Girlfriend begging to be punished pt 2

When I start waking up, to a wet feeling on my dick. And when I look down I realize that Hanna, officially my sub and slut, is sucking my dick. A "Good morning bj". It was amazing. She didn't stop looking at me the entire time, and eventually when she made me come she swallowed every last drop. Then she crawled up and and slowly slid my cock in her her pussy and slowly started riding it. Then she leaned down and kissed my chest whispering "How was I last night Master?"

"You were great." Then she sighs with relief and continues riding me. Then whispers in my ear, "My ass is sore Master, can I have some Aleve?"

I reply still half asl**p, "Yes you may."

"Thank you Master." She pulls herself off me reluctantly and walks down stairs to get the Aleve. Man, what a night. My fantasy has come true and my girlfriend/submissive had the same ones. And it looks like this could only get better.

She seemed so much more alive last night than when we had sex before. She has mentioned she has fantasies but she was sure they where just a phase. After last night I doubt that. I WILL get more of her fantasies out of her. She walks back upstairs swaying her hips elegantly and lays next to me. "Master, what do you want your slut to do to please you today?" She started rubbing her hands up and down my cock very gently scr****g her nails on it. Gripping it tighter as I get harder. I could tell what she wanted to do by the hunger in her eyes and the way she was looking at my cock. "Why don't you suck my cock, slut?"

"Thank you Master." Is all she replies before my cock disappears in her mouth. I love how she always used her tongue to massage the head and bottom of the shaft. If felt so damned good and she looked so sexy while doing it. "Come on Slut. Don't be shy. Play with yourself." I heard her moan as I called her "Slut" and she started to pinch and pull on her clit. I did not want to blow my load in her mouth again so before I did I pulled out of her and she looked semi-worried saying "Did I do something wrong Master?"

"Nothing at all. Get on your hands and knees Slut." She did as she was told and she knew without me telling her to spread her legs. I got on my knees behind her and without warning I pushed my cock into her pussy hard and fast. She at first just started moaning as I fucked her pussy then she started saying stuff like "Thank you Masterrrr." "Master please tear apart my pussy!! Please fuck your Sluts pussy so hard it rips her pussy apart!!" After a while of fucking her and her screaming those dirty comments I come. She had came at least 3 times before I did. She never has done this. What else has she wanted and not told me? "You where being a very dirty Slut talking that way. Weren't you?"

She nodded shyly, "Yes Master."

"Well then, since you openly admit it, stand up and bend over." She does exactly what I told her.
"Hold your ankles and don't move, if you do you get punished worse." I take my belt off the ground a spank her ass. I already know her limits because we've talked about this before and just didn't really act on it and it was forgotten. Or so we thought. "Count Slut!" I yell. I spank her again. "One!" She screams but has a huge smile on her face. I spank her again with my belt and she yells "Two Master! Please teach this slut a lesson!" I spank her harder and she continues begging me to spank her harder. We did that until we got to 15 and then I stopped. She was sweating and gasping and she then whimpered, "Thank you Master."

I replied "You're welcome Slut. Go get some Aleve then come back here so we can continue."

"Anything for you Master." Then she walked down stairs to get the Aleve leaving me to think about our relationship and how I can turn up the heat more.

Hanna walked back upstairs and stays at the edge of the bed waiting for her next order. "Lay on the bed Slut. I want to try that sweet pussy of yours." I see her pussy juices sliding down her leg as she crawls onto the bed and spreads her legs for me. Inviting me in. I look at that beautiful hairless pussy of hers and see how puffed her clit and and start to eat her out. She moans extremely loudly. She loves it when I do this. But our new arrangement just turns up the heat. I continue swirling my tongue around the inside just how I know she loves it, and she starts saying "Yes Master tongue fuck that pussy!!" And that just turns me on more and she continues talking dirty to me. i just keep tongue fucking her loving the taste of her pussy on my mouth. And she starts moaning "Master can I come?!? Can I come please?!?!

"No." Is all I reply before I start eating her out again for the next few minutes I continue to tongue fuck her before she comes and I swallow all her juices. After she finishes coming she begs, "Master, please don't punish me! I know I didn't listen but please!"

"Nope. Stand up and bend over fucking Slut." She whimpers and follows what I tell her to. "Now you're going to learn your lesson Slut. Got it?" She replies "Yes Master. I will learn my lesson."

"What will you do after I punish you?" She replies "I'll thank you for teaching me the lesson I deserve."

"Thats a good little slut." I spank her hard with my hand. And I continue spanking her for about twenty minutes, every five spanks I massage her ass for a couple seconds then continues spanking her. She came at least twice in that twenty minutes. And then when we where done I told her to get some Aleve and come back up for a surprise for her. She may be my submissive but still my girlfriend and I do want to take care of her.

To be continued...
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10 months ago
mmm lucky slut maybe a pussy spanking would have been in order
10 months ago
What a hot girlfriend you have.
10 months ago
It'll be awhile. I'm busy with school. .-.
10 months ago
Very hot!! I hope part 3 is coming