Trip to Crete TRUE STORY

I see a lot of stories on here, most of them are clearly fictional even though they are labeled as true.

Well this situation was very spontaneous. To protect the innocent we shall call the young woman Kat, my girlfriend at the time. We are both Canadians.

Kat is about 10 years younger than me(I'm 32) and was very new to sexual exploration. We'd experimented with the usual light bondage, anal and toys.. Kat had a body type that I really liked, we'll call it "top heavy". She'd had lost weight training prior to meeting me and she managed to keep her breasts. Young, big boobed, blonde and very vocal when I fucked her. I had quite a bit more sexual experience than her, most of which she didn't know about.

I decided it'd be good to take a vacation to Europe with her, we stayed with f****y in Sweden and did a week long trip to Crete. Those of you not familiar with the place, it's an island off the coast of Greece. The trip was quite uneventful, we'd walk to the beach, sit in front of a restaurant that served a passable beer. Our waiter, Mike, would come out and serve us drinks in our sun chair and we hung out with him most of the week we were there. The last night we were up drinking at the restaurant bar , when our usual waiter Mike asked if we wanted to stay and drink once he closed up. We asked if his boss would mind? Turned out he actually owned the place. We were quite surprised. The bar was an open air deal facing the beach. We drank until well after the beach and other bars closed. Kat made him a deal, she would give him recipes for north American drinks if he made them for her. Needless to say we got pretty d***k.

The situation started with her coming up to me in the bathroom and saying:
"Mike just asked if we wanted to fool around with him and his wife?"

I wasn't shocked about him wanting to see Kat naked, there weren't any big tittied young blondes on the beach when we got there. I played it cool.

"How do you feel about that?" I asked.

"How do you feel about it?" she replied.

"Well I wouldn't mind, but you were going to do this you have to know you'll have to perform oral on a woman, probably while Mike and I watched...Can you handle that"

"Damn straight I can! Want me tell Mike it's on?"

I was pretty shocked but I could tell she was all for it. So she struts back into the main bar area while mike was closing the security games and shouts out:

"It's on Mike, get her over here"

Well that would have been all fine and dandy, he was surprised, and immediately called up his wife...of 2 c***dren...who was quite asl**p. Needless to say "come here and lets have sex with these Canadians" didn't go over well and it didn't surface. Kat was quite disappointed, she'd been pounding back shots to build up the nerve. So we settled on going skinny dipping instead.

Me being me, I hauled off my clothes and walked naked into the Mediterranean water, Mike not far behind. Kat worked up enough courage and modestly skipped into the water. There was some light from the restaurant floods, so we both got a chuckle out of her attempts to hide her lady bits.

She reached me and in an instant I told Mike to come over and we floated her on top of the water on her back and put our collective mouths on her tits. She was caught off guard, but she arched her back and made the most sexually abandonned moan I've ever heard a woman make. I was hard to begin with, but this made me rock hard. As I was saying she arched her back and Mike and I went to town , each of us bitting, sucking and licking a breast. She was gyrating her hips while we kept her floating. I circled around and got between her legs and ate her out while Mike got by her head and kept her floating and continued to play with both her breasts. She was so turned on it was like putting my mouth on a hot cup. I didn't waste too much time eating her out, I was horny. So I pushed her hips down and impaled her on my cock. I'm a big boy and it usually takes a couple pre-thrusts to get it all in. Not this time, I went up to the hilt in one push. She started screaming right away. When Mike started pushing on her shoulders to push her into me while I pounded her she went off the deep end (no pun). She came so hard to Mike's breast mauling and my hard pounding. I pulled out of her, I didn't want to cum yet. We each grabbed an arm to steady her and e****ted her naked back to the restaurant.

We dried her off a bit and laid out a towel on one of the tables at the front of the bar. We grabbed her and unceromoniously plopped her down on her back with her ankles in the air. I told her to keep her ankles up and spread and Mike and I walked around her and made comments on how hot she looked. We made her open her pussy for us and we asked her:
"Can Mike fuck you too?"
"God yes"
"You sure? We'll be really rough with you and will probably finish on your face while you suck us both off. Can you handle that"

She kinda just nodded as best she could while on her back in the most unladylike pose. We made her get on her hands and knees on the table, Mike got near her face and I got near her ass and told her we were going to play a game.

