sabrina - day one

I awoke slowly and flinched as I reached for my neck, expecting to find the collar. It was not there and I opened my eyes to see my room. Naked on the bed, I at first thought I had a very vivid dream but then as my mind cleared, I vaguely remembered Marsha unlocking me and helping me down the hall to my room. It had hurt even to walk, my muscles were screaming in response to the constant strain they had been under for however long she had me tied. I remember sitting on my bed as Marsha got me something for the pain and thinking how I would make her pay for each ache. With that thought in mind and the pill safely ingested, I settled down and had fallen into an exhausted sl**p. I smiled inwardly figuring Marsha had her fun and it was back to life as normal. A thought further confirmed by the carafe of coffee, mug and a sealed envelope that lay on my bedside table.
I sat up and poured myself some coffee and picked up the envelope. Turning the envelope over, I took my first sip. I sputtered and set the cup down, my heart racing for there on the envelope, in Marsha’s well schooled handwriting, was the single word ‘sabrina’.
With trembling fingers I opened the envelope. There was a note and a bright red lipstick in the envelope. I unfolded the note and read:
‘Dearest sabrina,
Good morning girl. I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did. To see you squirm like a little cunt slut made me very wet and I fucked myself silly with your rabbit after the sl**ping pill I gave you took effect. Please do not mistake my allowing you to sl**p in a bed last night as a sign of weakness. Everything I do has been carefully planned and you really do not have a choice in the matter. You are my property now and forever. Take a few minutes to get used to the idea and then dress with the items I left on your bureau. When you are appropriately attired, use the lipstick to highlight you cunt lips for me. Do not dawdle because we have a busy two weeks ahead of us.
Kisses my slave,
Mistress Marsha’

