The Car , Part 2

We drove for another 15 minutes and then she pulled off at a strip mall and pulled around to the back of the mall. We were in a quiet parking area as she pulled into a parking spot that fronted on the building. Turning off the car Marsha turned to face me. ‘Kneel on the seat’, she intoned and I quickly obeyed. She smiled and unbuttoned my skirt allowing it to fall down, exposing me. I blushed furiously as she slowly caressed my now over stimulated pussy. ‘How is my girl holding up?’ I was glancing around nervously as her fingers played with me ‘I am doing ok Mistress ‘. Even to my own ears my voice was quavering. She smiled and continued to play. ‘Take off your top dear’. ‘Miss? Please don’t’ She just smiled and continued her idle playing. Taking a deep breath, I took off my top and knelt there exposed to anyone who happened to come around the corner of the building. My excitement and desire to be controlled growing second by second. With her free hand, she reached into the bag and pulled out the underarmor top. ‘Put this on girl’ I hurried to obey so that I was at least partially covered from prying eyes. By this time, I was well and truly excited and I could not stop the moans that escaped my lips nor the pressing of my hips to Marsha’s hand nor the heat that exploded in me when she smiled at me. ‘Are you close slave?’ ‘Yes Mistress’ I groaned. To my immense frustration, she stopped caressing me and handed me the rest of the underarmor. I had to remove the heels and then shimmy the skin tight pants up my legs and then replace the heels. The cuffs made the fabric pull but I soon had them free. The sliding friction from the underarmor to underarmor contact was so very intense. I had to stop a few times to allow myself to calm down. When I was dressed, I knelt back up and Marsha began to caress and explore me. The suit was so tight; each ripple of my body was seen. Marsha was a master at teasing and she soon had me gasping and begging for release, my body a complete mass of spasms from trying not to climax. Instead of permission she calmly clipped the dog leash onto my collar and opened her door, tugging on the leash to make me climb over the consol and her seat before I could get out of the car. She waited for me grinning and tugged impatiently on the collar. ‘Hurry up girl; I do have so many things to do today’. I finally got out of the car and she tugged again on the leash and led me to the back door of one of the shops. It had a symbol on it that was unclear to me but she seemed to know it and opened the door and went inside. We were in the storage area of the shop and the boxes were neatly stacked along each wall. My body was still flushed from being dragged across the parking area. My embarrassment was at intensity where it actually made my sex ache from the fear/excitement. Marsha clipped and locked the leash onto a rack of supplies and went out into the store. I heard an exclamation of greeting then hushed voices. They talked for awhile, Marsha and the woman from the store. It seemed to take forever and I nervously glanced around. I knew some people wear this underarmor to exercise but the tightness made me feel exposed and vulnerable and yet the smooth feel of it kept me aroused. It was disturbing how excited I was to say the least. I tugged at the leash to see if I could release it . I tugged at the lock but it was fully engaged. A sharp slap on my ass let me know Marsha was back. She unlocked the leash and yanked on it , dragging my head down. ‘Going somewhere cunt?’ ‘No Mistress’ . Her hand flew so fast I could not see it but it connected on my cheek with a resounding crack. Tears sprang to my eyes in seconds and I was a blubbering mess. Marsha held me as sobs racked my body. It seemed all too much in such a short time. Marsha held me close as I cried and finally I was able to pull myself together. She handed me a tissue and pulled me to a bathroom. ‘Go freshen up’ she said and allowed me to go and clean up. I leaned on the sink and pulled myself together , washing my face with cold water and hoping my eyes would be less red. Looking in the mirror , I saw myself in the outfit and was amazed at how tight it was. I traced my left nipple and felt a thrill of desire explode between my legs. The intensity surprised me and I stopped tracing and leaned over again panting. A few deep breaths and I opened the door. Marsha was there , a concerned look on her face. ‘I am fine’ I said. She smiled and took the leash again and walked to the front of the store. I looked around and saw it was a tattoo and piercing store. My heart beat faster as Marsha tugged me to the only person there. She was short dark haired beauty with tattoos all over her. She had a pierced lip and nose . She also had pierced nipples which were clearly evident under the sleeveless tee shirt she wore. Tight leather pants accented her shape. Black hair , goth make –up and a sweet smile made her very attractive. ‘sabrina, I would like you to meet Andrea. Andrea, this is my new slut sabrina’. I blushed when Marsha used my new name but Andrea grinned and said she was pleased to meet me. ‘So this is the one who owned and fucked you Marsha?’ she impishly said with a smile. Marsha laughed and swatted at Andrea’s cute ass. ‘Yes, bitch and now she is mine. So let’s get started’.
