The first Day

My name is Sabrina . It was not always so but it is a long story to tell. It started out one day as I hurried home from work . It was a Friday , and I was looking forward to a two week vacation. I was also looking forward to the entire time being alone with my slave Marsha. She had convinced me that we needed some ‘us’ time and we decided to disconnect from the outside world and just be together at home . My ‘little cunt’ was a wonderful slave and I looked forward to our time together .As I drove home, I had visions of her full breasts, wonderfully formed body and the cute ‘slave mark’ that nestled above her sex. That little tuft of hair was all that remained of the domme that I had collared and I had her keep the one inch by two inch patch to remind her of her status every day. Those thoughts led me to touch myself in anticipation of seeing her naked, cuffed , collared and kneeling by the door on my return. I shook myself out of those pleasant but distracting thoughts of her figuring it was better to see and touch the real woman rather then think of her and end up in an accident. The commute thankfully was not too bad and I was soon pulling into the driveway. I went in the front door and was pleased to see her kneeling as I had imagined her.
‘Hello cunt’ I said and placed my right leg forward.
She shuffled forward so that she was pressing her wetness against my leg . I smiled as I felt how wet she was. She pressed hard to my leg and kissed my thigh as I caressed her hair. “A bit excited today cunt?” She moaned and said ‘Yes Mistress’. A vision of this willing slave doing my bidding for two uninterrupted weeks causes a slight moistening between my legs and I could not wait to get out of my work clothes and into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, not too domme looking but nectar to a body that had been encased in a business suit for the last 10 hours at work. “I am so looking forward to this vacation” I said and she shuddered and moved tighter on my leg. ‘Yes Mistress’ she moaned ‘I am looking forward to it also’. I nodded and then told her to prepare dinner while I changed. She grinned and scampered down the hall to the kitchen. I took a few moments to savor the sight of her nude form , then turned to go to my room. After undressing , I took a few minutes to critique my body in my mirror. I saw a petite woman in her mid thirties, still fit from her years of working out (need to start again, I mused), flat stomach, well formed legs, a cute ass and nice tits. ‘Not too shabby’ I said to myself and pulled the shorts on and started downstairs to the kitchen pulling on the tee shirt.
Marsha is an excellent cook and the meal she set out was simple but wonderful. A pasta and salad dish with a sprinkling of chesses and sauce. The sauce was not her usual standard but she grinned so widely when I ate its tart flavor, I decided to eat all of it. I got up from the table and walked to the TV room to put my feet up. I had taken my wine with me and I settled into my favorite overstuffed chair and sighed a contented sigh, thinking how lucky I was to have such an attentive slave. I could hear her cleaning up the dishes . After awhile, I heard her approach the door. I turned to her and saw she was kneeling with her hands to her mouth. That was our sign she wanted to speak. ‘Yes, my lovely cunt? What is it?’
‘If Mistress would follow me , I have made up a surprise to celebrate Mistress’ vacation’
I smiled and said, ‘show me this surprise, you know how I love them so!’ she grinned and quickly led up to the second floor. It had two baths and three bedrooms, a small one for marsha, a medium sized ‘play room’ and a master bedroom suite for me. She indicated the ‘play room’ and I opened the door. I was greeted by a candle lit room with an adjustable massage table and scented oils all set. The candles were scented and added a wonderful smell to the room. I turned to Marsha and kissed her nose. ‘I love it! Now help me get ready’. With trembling hands she pulled the tee shirt off me and folded it. Then she knelt in front of me , unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts , then hooked her fingers into the waist of the shorts. She looked up at me and I nodded permission and she slid them down me . I stepped out of them and was met by a kiss on my now naked sex.
