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Katie in Trouble Again Pt 4

"It's not your fault baby, this was always going to happen, it's not your fault"...
Katie slumped into Pixie’s arms, her legs feeling like jelly as the warm afterglow of her orgasm washed over her, Vanessa sucked gently at her clit and pussy lips, her tongue lapping at the wetness that lathered her freshly shaven pussy. Her fingers continued to press and knead at her as Pixie’s, still buried in her arse did the same, their fingertips pressing through the warm flesh, teasing and flexing…Katie could feel her arousal building again, she found renewed vigour in her legs and with a guttural moan p... Continue»
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[Story] Katie in Trouble Again..Pt 2

...As John led the way from the van, a motion sensor light illuminated the gravelled driveway in font of the house. Katie looked up and took in a very impressive converted barn, it's rustic lines modernised with large sections of plate glass on the ground and first floors, sizeable balconies stood out from what she assumed were bedrooms at the front, all in all the place looked impressive.

"This is all yours ?" She asked,
"Yes, built by own on two hands, two master bedrooms suites at the front, another four at the rear, dining room, kitchen, lounge,study on the ground floor...the basement ... Continue»
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Katie in Trouble Again Pt 3

Have had a couple of posts this is a test, the names have mostly been changed to protect the innocent (and we use the term conservatively)...

With her wrists pinned behind her head by the diminutive but taut muscular tomboy, Katie tried not to move as the curvaceous red head finished shaving her pussy with a couple of slow but deft strokes, the cold edge of the razor as it rasped over her skin tickled and her stomach muscles trembled at the light touch; she never felt so deliciously smooth nor so deliriously vulnerable
"You've been very good" Pixie, the blonde whispered "So ... Continue»
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[Story] When the Sugar Daddy's Away...(For MixedSubSl

Kate slipped off her bar tool and switched with the one on the side of the table, partly to catch some of the breeze from the fan on the bar (the air conditioning was virtually non-existent) and partly so that she could view the rest of the bar from her spot in the corner of the darkened room. Secretly,she also wanted to check out her reflection in the mirror behind the bar, she chided herself for worrying as she looked great. Being of mixed race parentage she had a rich deep honey skin tone that the summer sun only worked to enhance and jet black hair that half her friends would willingly die... Continue»
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[Story] Christine Remembers (I)

My name is Christine, I'm a Account / Project Manager for a major (and I mean major) international corporation in London, I have an exceptional flat in the centre of town, a car service and driver, awesome salary, great wardrobe ~ you know, all the bells and the whistles ~ successful, by anyone's standards. Everyone looks at me and sees a strong, intelligent, confident and succesful woman in her late thirties. I wasn't always like this.

Back in my mid twenties, I was lacking a bit of confidence. I had never been the the most attractive girl in my group of friends, a little too tall (5'8 ~ w... Continue»
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