‘ Does she know what is happening?’
’Not a clue’ . Andrea laughed and bowed mockingly to me. ‘This way sabrina’ and she pointed to another back room. I hesitated but that proved fruitless as they each grabbed an arm and e****ted me to the room. The room was a stark change from the rest of the store. Clean white walls, immaculate in every respect. There was two chairs in the room. One a work chair on wheels and the other a large padded chair like you would see in a beauty salon. They dragged me to the big chair and f***ed me into it. Before I knew it, they had clipped locks on to the arm cuffs I still wore and I was locked to the chair arms. Andrea left and came back with another chair which she set up next to my right side. Marsha sat down and told Andrea to go ahead. Andrea reached out and began to caress my legs . I pulled back but she just laughed, grabbed my left leg and chained it to the chair.
I turned to Marsha. ‘No Tats, Marsha, I am serious’. She laughed and kissed me. ‘ You will beg me for one soon, but not today’. As she spoke Andrea grabbed the bottom of the underarmor top and yanked it up. She pulled it up over my head so that my breasts were exposed. ‘Nice tits on this one Marsha. You sure I cannot put a little tat on each nipple?’
‘Don’t be a smart ass Andrea. Just what we agreed and no more’. ‘All of what we agreed?’ Andrea said quickly. Marsha turned to me and played with my right nipple. ‘Yes , all of it’. I did not know what they meant but Andrea had a hungry look on her face . She quickly moved down and tugged at the pants. I was not having that and I tried to fight her. The digging of Marsha’s fingernails into my nipple brought that to a quick stop. The pain was intense and I gasped in agony. Andrea pulled again on the pants and hissed ‘ Lift up your hips slave’. Groaning I lifted up and she yanked the pants down and off, pulling them free of my right leg and tossing it over my left. She stomped on a pedal and the chair dropped down so I was almost flat on my back. Andrea then began to feel along my thighs in a very business -like manner. ‘Seems she has already had electrolysis.’ Marsha smiles ‘I gave her a gift cert for it last Christmas. The only hair we need to deal with is that cute bikini patch’. ‘What do you mean deal with?’ I said .’Told ya she would bitch Marsha’. They both ignored my comment and I admit I became rather crude and vocal and struggled to get free. Andrea had forseen this and turned, grabbed something on the table behind her and spin back to straddle my hips. She tried to f***e a ball gag into my mouth but I clamped my mouth shut. Ignoring that, she pinched my nose closed and hissed’ I could give two fucks which way this goes. You open your mouth now or I don’t let you breath until you pass out and I put it in anyway. Your choice slave’ The tone of her voice made it clear that she meant it. I opened my mouth and the ball was rammed in and buckle around my head. I still tried to get free but Andrea just settled down on top of me and began to slap my face , holding my chin and then slapping my cheek hard. After a few slaps I stopped struggling. ‘One more move and we start again. Understood?’ I nodded and Andrea got off me. She pulled her chair over and sat on it. Her hands went under the table and pulled out another lock and my left leg was locked in place. She then became very serious. A few more adjustment s and then she clicked on something and the chair leg split and she pushed my legs apart. She hiked her chair in and continued to explore my legs and ass. ‘Not a hair on her. Whoever did it , did a good job.’ She then took a fine marker and used a ruler to mark out a 1 inch by two inch ‘landing strip’ on my skin. It dawned on me then what Marsha had in mind. She would have me only able to grow that patch of hair. In our area that was known as a slave mark. I looked over at Marsha and tried to plead with my eyes but she just smiled and reached out to caress my tuft of hair. ‘Good bye my ex-Mistress, you will always be marked a slave from now on’. She tugged lightly in my hair and then caressed me for a few minutes. Andrea watched her with a big grin on her face. When Marsha had me almost ready to climax, she stopped and Andrea started. I have no idea how long it took but she was meticulous in her work. I watched in horror as hair by hair I was given my slave mark. Eventually I lay back not daring to look and then finally she stopped. I looked down and felt the flush of embarrassment flood me as I saw my mark. It was a small patch of hair over my swollen sex. Andrea was now trimming it close to my skin and Marsha leaned in to feel it. ‘A lovely job Andrea, you have earned your reward.’ Andrea grinned and looked up at me. ‘I never had my way with a dome before’. I watched as she stood and began to get undressed. Her body was amazing. But I was distracted by Marsha leaning over me to caress my new mark and suckle on my breasts. Then I felt Andrea’s hands spread my labia and a slow probing lick. I moaned from their attention and Andrea began to explore my pussy with a virtuosity that was stunning. I knew I had been excited before I came in but she had me crying out in pleasure time and time again as they both used me any way they wanted. Tongues, fingers, lips , nipples and skin rubbed my swollen clit. My nipples and breasts also licked squeezed, pinched, kissed, tugged and fondled. My body shook in pleasure and the added excitement of not being able to move, to be held helpless and vulnerable to two very talented women. Time after time they brought me to a screaming edge only to retreat and only lightly caress my arms, legs, forehead, any place they wanted. Then Marsha stood and walked behind Andrea, whose naked body was still nestled between my legs. Andrea licked and kissed her way down me , moving slowly off me but keeping her sweet ass up to Marsha. I watched as Marsha stepped into a strapon harness and tightened it over her clothes. As Andrea spread my labia and began to lick me , Marsha spread lube on the strap and moved behind Andrea. Andrea sucked hard on my clit as Marsha entered her . What followed was so exciting I still get wet thinking of it. As Andrea again brought me to edge, Marsha began to fuck Andrea , her thrusts going faster and faster . I watched Andrea’s face as she used and played with me as she was fucked. As her pleasure built she pressed me harder, her fingers finding and entering me, thrusting in and out in a slick friction that soon had me on edge. A moan exploded from Andrea and her body shook as her climax hit her. Her tongue and fingers soon had me joining her in a massive orgasm that nearly killed me. I screamed in pleasure as my body shook and spasmed in pleasure. Andrea slowly brought me down as Marsha slowed her thrusting. Eventually, Andrea sat up, my juices glistening on her face. ‘Fuck that was intense’ she laughed. Marsha held her and they looked at me as I panted in the after glow of a climax. Andrea got up and padded over to a sink and washed up then came back to her stool. Meanwhile Marsha moved around me so she was leaning over my head, hands softly stroking me. ‘Soon sabrina, we are almost done here. Just the finishing touches’ . I nodded my head as she began to lightly caress my hair. Andrea was not idle and I soon felt her fingers exploring me again. ‘OK Marsha , all set’ she said as she tugged on my clit. ‘Do it Andrea’ . I felt a cold metal touch my clit and shift up and then there was a blinding pain. I screamed as Marsha soothed me whispering ’All done love’. She stroked my face and cooed soft comforting sounds. I felt a burning sensation and then a soothing gel. The pain faded a bit and Marsha lifted away and I could see down my body again. I looked and to my horror I saw that Andrea had pierced the hood of my clit and there was a small clit ring dangling on me. ‘No,no,no,no’ I gasped into the gag as I shook my head. Then Marsha leaned in and whispered into me ear. ‘Now my lovely cunt slave, you are forever marked as mine. As a slave to be used and fucked. Never will you domme again. You will be mine forever.’

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3 years ago
fuck that is hotter than hell
3 years ago
very good to bad you did not do it to her 1st