I usually would not have allowed that but I was in an expansive mood and allowed it. I got up on the table and Marsha rubbed my favorite oil in her hands , warming it up. The sensual feel of her oiled fingers was wonderful and she soon had me grunting in pleasure as she kneaded the tension from my body. I usually nap during a soft massage but I seemed more groggy then usual but passed it off on my long week at work. After working on my arms and legs, she got up onto the table and straddled my thighs. She began to work on my lower back and shoulders and as she pushed forward, her wetness came in contact with my ass. I was amazed at how wet she was and grinned thinking that she was more excited then she had been in a long while. I commented on it and I could feel the shudder run through her as she said ‘Yes Mistress Melyssa’. It was a very content Mistress who was drifting on the edge between sl**p and wakefulness and I feel myself drifting slowly off as she caressed and kneaded.
The next thing I recall was an annoying but pleasurable vibration on my clit. Sighing, I mumbled for her to stop but the vibration continued. Now, a bit more annoyed , I tried to swat at her. It was then I realized I could not move my arm to do so. My eyes flew open and I became immediately aware of why. It seems that Marsha had taken advantage of my nap and had chained and cuffed me to the table. Not only that but she had open and adjusted my arms and legs so that I was almost spread eagled on the table with my ass raised up in the air. It was one of the tables where the legs part opens and she had also adjusted that part.
‘What the hell do you think you are doing slave, release me at once!’ I snapped .
Not a sound answered my command except the buzzing sound of the vibrator pressed against my clit. I groaned inwardly feeling the intense pleasure caused by it and tried to pull myself away from it. To my horror, the vibration followed me.
I expected any number of responses from her but what I got sent chills down my body. She laughed softly for a few seconds and then nothing. Seeing I was getting no response, I began to struggle to get free. In the course of trying, the vibrator dislodged and the constant vibration ceased. A few seconds of relief ended when Marsha finally responded. A very hard slap was administered to my ass and the vibe was roughly put back in place. ‘Fucking bitch!’ I screamed in frustration from the bindings and the renewed assault on my clit. I went back to trying to pull free but after about ten minutes, I was losing focus on freeing myself and paying more and more attention to the delicious vibration going through me. The anger and frustration to get free was slowly being replaced by a mind consuming excitement. My struggles grew weaker and weaker as more and more of my attention was focused on the buzzing pleasure pulsing through me. My struggle stopping being one of freeing myself into one of denying Marsha the pleasure of seeing me climax. As minute after minute passed, I could feel my will to resist slowly and inexorably crumble. The inevitable happened and I could almost feel the snapping of my will as a physical response. When that happened, my body took over in a frenzy of pleasure. My body pulsed in bliss and lust, I was dimly aware of the click and flash of a camera going off somewhere in the room but I was too far gone to care. My hips began to rotate to the vibrator as I positioned myself to extend the glorious climax I was experiencing. When the vibe finally fell away, I was gasping for air as after shocks ripped through me. She placed a single finger at the base of my spine and pressed down forcing my body to the table and an intense shudder shook my body. Still panting, I said ‘ok Marsha, you had your fun, now release me’. She never said a word but she began to spank me hard. The pain on top of the pleasure was disconcerting and a bit disorienting but delicious in its own way. ‘What do you want?’ I moaned. As if she had been waiting for me to speak, the spanking stopped and the vibrator was shoved back in place. Before I got over the switch from pain to pleasure she had turned out the lights and had left the room, the door slamming behind her. It took a few minutes for it to sink in that she had left me but the anger that was generated by that fact was swept away when my still sensitive clit reminded me that the vibe had not left. I was half way to my next climax when the lights flared and Marsha came into the room. Before my eyes adjusted to the light, she has tied a blindfold over my eyes. ‘Let me go!’ I tried one more time, realizing it was far too late for that but still trying it. She laughed a delighted laugh and leaned across the table, lying across the small of my back. The speed and the power behind the rapid spanks had me screaming in pain and desperate to break free. I thrashed around but could not escape her. Finally, I stopped struggling and lay helpless under the spanks. After a few, Marsha stopped and whispered’ good girl’ and then pressed the vibrator hard onto my swollen and over stimulated clit. An involuntary ‘oh my god!’ escaped my lips as an overwhelming burst of pleasure stormed through my body. In an almost detached way I could feel my hips begin to rock to the vibrator. ‘You are such a needy fuck toy aren’t you?’ Marsha whispered. I could almost hear the smiles in her voice as she said it. I regained control of my hips and hissed a sharp ‘fuck you’ back to her. She pulled the vibe away and the lack of its presence against me brought a slight moan to my lips. One sharp slap followed by a hissed ‘Answer me cunt’ was all she said and I repeated my earlier comment of ‘fuck you’. Her answer was swift and direct. She rammed the vibrator deep into me and thrust it in and out of me. She knew me too well and she soon had me on the brink of climax. I could almost feel my control leave me when she yanked the vibe out of me.