My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding by the time I finished reading her note. I was also becoming very wet thinking of it. I took a deep calming breath and decided to end this game of hers. I showered and as I was toweling off I went to see what Marsha had left for me. The most obvious were the 6 inch ‘fuck me ‘heels. They were stunningly beautiful and I would have enjoyed her gift of them to me if it was not for the other items. A leather collar and four cuffs lay there waiting for me. Now I appreciate good craftsmanship but these restraints were exceptional. They were crafted of leather and steel. The leather was a rich dark color and were as soft as butter. The metal clasps and attachments were pristine and scrolled with celtic scrollwork. The collar was of the same craftsmanship but additionally had a blank space at the front for a name to the engraved. Clearly, these were an expensive set of restraints. There was a distinct inward tug as I thought of them on me but reality set in and I smiled and thought ‘no fucking way’. I pulled open my top drawer to get some underwear. The drawer was empty. In a growing panic, I saw that all the drawers were empty. I hurried to my closet and it too was empty, not even a speck of clothing in the hamper. My mind raced back to last night and remembered that the tee shirt and shorts had been laid out on my bed. I had thought nothing of it at the time but now it took on a more sinister bent. Could she have taken all my clothes while I was sl**ping or had she cleaned my room out prior to me coming home? The second caused me to pause and think of her comment about the coming two weeks. I went to the door of my room and opened it. I listened to see if Marsha was around. But the house was quiet and I quickly went to the spare room to see if my clothes were there from the night before. Not only were they not there but the room was cleaned and the table was not there. It was as if the events had never taken place. I then hurried to Marsha’s room only to find a dead bolt on the door. I tried the door anyway but it was locked. I heard movement downstairs and I hurried back to my room not wanting to be seen padding around the house naked. I sat on my bed and thought about how to get out of this situation. No answers seemed to be forthcoming after 10 minutes and I was puzzled what to do. At that moment, my cell phone rang and I answered it quickly.
‘hello?’ I said in a soft voice. “Hello slave ‘ said Marsha . ‘I heard you in the shower before and I gave you some time to get ready and join me. No more time. Get dressed and get down here. NOW!’ and the phone clicked in my ear. She did not sound like someone I wanted to annoy, especially in my current condition. So I hurried over and got the items and sat on the bed. Taking an ankle cuff, I pulled my leg up onto the bed and opened the cuff. I stared at it and my ankle for a few minutes then put it on. The leather was silky smooth and I enjoyed its touch as I buckled it. Feeling a bit of wetness growing I hiked up the bed so that I was leaning against the head board where I had so often chained Marsha. I pulled my other leg up and quickly fastened the cuff to it. A deep breath and then the left wrist was cuffed, although it was awkward for me to do it. It was then I realized how exactly the cuffs fitted me. The latches were perfectly placed and I wondered how Marsha had gotten such an exact measurement. By the time I was putting the collar on my wetness would have been evident to anyone in the room. I could smell my excitement and I stopped k**ding myself and admitted that being Marsha’s slave was very exciting. That idea drew a shudder form me as I attached the collar. Then standing , I took the heels and looked them over. I am a short person so I am used to wearing high spike heels but these were even high for my standards. They fit perfectly and I took a few tentative steps. My eye caught myself in my full length mirror as I took my first steps. I had to admit, I looked hot and it was also true that anyone looking at me would see that I was very, very aroused. My bikini trimmed pubic hair was definitely showing signs of wetness and my nipples were almost painfully swollen. My hand sought myself and I watched almost as a spectator as I caressed myself. The pleasure was intense and I spent a few minutes just enjoying myself. Knowing there was one more task to do, I went and picked up the lipstick. I went into the bathroom and stood close to the mirror as I began to outline my nether lips with it. The cool smearing of it over my inflamed self was unreal. Finished, I stood hands on hips and looked at myself silently. I noted all the signs of a woman in lust. No way could I deny how erotic and sexy I looked. I posed a few times and blushed furiously when I realized what I was doing. My thoughts were broken by my phone ringing again. I hurried over as fast as the heels allowed me go and answered the phone. I did not get to say hi before I heard ‘what part of ‘now’ was confusing? Kitchen , now’. And again the phone was hung up. I felt the bl**d run from my face as I hung up and started for the door. Or hobbled, since the heels were so very much higher then I was used to. I got to the stair case and started carefully down the steps. The front door but not the screen door was open and I had to pass in front of it to get to the kitchen. Taking a calming breath and a sending off a hope no one was there, I walked past the open door and down the hall to the kitchen. The grin that broke across Marsha’s face when she saw me was quickly stifled and she frowned at me. But the look had already registered in my mind. Lust, joy, excitement were all etched on her face and my body responded immediately with my nipples tingling and not to mention the turmoil between my rouged legs. She was dressed in skin tight leather slacks, a snug but not overly tight leather blouse and heels. Her hair was done up to perfection as was her make –up. I was once again reminded what a wonderfully erotic woman she was. As I neared her, she pointed to the floor in front of her. I hesitated and a quick back hand across my face was my reward. Tears sprang to my eyes as I quickly knelt in front of her. She grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. ‘Who owns you cunt?’ she hissed. I hesitated again and another slap hit me across the face. “Answer me or do you want another session with the table?’ My heart raced at the thought but I instead whispered ‘You do’. Another slap ‘Who?’ I shook my head from the f***e of the blow and said ‘You do Mistress Marsha’. She smiled and released my hair. ‘Do you know how wet it makes me hearing you say that?’ she purred. Then she laughed. ‘Of course you don’t cunt, because I have not allowed you to touch me yet’. She smiled and walked around me and I could feel her eyes on me. ‘Such a pretty ass and pussy you offer me cunt, are you wet?’ ‘Yes Mistress’
’Show me’
I placed my finger along myself and after wetting it I showed her my wet finger. ‘No, you silly cunt…SHOW me.’ And she made a gesture that left no guessing as to what she wanted. I knelt back and reached down and spread my lips for her. I think I moaned from my excitement but I cannot be sure. She walked around me again and then stopped in front of me, placing the tip of her shoe against my spread lips. ‘Who owns this?’ she asked. ‘You do Mistress’ She pressed her foot against me harder. This time I know I moaned. She laughed and then said. “Show me your hands’. I let go of myself and held my arms out to her. She took each arm in turn and placed a padlock on each cuff, each click echoed into my soul. She let them go and she said ‘Legs’ and held out her hand. I was not sure how to do that from a kneeling pose so I sat back and lifted my leg to her. ‘Good girl, I like how you think’ She repeated the locking of the cuffs although each foot received its own kiss. I expected her to lock the collar but instead she placed an unused lock into my hand with its key. ‘You will know when it is right to use that’ she said.
Then she became very business like. ‘We have much to do and we are late cunt because you dawdled. That you will atone for’. She reached over to the table and grabbed something and threw it at me. It was a jean skirt and a white oxford blouse. ‘Wear these cunt’ and she sat down and resumed sipping her coffee. I stood up to put the skirt on and found out how very, very short it was. The waist lung low on my hips and the hem barely reached a quarter of the way down my thighs. I was about to comment but as I began to turn , she snapped ‘Hurry girl and get that blouse on.’ I quickly snatched up the blouse and put it on. “Nice view of you cunt ‘ she giggled and I stood up. I pulled the blouse on only to find it was far too small for me. I turned then and she nodded and I buttoned the blouse. She stood and looked me over. ‘you look good as a slut. Come, we are going shopping’. And with that she went out the side door. I followed her out and as I left the house I had a deep and exciting feeling that permeated my body. I figured we would have a day that neither of us would forget.

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3 years ago
good continuation
3 years ago
love ur sabrina story so far best keep it coming mistress