The car ride part 1

I hurried after her as she flipped open the passenger door on her car. Trying to get into the car without flashing myself to the world was rather interesting initially. I looked around quickly and trusted to luck and got in. Marsha had already started the car and was waiting for me as I tried to adjust the short skirt to cover myself. I snapped the seat belt on and I asked her where we were going. The look on her face as I finished was one of quiet satisfaction. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head to her where she kissed me hard then yanked my head away. ‘First girl, you call me Mistress. Next you ask to speak before expressing yourself and finally it is no concern of yours where we are going.’ She threw my head aside and then reached down and very deliberately turned up the hem of the skirt so that I was fully exposed. The sight of my lipsticked pussy reminded me of what was happening. I closed my eyes to compose myself so I did not see the hand that struck me across the face seconds after I closed my eyes. ‘I don’t think I heard your answer slut’, she hissed and I quickly blurted out ‘Yes Mistress Marsha’ . I watched as I said it and tried to prepare myself in case she was to hit me again. But instead of a slap she deliberately reached down and slowly caressed me, sliding her fingers along and into my wetness. A gasp escaped my lips as I was entered. ‘Open your legs wider’ she said. ‘Yes Mistress’ and I opened my legs as wide as the confined bucket seat would allow. She played with me for a few minutes and I could feel myself getting more and more excited. She laughed and said ‘Are you my horny girl?’ I nodded and she laughed again and said, ‘say it.’ ‘Yes Mistress, I am your horny girl.’ As soon as I finished she withdrew her fingers and taking them to her lips she licked then. ‘Good girl’. She then pulled away and started driving. Neither of us said a word as she drove . She quickly left the neighborhood and got onto a local interstate. I was still a bit embarrassed as we drove but was settling down when an I was startled by the sound of a truck horn. We both looked around and saw a trucker pulling up beside us with a big grin on his face. I blushed immediately and Marsha began to laugh. ‘Finger yourself girl, give him a show.’ ‘Please no’ I moaned , Without missing a beat she snapped, ‘take that skirt off now cunt and caress.’ Heart racing , I hiked my hips up and pulled the short skirt off. Marsha put her hand out and I placed it in her hand. She tucked it between herself and the door and said’One more refusal and I toss it out the window. Now caress!’ I obediently began to caress myself, my body torn between embarrassment, the heat caused by Marsha’s demands and the play of my fingers over myself. Two longer blasts on the horn made me look back at the truck again . The driver was laughing and gave me a ‘thumbs up’. For the next ten minutes, Marsha keep our car in a spot that was easily visible from the truck cab. I moaned as my hands drove me to the edge of climax. I asked for release once and Marsha just laughed and I continued to caress. Eventually, with another blast of the truck horn, the trucker pulled off onto his exit. ‘You may stop slut’ . ‘Thank you…Mistress’ I gasped and sat there trying to calm. After awhile I became aware that I had no idea where we were. I looked at the clock on the dash board and to my surprise, an hour had passed. Finally, Marsh put on her blinker and started to pull off the interstate. She tossed me the skirt and told me to put it on. I quickly pulled it on, not caring that it was so short. A hand motion from Marsha and I lifted the front of it again. She pulled into a parking lot and pulled up in front of a pet store. I had a sinking feeling what would be happening next . ‘Get out girl, we are going shopping’
I obediently got out of the car and followed Marsha into the store. My ‘whore’ outfit, with nipples very evident (I had still not calmed down), fuck me heels not to mention the cuffs and collar , drew a few stares. That was nothing compared to the humiliation of standing in the dog aisle as Marsha tried leash after leash onto the collar. She had me stand with legs apart and hands behind my back . When she felt she could, she reached under the skirt and caressed me. To put it mildly , I was soaked. She finally selected a fine chair leash and leaned into me. ‘I am soooo wet doing this. I enjoy it so much , and I can tell you do too’ . With that she sc****d her fingernail on my clit and a very loud groan escaped my lips. The look of glee on Marsha’s face damn near made me climax. She walked off and we paid for the leash and got back into the car. She started it again and to my horror, we did not head for home but continued on. Within a mile we had pulled into a sporting good’s store parking lot. The name of the store could also be used as a nickname for a man’s penis and Marsha laughed at the irony. Again we got out and I was relieved that she did not clip on the leash. We wandered in and went to the men’s wear section. I could feel the eyes of many teen age boys glued to me and I blushed from embarrassment. We went to the underarmor section and Marsha selected a set of men’s long sleeve shirt and long pants. She handed them to me and headed for the changing room. I noticed that she had gotten a size that was two sizes too small for me and I mentioned it to her. By then we had reached the changing room and she waved me to one and followed me into it.’It is too small’. She smiled. ‘Put them on’ She snapped her finger and I quickly took off my top. I struggled to get the underarmor over my head . It stretched and eventually I was able to work it down over me. It was like wearing a pair of too tight stockings and I fidgeted to adjust the top. Finally satisfied I looked at her. She calmly ran a finger around my left nipple. I was amazed at the sensation that shot through me. It was if all my nerves were set afire in pleasure. I moaned and she sc****d her fingernail lightly on my nipple. It was amazing , a sensual caress would not have been more electrifying. ‘Look at yourself slave’ . I did look down and saweach ripple in my body highlighted by the second skin I was wearing. It held me and formed to me and it felt so wonderful. ‘And now the pants’ I hurried out of the skirt and struggled again to get it on. But when it was on, I was like a slightly tight embrace enfolded my body. Marsha lightly ran a finger over my outlined wetness and I had to hold on from the intense pleasure that simple touch caused. “they don’t call it the new latex for nothing slut. And even better, it whisks away your sweat and you can wear it for hours.’ I shuddered at that thought. She explored and adjusted the outfit on me until I thought I would go insane. Then she stopped and said ‘Change back’
I had a hard time peeling it off but finally got it off. I quickly pulled my skirt and blouse on and Marsha opened the door. We bought 4 outfits, two in black, one in green and one in blue. Marsha commented that she wanted pink but it was a men’s sport shop so she doubted they would carry it. We went and paid and got back in the car. I sighed hinking of the day so far and was looking forward to going home but Marsha had other ideas for me.
‘Did you think I was done with you girl? That was all a lead up to our next stop’. I could feel the color drain from my face as she turned away from our place and continued down the road.

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3 years ago
a good start
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very hot story would love to read more