‘Bitch!’ I screamed and collapsed panting on the table. She was quiet until my breathing calmed. She simply said ‘Up!’ After a few seconds she began to spank me like a metronome. Confused at first, her hand drew an amazing amount of pain from me as I desperately tried to figure out what would make her stop. Finally, I rose up onto my knees so that my ass was again open to her use. The spanking stopped and the vibe was again placed along my wetness but not close enough to open my lips. She held it there until my body began to shake from my approaching climax at which time she removed it. Again, I collapsed onto the table muttering curses in frustration. She did this three times and then asked me again if I was a needy fuck toy. Being the hard headed woman I am I commented that she was when I was fucking her. The spanking that ensued crushed me to the table and even the slightest touch was unbearable agony, or at least I thought so until the vibe was pressed hard to me. My screams echoed in the room as Marsha alternately pushed me to the edge of climax and then denied me release. Each time ending with me splayed on the table until the harshly snapped command ‘UP!” was spoken in conjunction with a the slapping. Over and over Marsha did this to me until I lost count of the times my relief was denied. My body shuddered and was covered in sweat, my muscles screamed in exhaustion as she pushed me further and further until the pain and pleasure merged into a sea of sensation that was mind numbing in its intensity. I have no idea how long this endured but I eventually became aware again when I heard Marsha say ‘good girl’ as she removed the blindfold. My body responded with a hunger for her praise that was so overpowering that even after she pulled the vibe away, I remained up and I pushed myself to her, offering and nonverbally begging. She used a single finger and touched my inflamed clit. I f***ed my body to lift myself as high as I could, spreading myself to her touch. ‘Your needy fuck toy begs for your touch Marsha’. I could hardly believe I was saying those words but even more surprise was the overwhelming desire unleashed in me after I spoke the words. “What did you say little one?’ she asked as her finger traced around my clit. I licked my lips and said ’Your needy fuck toy begs for your touch…Mistress’. The validity of the words struck me like a hammer blow but that was nothing compared to the feel of Marsha’s lips as she kissed my soaked pussy once and then slid the vibe deep into me. In what seemed like seconds, my body quivered on the edge of climax . I steeled myself for the expected denial. Then Marsha said. ‘does my slave wish to cumm for her owner?’ . Shuddering I whispered back ‘Yes Mistress, may i?’ A slight laugh was my answer and the vibe was played on me like a virtuoso. My body shuddered and shook as first she pushed me to the edge , drew back and then again pushed me close. In a detached way I could feel myself push back onto the vibe as I impaled myself on it, desperate to climax before it could be withdrawn . Finally , I was there…and I glanced at Marsha to see her smile cross her face and she gave me a slight nod. The word climax does not hold a candle to what happened then. Watching Mistress’s face, i was transported to a place where this body seemed created from pleasure, the vibe shaking the girl’s reality as the orgasm crashed over the slave time and time again…. fixated on Marsha’s face, her half smile, her wide and bright eyes as the tsunami of pleasure ripped her property apart. Then like a crashing meteorite , the slave’s body gave out and collapsed spent on the table. Small shudders of pleasure shot through her and Mistress moved to the head of the table. She leaned down and caressed her girl’s cheek. ‘I think I shall call you Sabrina’ Mistress whispered. The new slave turned her head and licked the Mistress’s hand in gratitude . The Mistress smiled and caressed her property until her slave fell into a deep exhausted sl**p.

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very hot & sexy
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Very nice