Fucking in the Snow

an experience
last week we were , my wife 34, very beautiful red hair , big hanging tits and a shaved pussy and I always 46, really nice big Fickschwängel and every day on my Fickfotze ….
we actually come from NRW, last week took my mum in law our daughter for a week and we went Stubeital to ski , relax down. on 2 Evening we were on a ski chalet, it was a great atmosphere and the waiter served and was a nice full , about 190 , very good figure and bald head , I saw that my wife found him cute . I admit that fucking many times in the head cinema we both had a 2 man or a couple.
Eswar about 23.00 clock and load the cooked the atmosphere was great and we had some Jagertee , the chief , Michael and my wife laughed at imer , but I and everyone else at our table as well . I thought of nothing but my wife Michi went to change money for cigarettes. He told her what which was unusual in the ear but in the volume of the music is not . we both had nor our snowboard pants , like dungarees as Nicole came back to the table , I asked her without jealousy whether Michi, the Bayer tight she likes . naaaa she said yes, out Nicki sat down next to me . since we are always horny and they also squirt , I took her from behind without someone looks into the pants and wanted to her cunt .through the clothing , of course, it took something so that it is our well-known and noticed laachten . When I arrived with my right hand on her hot pussy , I realized that she wears no string and the pussy, not damp , special soaking wet . naaaa not cool to Michi eh :-) Now I had to pee , went to the toilet at the bar over and could not believe my eyes because I saw Michael and his two colleges laaachend had a string in his hands and all it smelled when I made ​​the toilet arrived , our table was half empty , I thought nothing dabei.2 our girls were dancing on , Nicki’s best friend and on the toilet and my friend Ralf auchich they apparently wanted some fresh air grab because of all the alcohol and went kaus the hut Ne was super nice night, Vollmondund about -12 grad Iich went left at the cottage , so hut about 80 to 120 meters when I arrived at the end , I walked past the countless piles of wood , by full moon and snow , it was really almost as bright was Claudiaa , the friend of my wife and I could not believe my eyes , her bosom was bare and she had a Schwanzs waiter in their Fickfresse , I swear that was insanely great . the two were so fucking on the they noticed me until late, Claudia winked at me just made ​​me laugh . that should me but pass away as soon as I saw her sitting at the other end my wife down torn Snwoboard pants on the wood , legs very wide apart and Michi , pushed straight I was pale his , huge cock in my wife had her hands around his neck together he stood and Began to fuck her I was about 30 meters away and they just did not notice me. my wife moaned in the rhythm of his movements .now I thought I was bi sick because my cock in the pants was stiff . Hello my Fickfotze fucked just strange and I ‘m horny it ? ? Madness , I had to jerk off . his hands gripped hard on Nicki’s tits, I heard him …. have you sow horny gigantic itten .. after about 5 minutes , he moaned short …. pulled his pants up … glanced disparagingly to my wife and said, well, you now have a horny slut you what you wanted , Auserd I fucked now always when I want …. otherwise you has . no please not say Nicki … not tell my husband. 2 minutes later derChefe pants came only in her panties , he said nothing just pushed his cock into the tight column of my wife , I inject to 2 times from ten , he after about 3 minutes . Nicki … pulled her pants up , came up to me , I fled past …. Claudia ….. left and quickly in the hut sat down to Andren at the table as if nothing had
Nicki and Claudia came in dancing. Nicki went past me …. you were just back there ? I so ….. nn nnn eee
she took my hand , come with
them to the toilet with me ….
pulled the pants down , OK , I’m not sorry , I had a huge dick and not like your you can make me leave you if I think saw the strangers cum drip out of her beautiful pussy . You little , horny tensioner …… my dick was hard again ….. when I saw that I knelt licked her pussy and squirt from . Madness , Nicole and I knew from then on we’ll both enjoy it often , the strange tails, and I see that.

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