, I’m a little spent, that orgasm rocked me, but the cum dripping out of me and oozing down my legs has me twitching and my poor neglected clitty is getting stiff again. I need more cock. Enter Mr. Thompson, literally, he’s behind me attempting to slide in but there is so much slippery cum it’s hard to pin me down. I’d wipe it off for him but it just would feel so wrong to do that. There, he finds an angle, I can feel the push and stretch as his cocks enters my used but not (yet) abused ass. Ohhhh, I feel full again, I so want to stay like this. I reach under and hold his hairy balls as he starts some rhythm. He’s not all in yet and I can tell he’s got the girth on all the others, this will be awesome. He stokes, ohhh that feels good, he strokes again, ohhhh, it’s so wide. He strokes again, ohhh I’m so full, but he’s not done yet. He strokes again, ohhhhh, that’s the place, the feeling is back. Ohhhh, again, deeper this time, he’s close. Ohhhh, YES, that’s all there is, ohhhh stroke, bang the bottom, ohhhh, he’s faster, stroke, bottom out, …ohhhhh, stroke, Ohhh, deeper, Ohhhh stroke, again, ohhhhh, god ohhhhh, yes, yes, faster, ohhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuc me, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuc,fuc,fuc, oh, oh ,oh, oh, o,o,o,o,o, YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
I wake up some time later, Thompson was on the phone, I assume to Master. He hung up and brought me some water when he saw I was awake. I thanked him demurely, obediently, submissively. I dressed as best I could, rather weak from the experience. Being the center of attention for five men can be…a JOY! I hooked my stockings, replaced my blouse, thank god it was off or it would have been covered in cum and sweat. My skirt was rumpled some but serviceable. I looked at Thompson and said “panty girdle?” He shrugged and said “MIA”. As I lower my eyes I spotted a bit of black satin protruding from his sport coat pocket. Now I smiled. I checked my makeup, smudged of course, a little dried/drying cum spot needs attention. I applied fresh lippy, mascara and powder my nose. Some dried cum in my hair remains, I leave it there, as a naughty badge of courage. I need a little help standing at first, wobbly, still dizzy from orgasm, orgasm’s, whatever, I lost count. After gathering my purse I approach Thompson to thank him for watching over me. He kisses my cheek, says it was his pleasure and hopes it will be again sometime, with a smile. Then he places an envelope in my hand and says “run along sweetie and be careful” another smile.
I move to the door, he opens it. Then it strikes me, I say “you know, you were correct”, he looks and says “about what?” I answered “it was the fantasy of a lifetime”, he smiles kindly and says, “yes, it will be” and slowly closed the office door. Puzzled, I turned and started down the hall. Click, click, click as I walked. I stopped before entering the main mall, opened my purse, pulled out the spray perfume Master had insisted I take with me. I sprayed a couple shots under the hem of my skirt. As I stood there returning the spray bottle to my purse, I could feel some trickle of cum moving down my legs. But I also inhaled the sweet perfume. I could feel generous amounts of cum squishing in my uncovered ass and attempting to ooze out. I tightened my ass muscles. Click, click, click as I walked the long way down the mall. I was struggling to hold in the warm gooey supply of cum in my ass. I started thinking about who had helped and how much was in there, with each step I could feel it squishing and oozing, a drop ran down my thigh to the stocking top. Why had Master parked so far away?
Near the halfway point I spotted a uniform on the other side of the mall, it was Walt. He heard the clicking sound, stopped talking to another man and turned. Click, click, click, we locked eyes, he smiled, I blushed, then it was over. Except, a dribble of cum ran down my thigh and over my stocking top. Once it was directly off my skin I couldn’t tell how far it ran until it soaked thru. I was feeling that familiar hot stare on the back of my legs, was he watching for the cum to fall? Click, click, click, I walked on nearly to my exit, I’d have been feeling rather triumphant if it wasn’t for the torment the ass full of cum was causing me, I couldn’t just relax and drop it. I mean the humiliation! OMG revelations, humiliation! Another part of my perfect fantasy, told to Master John. What a devil he was! Or angel?
As best I could remember, as it was streaming thru my head now at a hundred miles an hour, I wanted to be dressed to the nines, walk thru the mall clicking my heels while getting lustful stares, and end up having bareback sex with multiple partners. Black partners and a gangbang were strictly a bonus. Then return the way I had come and have hot sticky semen dripping down my thighs and legs as I clicked my way back thru the mall. OMG, I took another aerial view of where I was and what was happening. I was going to miss it if I didn’t start leaking cum soon. OK, there, drip that down your sexy nyloned, perfumed, gartered legs. My muscles relaxed, the cum flowed. As I walked it seemed like my entire thigh from crotch to knee was covered in cum. It squished between them, lubricating insanely. I was sure the dripping soggy mass was under gravities f***e and moving down my legs.
Click, click , click, I could feel the cum moving down my legs. But I also inhaled the sweet perfume as I walk closer to the exit. Just short of the door was a group of toughs, hangin together. I recaptured the confidence I had in the first hallway encounter and walked toward he doors, aimed directly thru the thugs. Movement took over the group, someone was wading thru them and roughly clearing a path. Just as I got there the group split, I walked forward seeing Quiet, Bitch and Peekin dominating the action. As I walked by, each in turn leaned forward and drew a deep breath, inhaling in an exaggerated fashion. I stopped, smiled, pushed my ass muscles to unload as much cum as possible, then opened the door, passed outside and walked into the fresh air.
The cool night air flowed up my skirt, across my legs and thighs and chilled the, now, free flowing abundance of sperm dripping down my legs and falling. Walking across the parking lot I was sure I was leaving a wet trail of cum drops. I stopped at the vehicle to open the door. Drip, drip, drip, Master said “get in, we’re late for the bookstore”. The bl**d pounded again in my ears, bookstore?

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4 months ago
Thank you all, you're inspiring me to write chapter 2.
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Very hot & very sexy story
i got so hard & horny reading,
I shot my cum before i got to the end !
Cant wait to read another chapter
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Good story, really grabbed me...
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awesome story. well written too
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Great Story Girl!
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great story very well written and hot!
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