XXX Ben 10 Story: Small Problem Part 3

Ben closed the bathroom door calmly and walked toward the door. He needed some fresh air. Some fresh air and he would be fine.

He didn’t get five paces before he dropped to his knees, groaning in pain. His hands shot to his groin. He could feel the hardness fighting against the material of his jeans. His cock was so hard it hurt, hurt right up into his belly with a deep pulsing throb. He had never hurt like this before. He had never been this hard before.

Fumbling fingers struggled and fought. Victory as the button of his jeans popped open. Swift as XLR8 his jeans and underwear were around his knees. Five inches of rigid flesh was grateful for release. Thick dark coloured veins pulsated in time with his heartbeat making the whole organ twitch. He had been hard before but not like this, never even anything close to this. He had never been so horny in his life. Gwen had driven him insane with lust.

He couldn’t wait another second. His hand gripped his prick and started to rub and down along the hot shaft. This was no gentle ‘lets get warmed up’ rubbing, no, this was furious peak of desire ‘I need to cum or I’ll explode’ rubbing. His arm moved almost at a blur. He moved deeply as the fire that had smouldered inside now rose up and wound through him furiously. His body was hot yet he felt cold. His thoughts broke down into images, simple but wonderful images.

Images of Gwen. Standing above him, playing with her dripping pussy. Squeezing her hard nipples as she moaned his name. Gwen kissing, licking and sucking the head of his cock. Throwing her head back and moaning deeply as he blew his load all over her face landing in her open mouth, running down her chin, splashing across her chest. She would put her hands up and rub his cream over her tits. Squeezing, rubbing and pinching her nipples and all the while her cunt would drip her juices. The lips pink and swollen, her clit harder than his cock was right now. She would beg him to fuck her. He would make her scream his name as they orgasmed ad he would keep on fucking her, keep on filling her with buckets of cum as she constantly begged for more.Ben threw back his head, his back arched almost painfully as a powerfully violent orgasm shot through him.

“Oh Gwen!” He groaned deeply as his hot cum shot from his cock. It fired, actually fired out of him and flew 30 centimetres across the room before splatting into the motel carpet. Such a huge load. It looked like it could fill a shot glass. Ben hardly noticed. He was too busy riding his orgasm. He grunted and twitched as his hand slowed and lost rhythm as the climax faded. The fire was gone but the heat remained. He sat there for a few seconds trying to catch his breath as the afterglow of satisfaction rose up inside of him.

Nothing was said, not a sound was made. He just suddenly realised that he was not alone alone. Slowly Ben turned around and looked behind him.

Gwen stood in the bathroom doorway with wide eyes focussed not on Ben’s face but on his slowly softening dick. Her body was still wet from her shower, her could see drops running down the gentle curve of her neck, past her collar bone and toward her breasts. She was wrapped loosely in a towel. She was holding the top of it tightly around her breasts with one hand but the other arm had strayed into the folds of the towel and was busy moving around between her legs. Ben couldn’t see what that hand was doing from his angle, but it didn’t take a genius to figure it out.

“How long have you been standing there?” He demanded. He knew he should be embarrassed, should be trying to cover himself, should be trying to pull his pants up but he didn’t feel or do any of those things. Nor did Gwen make any attempt to stop fingering herself underneath her towel.

“Long enough to know you were thinking of me.”

Ben turned his whole body to face her, still not bothering to cover up. “After what you did to me its not like I had much of a choice. It’ll be years before I can get that out of my head.”

Gwen’s face started to turn red. Not a blush but a flush from her hidden activities. “Did I make you come Ben?” She was getting breathless in her tone. Her hand was moving faster than ever under her towel which was becoming looser by the second. Ben saw glimpses of upper thigh and the promise of more with each movement of her arm. He felt a stirring deep in his body. A part of him he had thought was put to bed was waking up again. “Did I make you come hard?” Gwen continued. She was leaning against the doorway now and wasn’t holding the towel anymore, only sheer luck was keeping it in place. “As hard as you made me come?” She moaned. The towel had fallen open around her waist and Ben could see her pussy and her fingers dancing across the lips of her cunt. Her middle finger sliding in and out of her tight hole as her thumb rubbed hard against her clit. Ben’s cock was hard again, not as hard as he had been but he was quickly getting there very quickly.

“Oh God.” She gasped. “Oh, I thought me head would explode. Was it like that for you Ben? Was it that hard? Did you come thinking of me? My body.” She stopped her action and let her hand drop from her pussy, wiping it on the towel. Her eyes drifted downwards to Ben’s cock it looked so hard, so wonderful.

One hand reached up and pulled the towel. The covering dropped to the floor and revealed her naked body to him completely. “Oh God Ben I can’t stop thinking about It. Oh, you made me come so hard. It makes me so horny just thinking about it. Do I make you hard Ben? Does my body made you horny? Does it? Do you want to come thinking of me like I want to come thinking of you?”

“Oh God yes.” He practically yelled at her. Gwen almost squealed and threw herself forward onto the carpet in front of Ben. She looked constantly down at his cock with trembling hands. Ben was just as nervous as she was but took the initiative. His hands found their way to her breasts and he placed his hand on them. After a couple of seconds he started to move them, squeezing them gently and feeling her hard nipple press into his palm. Gwen hummed softly to herself and a smile spread on her face. Her hands found their motion and they guided themselves down to Ben’s dick. She almost dreaded to touch it. Was she really doing this? Yes she was. She was too horny to turn back. What she had done with him had driven her wild just thinking about it made her cunt tingle deep inside, deeper than any of her fingers could reach. She had a feeling he was the same way. Neither of them had the power to stop even if they wanted to, but stopping was the very last thing of Gwen’s mind.

Her fingers brushed along Ben’s shaft, gently feeling each throbbing vein and the heat coming off the organ. Ben loved the feeling of her fingers delicately teasing the feelings out of his dick. He pinched one her nipple between two of her fingers, making her gasp. She felt the tingles rising up from her cunt and starting to spread across her body. She wanted more. She took his hand by the wrist and guided it downward toward her pussy. Ben took the hint and moved down without her guidance. His fingers teased her slowly at first, brushing along the hot, wet, lips of her pussy. Gwen twitched and moaned lightly as his fingers probed deeper, almost annoyingly slow. He brushed her clit and she moaned louder and flinched as a spark of electricity went through her. She gripped his dick tighter in her hand and jerked it gently up and down. She could feel it twitching in her palm and feel the heat of the flesh. She couldn’t wait any more.

Ben’s patience collapsed just a second before her own did. He pushed himself forward, throwing himself at her. He pinned Gwen to the ground with his body weight and his hands pinning her arms to the floor by the wrists. She looked up at him, liking his dominence of her. She spread her legs automatically. “Hurry Ben. Make me cum. I can’t fucking wait any more. If I don’t cum I’m going to go insane.”

“I know what you mean.” Ben said as he guided his cock to her waiting twat. “I feel like my alls are going to explode.”

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