"I want you to tell me how many fingers I have in you, then Mike will have a turn and you can figure how many he has in you". That got her heart racing, we could see her chest heaving as she tried to get her brain wrapped around what was going on. I liked to do things like this to her, let her work herself up without me touching or doing anything. She seemed to get off on being debased and humiliated. I just never imagined she'd let me take it this far.

So there she was, ass in the air and waiting for my fingers. I started out with one, she is a very tight girl. She mumbled out "one" when I asked her how many fingers. I asked her to say it louder. "ONE!" . I pulled my finger out and immediately went to 3. She tried to pull away, but Mike was there to push her back onto my fingers. She settled down and asked me "That can't be two?" I asked her how many she thought? "I think 4?" I twisted my fingers around and reamed her, really made her squirm. She was absolutely dripping, she'd normally have a hard time with my twisting my fingers around inside of her. But she seemed to take and get more turned on.

"Now fuck yourself back and forth on my fingers" I ordered while I held my hand as steady I could. She complied, but I think she got a little embarrassed because she started noticing Mike staring at her and she didn't put a lot of effort into it. I told her "Open your mouth; Mike put the same number of fingers in her mouth". He had seen me hold up my 3 fingers prior to putting in. She opened her mouth and he put his much fatter fingers in her mouth.

"now fuck back and forth" I told her. And she did, she would suck on Mike's fingers and then push herself back on mine. We let her get a good back and forth rythmn while I slapped her ass and he played with her breast with his other hand.

"How many fingers do I have in you?" I asked again. This time she got it right "Three" she mumbled around Mike's fingers.

"You sure you want us to do this with our cocks? Your sure you can be that slutty?" She nodded. I wasn't happy. "what are you going to be?" she pulled back so Mike's fingers left her mouth and said "a slut". "Louder!" I said. "I'll be a slut for you!".

"Open your mouth" I ordered and I pulled my 3 fingers out of her pussy and came around and put them in her mouth. She sucked on them enthusiastically (another first for us, she never even blew me with her juices on me). Mike got behind her and smiled and held up 2 of his working man fingers. The guys hands were fucking huge, with big fat fingers. I nodded and he shoved them in like he was trying to stab her. She pulled away again, I was expecting this and I took my fingers out and pushed her back. She started moaning as he worked his fingers into her. I played with both her nipples and she started to cum before Mike managed to get his fingers all the way in. He jammed them in the rest of the way and she started really screaming. He was a pretty sadistic guy, he immediately started twisting around, reaming her, then finger fucking her like a piston. Kat didn't know what do with herself, everytime he would pound his two fingers into her I would hear a wet slapping sound. He slid her fingers out and gave her a minute to catch her breath.

"Ask him for 3 fingers Kat" I told her.
"I don't know if I can" she d***kenly replied. "Your going to be pounded pretty hard tonight"....So she looks back and Mike and says: "Try 3 fingers"

I made her put her face down on the table to keep her ass night and high, I got behind her with mike and held her hips. He put the tip of his 3 fingers in her already abused openning. We ordered her to push herself on to them and she did. The noises she had made I wish I could turn into a ring tone. I get a hardon thinking about it as I write this. She started cumming again right away, her little pussy was just splitting and she pushed back. I doubt I could have been that rough on her. This guy Mike had no qualms, he pushed hard and slid his fingers around her hole. I pulled her off the table by her hair and made her arch her back so her tits jutted out and Mike had to stab upward with his fingers.

"Tell him to be rougher!" I ordered. She was so d***k and out of it she just said "fuck me". And I tell you Mike must have been a boxer because he absolutely punished her pussy with his fingers, he was almost lifting her off her knees each time he thrust. This was around the time I found out she could squirt. She just power sprayed all over the table. Mike didn't stop, he just keep pounding away with his fingers while her juices squirted down his arm and all over the table and floor. She screamed and screamed and screamed. Mike got a little nervous because we were still at the front of bar facing the beach...anyone within a hundred yards could figure out what was going on. He pulled his fingers out and I let Kat go,she just collapsed on table and let her legs slide off so her feet were on the ground.

We let her recover a bit on the table while we finished securing the security gates.

