Male Bonding pt.II

After I had pushed the doorbell I heard a buzz and I entered the staircase. Finding him in the door opening made me realize I didn’t even have any expectations. I decided he looked OK and proceeded into his home.

We talked a bit. I reminded him this was going to be my first time with a man which he was very relaxed about. He remembered his own first time with a man all too well so he was just making me feel comfortable. After some time he asked me to undress, which I liked doing for him. I could feel the bl**d already flowing towards my cock, so when I was completely nude I had one that was still comfortably hanging from its stem, but already somewhat bigger and thicker.

He undressed as well to reveal a cockring holding his pretty package. He sported tattoos that are quite endearing. I was still a bit anxious about it all. Then I got his first touch, which I gladly answered ‘cause I wanted to see that cock of his grow. When he was halfway up I leaned forward and embraced the head with my lips. For the past couple of weeks I had thought about it and the idea of a cock, growing hard in my mouth just somehow really appealed to me. I know I love it when I’m on the receiving end and it’s just the whole idea that gets me aroused.

He started to suck my cock as well. He moaned. I wasn’t sure what that made me feel like.
Sometimes I like music during sex, sometimes I don’t. But I’m quite serious about my music-to-make-love-to: I don’t like voices that are too prominent in the mix. Especially when they are male. Now sure enough he wasn’t humming with my cock in his mouth, but the sound of his voice just wasn’t helping me get into the mood.

Maybe it’s that I’m used to women. And generally speaking women don’t make an awful lot of noise during sex. I’ve had sex with prostitutes a couple of times —mostly out of curiousity— and the bad actors amongst them functioned as their own alarms, signaling their bluff with loud moans that contrast their body language.

Luckily I had something to focus on: a cock in my mouth is not something I experience on a regular basis. And to me it was quite an experience! I must have been holding, stroking, squeezing and jerking my own cock for the past 17 or so years. Still: this cock felt totally different. Almost like I never touched any cock before. I kind of liked the soft solidity of it. In my hands. Between my lips. That’s when I realized I could see just how deep inside I could take him. I got quite far. It wasn’t even that hard. To do that is.

It always seemed natural to me that homosexuals (both male and female) would have better oral and manual sex than heteros: When I’m masturbating I always know what to expect when making certain hand movements. And I assume most do. You just get to know your body well through those founding years of regular (read: constant) self-loving. A cock is a cock and a cunt is a cunt. How different can it be? My first experience is: about as different as our ways of thinking. And I’m no cock-psychic.

After some sucking and jerking each other off I suggested we’d do 69. But when I felt his hard male chin-skin scrotum-scr****g me, that wasn’t really much of a turn on for me. Nor was the masculine way he fingerfucked my butt: a slight bit too hasty and harsh.

During sex I often reach a point where I really feel like performing a rimjob. Sometimes I do. And I enjoy it. But now I dodged it. Fingerfucking him even seemed nasty to me. While a willing, round female butt is anything but a problem to me. I returned to sucking him for a short while. Than I suggested we’d do some anal. We tried to get there, but we both felt it didn’t work. Which he was really cool about. No hard feelings. No disappointment. Just understanding.

We talked some more after that. And on my way back I didn’t take the bus: I walked home. Digesting the experience. Back home I opened up xHamster. Writing it all down helped me order my thoughts. Though it did take me some time to start writing part 2…

I don’t think I’ll desire male sex anytime soon. Or maybe ever. I just really love a woman’s touch, their sounds, scents, soft skin, curves… to me nothing beats that. But I’m glad I tried. And that I picked the right guy to try it with.
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