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For those who have commented, here is a brief preview of the story:
I awoke slowly and flinched as I reached for my neck, expecting to find the collar. It was not there and I opened my eyes to see my room. I at first thought I had a very vivid dream but then as my mind cleared, I vaguely remembered Marsha unlocking me and helping me down the hall to my room. It had hurt even to walk, my muscles were screaming in response to the constant strain they had been under for however long she had me tied. I remember sitting on my bed as Marsha got me something for the pain and thinking how I would make her pay for each ache. With that thought in mind and the pill safely ingested, I settled down and fell into an exhausted sl**p. I smiled inwardly figuring Marsha had her fun and it was back to life as normal. A thought further confirmed by the carafe of coffee, mug and a sealed envelope that lay on my bedside table.
I sat up and poured myself some coffee and picked up the envelope. Turn the envelope over, I took my first sip. I sputtered and set the cup down, my heart racing for there on the envelope, in Marsha’s well schooled handwriting, was the single word ‘sabrina’.

Posted by MelyssaMenna 3 years ago
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3 years ago
she has switched places with you, but will she let you go back to being the dom as she was at 1st meeting