Now I mentioned I had a bit more sexual experience then poor young Kat, and I really get off when girls act completely dirty and out of character.I wanted to see what I could get away with here. She was absolutely blotto, but coherent enough to express herself.

I made her put down a towel and get on her knees. She got the hint pretty quick and immediately started sucking me off with an enthusiasm that bordered on religious. She was a bit nervous about taking Mike in her mouth, but she did eventually and she got into a good back and forth. She could deepthroat him no problem, I was happy to see his was much smaller than mine, but I f***ed my down her throat until her eyes watered.

I figured Mike and his wife were swingers, so I wanted to test Kat out a bit.

"Mike too bad none of your waiters stuck around". Kat kind of paused at that.
"Two of the younger guys live in the apartment upstairs". That really got her attention. "Keeping sucking" I told her. She went back to sucking our dicks.
"If we called them, think they'd come down?"
"If they didn't hear this then I would be surprised" Mike answered.
"How about it Kat, do you want an audience?" I asked. "I don't want to fuck anyone but you." she said...and she looked pretty scared. "looks like a go Mike, as long as they know no fucking unless Kat says so".

Mike dialed up the apartment upstairs while Kat sucked his dick like a starving girl. They picked up right away, although I couldn't say for sure I don't speak greek. After a couple of minutes I could hear some major mayhem going on upstairs, so could Kat. I think they must have run down the stairs, they knew exactly who Mike was talking about. They barged in through the back door, they had a friend over because there were 3 of them.

Kat got a little spooked at this point. I told them "you guys can watch from the bar". They had absolutely no problem with that. Kat seemed to be happy with that. We made her get up and stand facing these 3 young guys while Mike and I played with her tits. I told her to open her legs wider and I reached from behind and stuck my fingers in her while Mike and I licked her tits again. Her nipples were getting pretty raw looking but she moaned anyway. Her heart was just hammering, we could hear it with our heads near her chest. She was pulling big breaths of air into her lungs, like she was hyperventilating. "Slow down babe, we will take it nice and easy...nothing you aren't comfortable with. Think of this as just an elaborate striptease. Lets go over to the table, I want you lie facedown and point your ass at the guys. I am going to get something."

Mike and I let her sit there, giving the young guys a good show of her ass. I took Mike aside and said to him: "I think we can get her to let all of us finish on her. She just needs to feel comfortable. Lets get the young guys to cater to her a bit. Get her something to drink..etc.". So we put our shorts back on and got Kat and sat her down on a bar stool...naked. Mike ordered the guys to mix up some drinks. They kept complementing Kat on how beautiful she was, they were practically falling over themselves to get a drink made for her. They presented her with something frilly and Kat thanked them. All the while, completely naked. We all sat around the bar and gave Kat all the attention in the world. I would ask the guys if they wanted a closer look at her, and Kat would oblige by standing up and going over to the guy. One guy asked if he could see her pussy(sounds funny with a greek accent), so Mike and I got up and looped her arms over our shoulders, we each grabbed a leg and picked her up. It caught her off guard but she didn't fight it when we opened her legs to show the guy. They were more embarrassed than she was, it's funny seeing a brown guy blush. Kat picked up on that and she told me afterwards felt really superior.

We carried her over, spread wide, to the other two guys and they got really good looks at her swollen pussy. We carried her over to her bar stool and told the guys to pull up their stools on either side of her. We plopped her down and she leaned back against the bar drink still in hand. We kept her spread and handed a leg to a young guy on either side. It was quite site, her with drink in hand, leaning back against the bar while two strangers kept her legs spread. They each treated her leg like it was the most important thing in life, they caressed them lovingly, they would occasionally get brave and venture up to her inner thigh with their hands. Kat got a lot braver with alchohol and told them: "you can touch it if you want". They immediate started having a little war with their hands on who could grope her pussy, one of them got the idea and started rubbing her breasts with his free hand instead. I guess milky white tits are in short supply in Crete.

