Airplane Handjob

I had a long day traveling for work and was flying home from Charlotte. I was beat and pretty miserable, especially when I found out my seat was in the last row of the plane. As I approach my seat, I see a women sitting in the middle seat. I told her I had the window and she immediately started giving me a hard time about taking her window seat. She was cute, in shape and about 37-40 years old. She said she was traveling all week and was finally on her way home. She started talking my ear off and seemed like a little firecracker. She was very outgoing and kept finding little ways to touch me. She said she changed into comfy clothes and put on her glasses for the flight and was wearing yoga pants with a tight, revealing t-shirt. She kept leaning over me and pushing her tits into me. I started wondering if she was just friendly or was blatantly giving me an invitation. Then she made a couple of comments how quiet the flight was and how we were hidden away in the back corner of the plane. I began to flirt back and started staring at her tits and made sure she saw me checking her out. She kept rubbing her leg on me and re-adjusting her tits. I began to start thinking about her sucking my cock and doing all types of nasty things to her. I then started getting hard. The guy sitting next to her was reading and didn't seem to notice us at all. We started to descend so we couldn't get out of our seats. She leaned over and blatantly rubbed her tits into my arm. I moved my arm to feel her tits and made sure she noticed I knew what she was doing. She gave me a look and I knew it was on. I took my hand and started rubbing her leg. She moaned and I moved my hand down to her pussy. She grabbed her sweatshirt that she took off earlier and put it over her lap. I finally made it to her pussy and she had to cover her mouth. She was so wet once I made it down there. I rubbed her pussy nice and slow and she was trying not to make it obvious. I could tell she was close to cumming. My cock was now rock hard. The flight attendant came over and told us to put up our trays. I thought this would kill any chance of continuing since the tray could no longer block anyone's view of me fingering her pussy over her yoga pants. Obviously, I was wrong and she was too turned on to just stop. She then turned her body so her back was to the guy next to her and reached for my cock. My cock was throbbing at this point and she smiled once she felt it. She whispered "big cock" in my ear and started jerking me off. She was moaning and I could tell she was so turned on about being a naughty little slut jerking off a stranger on a full plane. She then started to jerk faster and didn't even care if anyone saw. Her tits were basically in my face and I yanked her shirt down quickly to get a full view of her big tits. It was so hot, but the flight attendants kept interrupting us as we were about to land. I was still hard and needed to cum. As we landed we walked off the plane together and realized we parked in the same garage. Once we got in the elevator I groped her big tits and told her I was ready to finish and give her a big load that I knew she wanted. She said she's been wanting it since I walked onto the plane. I called her a bad girl and she said that she was a closet whore and was so wet from being so naughty. As soon as we got to her car, the garage was fairly empty and there wasn't anyone else around as it was late. I told her to get on her knees and I whipped out my cock. She smiled and said "finally!". I fucked her mouth hard and called her a dirty little slut. She begged for my cum and whipped out her tits. As I was about to cum I took my cock and sprayed my huge load all over her face and glasses. She loved it. I said thank you, and enjoy your hour and a half ride home. She thanked me and said she was going to lick my cum all the way home and then fuck herself so hard with her dildo thinking of my big cock. Best part is, I never even got her name.
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8 months ago
Glad u had fun.
8 months ago
Awesome story bro!
8 months ago
Love it. What a whore