without limits part 2

during the evening the four friends were in the pool, swimming or tanning, Yvonne looked very sexy with her pink bathing suit, too short, his body wet and her nipples outstanding success to the rest of his friends.
Rolando in while preparing some drinks for the company observing the scene, Ivonne approaches, gives the drink and passes his hand through the vagina, and then leaves, glass sinks in the water inside, and rubbed her breasts stroking the ass, but the magnate sack to f***e the water, the arrangement back in a chair, lowers her underwear and put his tong in her vulva. Rolando who was enraged that scene was spilled his semen masturbating and warm in the drink of Ivonne who drank slowly, made some swish and swallow slowly Rolando watching in a sexy and provocative way
While Crystal has an explosive orgasm even more successful tycoon leaving his lips moist flow,Yvonne approaches and gives a passionate tongue kiss, stuck his tongue Ivonne as much as she could and she press Crystal hard bust but non-exhaustive Rolando his ejaculation approached Ivonne and without taking his pants clit licked by the woman with madness and provoke spasms voluptuous lips and a stretch delicious. The tycoon is coming up and puts his thick cock in the ass delicate crystal, was painful but then she enjoy it, his penis in and out of that delicious hole and the more pressure to Crystal pleasure, faster and penetrated hard tycoon and without leaving the lips of Ivonne, she just moaned between kisses, he was the breath, her body tenses up and gestures of pleasure enraged Ivonne. Mean while Rolando stopped sucking his wife's vagina and masturbate in both voluptuous regions to see the show.
settled once again, the mogul into the vagina Ivonne while he sucked her breasts Crystal once again tratandon to get milk, Rolando and the tycoon enters and licks his face getting his sperm come into her anus while the tycoon ran into Yvonne. the two girls also felt a tasty orgasm.
soon after, the four eat onion soup, lobster with vegetables and ice cream cake ribs for dessert, but more curious is that none uttered a word until after the six where the sun sets at dawn.
prepare for the big show of the night, all dressed in latex, women wear a close fitting dress, her breasts were tight, stockings covering her legs, wore gloves and boots as latex heel. Crystal put on a gas mask and Yvonne a mask and a cap nurse, head to the courtyard with the pool, they light a brazier enough to illuminate the whole yard, place a small table with erotic instruments, the pool is turned with the background lights, is decorated with rose petals and expect to their slaves without leaving the yard.
The tycoon and Rolando wear masks fabric strung across from each other and expect the night ...
Night comes, the huge moon peeked out from the clouds and the stars shone steadily as Christmas lights, the men meet with women
- Ah, 'said Crystal, these bastards finally arrived
-Sorry ma'am, he said Rolando
-The words will not help you now filthy fucking bastard said Ivonne
-We are humble slaves -said the tycoon-do as we ordered
-If so, says Crystal, kneel down and come to me
he does so, and gets twenty lashes on the ass
Yes, even you Rolando -Ivonne screams giving other hits
two men f***ed to lick both clitoris,both Roland the tycoon,massages the breasts to be squeezed, Ivonne milk while cross in latex suit. After the tycoon and Rolando are tied to a pole
and are the insatiable women masturbated, and then beaten with a wooden stick causing the two subjects are lit in the midst of the fury of the blows.
when released Ivonne Rolando suck penis and masturbate with her hands while Crystal and the tycoon put his fingers into the vagina and anus tasting her luscious juices. Moments before the two men ejaculated intrrupe Ivonne's a couple of slaps, Ivonne them empty a bucket of water
and continue with the show.
The tycoon is bound head, Rolando sucks his dick while Ivonne pervasive with a dildo while Crystal does the same with Yvonne.
To conclude, the tycoon and sodomizing Crystal Rolando and Yvonne in the pool and at the time of ejaculation all sink in and kiss each other.
They all go to sl**p at night planning new adventures

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