Mike and I watched while we mixed drinks and filled my beer mug. Mike was a wine person. I have to say I get perverted when I drink, he pretty much emptied a bottle himself. I pointed at the bottle and he passed it over, I gave it a quick rinse in the bar sink and brought it over to Kat. She knew exactly what I wanted, I'd had her fuck herself with household objects for my pleasure. I held up the bottle to her and asked:

"Do you mind giving these gentlemen a show?". She let go of her drink, took the bottle and with a few bug-eyed k**s and Mike watching, slid the long neck into her pussy. I could tell she was in a different headspace now, she took the bottle out of her completely and then with the guys on either side of her practically zoomed in, slid it back into her as deep as it could go. Which alarmingly was almost all of the 1.5L bottle. She started with long obscene strokes, letting the tip of it come right to her opening then plunged it back in.

"You should lick her breasts guys, she likes that" And the guy on either side of her dropped on to her tits like it was the cure. I don't think she would have cum on a wine bottle normally but was pretty close judging by the way she was ramming into herself. She was screaming and moaning while the young guys frantically pawed her legs and licked her big tits.

The other young guy was just standing at the end of the bar stunned, not sure if he was invited or if he was supposed to leave. Mike was pretty d***k but was sporting a pretty persistent hard-on, so was I. We hadn't even had a chance to cum yet. I told Mike to get some condoms just in case she lets it go further. The young guy at the end of the bar heard and ran right the fuck upstairs to get some.

Mike and I went over to Kat and I took the wine bottle out of her hand and motioned the guys to help Mike and I carry her over to the table. Kat wasn't sure what was going on but at this point she seemed game for anything. We laid her on her back and hiked her feet back so far that her pussy was pointing straight at the ceiling. The two young guys held her there, at my direction, and I got the wine bottled and shoved into Kats pussy. Mike and I kind of stepped back and got to appreciate the scene. The bottle was moving in and out of her with each breath. We all just watched it go up and down. I stepped up and grabbed the bottle and started fucking her with it. Kat seem to like that so I let one of the young guys do it. While this was going on the missing young guy returned with box of condoms from upstairs. He handed them to me, and I put them down by Kat's head and she looked at them. I gave her a questioning look, while the young guys were taking turns assaulting her with the wine bottle. She looked at me and gave me a quick nod.

I said to mike "Looks like you get to fuck her after all. Let her up". The young guys thought the show was over. I directed Kat to the table and asked her one last time: "You sure about this? You're about to be gangbanged"
"What do you think of me right now? Am I doing something wrong" she asked somewhat d***kenly. "Nah babe, who do you think is instigating all this, me. What happens in Crete stays in Crete."
"okay, but you'll stop if I say stop" . "absolutely" I assured her.
"okay, I'll let them fuck me"she said
"gangbang you?" I asked
"yes, gangbang me" she leaned over the table, grabbed the far side and spread her legs.
Me being the pervert I said: "I want you to say "next" after each guy finishes with you". I don't think she understood at that point. But it was worth a try. I was so fucking hard by this time , it was actually painful. I immediately chucked my shorts, got behind her and put the tip right on her opening. Mike and his waiters all gathered around the table and started rubbing their dicks. What young guy was so stupid he immediate tried to put a condom on. I pulled her asscheeks apart and plunged into her. She was pretty well locked by the table, one of the guys was holding the table. I immediately started pounding her like I wanted to hurt her, I grabbed her hair pulled her back so her tits were pointing out and bouncing. Mike started playing with them, then after some couple minutes the other 3 started caressing her and trying to catch a bouncing breast. I came pretty quick, I pulled out and empty my load on her back. She must have heard me earlier because the next thing she said was "Next" in a small voice.

Mike was putting on a condom pretty much while I was finishing. He wanted her on her back so she climbed up on the table and rolled over and lifted her ankles up. I let the young guys hold them back and watch Mike slide it in her. She looked at me once, then her eyeballs rolled back in her head. He had a small dick but he really like to pound Kat , he had quite an enthusiastic vocabulary in greek. She didn't know what he was saying, but I heard "slut" and "whore" a couple times. She didn't seem to mind being called names. He came pretty quick as well. He pulled out and slipped off hes condom and finished on her stomach.
Between breaths she said "Next"
Poor young guy couldn't get his condom on quick enough so one of the others took his place. To say this guy had a big tool was an understatement. Kat must not have seen it while he lined up for a turn at her pussy. When he shoved it in her eyes popped. Like an idiot he immediately started pounding away as hard as he could, meanwhile Kat was trying to escape with alarming urgency. I went up and held one of her legs back and told the guy to go slower. Let her get used to it. He started to take his time and she relaxed, even hiked her ankles back further. The guy that couldn't get his condom on was insistently trying to put it in her mouth, she turned her head and he started fucking her mouth like he's never been laid before. He finished after she sucked him for a total of 30 seconds, he left a big mess on her face. She went to wipe it off and I told her"no, you'll have a lot more on your face". I told the other two guys to finish on her face.

The guy with the big tool was having a hard time with the condom, so I made Kat get off the table and suck him off, cum dripping from her face and everything. Him and the last guy jerked off furiously while she went back and forth sucking them. By that time Mike and I were hard again. Kat stopped sucking and let the two guys jerk off on her face and tits. She got pretty messed, up, her face was pretty much plastered from the first guy.

Mike and I went to pick her up to move her somewhere where we could fuck her some more. "I'm getting really sore down there, can I finish you off with my mouth". I thought that unlikely, but then another brilliant idea came to me. The condoms were lubricated. I told her to get down on her hands and knees and put her ass up. While was dripping on the floor from all the cum we dumped on her, I slipped a condom on a finger and started rubbing around her asshole. She didn't have problems doing any before and she was nowhere near this turned on. She looked back at me for a minute trying to decide if she was going to let this happen.
"Don't worry babe,I'll take it slow. Play with yourself a bit that will help".
She started rubbing her clit while I eased the first finger all the way in. I took it out and eased it back in a few times.

The young guys were pretty much on perma point and I am pretty sure they'll never be in a situation like this. Hot canadian taking a group of men on...not only that, taking it in the ass.

I eased my second finger in, Mike getting the hint, helped spread her cheeks. I would wait for her to relax then I'd pull them out and ease them back in. I took my time, I kept it up until she had a little mini gape after I took my fingers out. I passed the condom to Mike and he eased a finger in to keep her hole relaxe. I slipped on condom onto my cock and with Mike pulling his finger out, slipped my cock in. She took it all before she tensed up. I waited a bit, and eventually she relaxed. I positioned myself behind her and started with small movements. The condom was drying out before I even got 2 strokes in. So I asked for some olive oil from the bar kitchen. One of the young guys came back. I pulled my cock out her ass, quickly slipped the condom off and coated my cock in olive oil. I eased it back in and it was infinately better.

I kept my strokes nice and short and Kat seem to respond to that. She was pretty much exhausted at this point. "Tell me when I can take the breaks off" .
she just said" you can go faster"
I started to go faster ...after a minute I was full on ass fucking her. She started to moan and push back against my thrusts. I'd pull it out and spread her cheeks so the guys could see her asshole gaping. There was a little mess, but nothing more olive oil wouldn't dilute. We poured some right into her gaping asshole, it shut up pretty quick. Despite being round 2, pounding her ass that hard and quick got me off something fast. I emptied deep inside her guts.
"my knees are starting to hurt"
"well you have a few more guys to take care of" I said. She nodded and we helped her up and limped her over to the bar stool. It was just the right hight, we had her sit on it and hang her ass over the edge. She braced herself against the bar. She was pretty out of it, because Mike didn't put a condom on and just shoved his unlubed cock up her ass. She moved back a little but after one stroke it was coated in olive oil. She pushed her ass further off the back of the stool and Mike relentlessly pounded her little asshole. He would grab her hips and pretty much throw Kat onto his cock. The young guys gathered around her and were furiously jerking off.

Mike was having a hard time cuming again, not matter how hard he pounded Kat's asshole he couldn't finish. He'd pull it out and jerk off to try and get close. Then stab it back in. Kat's eyes were pretty much rolling in back of her head, she was just wacked out of it. Mike pulled out for a breather and the k** that never got a chance to fuck her immediately shoved his cock in her protruding ass. No condom so I told him not to finish in her. He just kept pounding away, normally Kat would probably be getting sore, but she was just damned near knocked out. So the young just pounded away with reckless abandon. Despite what I told him he came in her ass. I pulled him back and told him to beat it. He pulled out grabbed his shorts and ran. I told the other two guys and Mike not to cum inside her. They agreed. We pulled her off the stool and laid her on the bar face down. I am not sure what I was thinking but I got the bottle of olive oil we were using and slid the head in her ass...Her ass was so loose the neck of the bottle started going in. So me being me I started to see how much of the 12" olive oil bottle would go in. She came around a bit and asked me what I was doing. "I'm just cleaning your ass out, you want to stop? We still haven't all finished" , she just mumbled something. I slid the bottle in about 8" before she complained. I pulled it out and it was empty. We helped her off the bar, and made her bend over the stool. The olive oil was leaking out her ass down her leg, but she didn't care.

The big tool k** was the first eager beaver, he slid he big dick all the way up her ass and she just moaned. We all couldn't believe it. He didn't waste time and we kind of encouraged him. He started taking big long strokes pulling KAt's ass out with it and then pushing it back in to the hilt. He really started to pound away at her and KAt just started moaning loading. By the time he was ready to cum he was pulling out completely and plunging in. When a girl gives up her ass like Kat did, it gets anyone hard. We all started swapping off on her asshole. It was of a game, Kat didn't exist at that moment, she was just some hole we were playing with. She didn't put up any protest, even when we were laughing at how her asshole was looking all stretched. Between assfuckings we'd stick objects in her ass. We found the wine bottle on the floor and watched as she took almost the whole thing up her ass. We'd hold her ass cheeks wide and watch it gape and drool olive oil when we pulled it out. We found another bottle of olive oil and picked up her near u*********s form and flipped her ass up and we shoved the whole thing in her ass with the cap off. We planted her face down on nearby banquet table, we propped our clothes under her stomach to keep her ass up and we pulled the bottle out of her ass and watched it try to wink shut. We took a north american beer bottle out of the fridge , didn't even drink it just emptied and put in small part first. We fucked her a bit with it, then we pulled it out and put it in backwards...It didnt' fit. But we were all scouring the bar for stuff to jam up her ass.

I asked Kat about this part after and she said she remembers all of it, it didn't her and she wanted to see what we'd do. She even remembered how cold the bear bottle was.

Mike had a pool cue, but no pool table. We put a condom on it and we took turns jamming it up her ass. We would shove it in until she gave us some nonverbal sound to tell us we reached too far. We took lots of pictures of her getting the whole bar jammed in her ass. Probably the coolest thing we did, we brought her over to the bar, laid her out boneless on the bar ass up. We stuck the sink hose up her ass, nozzle and all and jammed the water on full.

At this point it was about 3:00am, mike had passed out . Only the young guys and I were playing with her still. Eventually everyone passed out. Occasionally one of them would wake up, go over to Kat's passed out form and either jerk off on her or fuck her tits some more. Around 5:00am, and she swears she didn't remember this. I woke up to Mike standing on the banquet table over Kat. Kat had her ass propped up in the air with clothes. The olive oil bottle and the wine bottle were discarded beside her. Mike was pissing on her and trying to get it into her asshole. He noticed me and tried to jump off and stop pissing at the same time. I couldn't believe Kat didn't wake up. I told him to keep going. He pissed over her ass and back. I took the olive oil bottle and worked it in her, she was moving into it so I know she was somewhat awake. I got up above her and I started to piss on her, she moved her butt around a bit and Mike pulled the bottle out and tried to hold her cheeks apart. I was less d***k than he was and I was able to get it in her ass. It closed up almost immediately, then gaped again. I aimed the rest on her back. Mike didn't say anything he just went back to the booth he was sl**ping in.

Kat and I woke up early. We didn't talk much, we walked back to the hotel. She took a shower. We didn't talk about it until we got back. We tried to do things in Canada..but there just wasn't anyway to top what happened in Crete. We went through the pictures. Some of the stuff became clearer to her. She had a different opinion on our pictures of her with candles, bottles, pool cues and such sticking out of her ass. We had a lot of pictures of her ass gaping really wide. She wanted those deleted. She made me swear to tell no one about what happened...that was a no brainer.

We dated for another year or so, but she was just a young thing. Apparently her next boyfriend was a bit boring. We met up for a 3some with my friend a couple times after.
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Where in Crete??
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What a memory... wow. let us know.
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what a hote dominate..
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Post the pics
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Super hot