My First Sex Encounter : Part 4

I got ready and left for my college. I entered my class and saw that the black guy was sitting with his friends. He had not reserved seat for me. I felt relieved and sat with my friend. The black guy did not talk to me. After the college got over he came to me and told me to come to his place in the evening. I asked him about the proposal he was talking about that morning. He said nothing and went away.
I went back to my hostel and attended my evening classes. Then I went to the black guy's place. He opened up the door and welcomed me in. I sat on his couch. He sat beside me. I asked him about the proposal. He told me to wait. I said ok. He got up, went to his room and took his camera out. I thought that he would fuck me again and record me getting fucked by him.
He smiled and told me not to worry. He showed me the camera and told me that he has deleted everything he recorded. I could not believe my ears. I thought as if I was seeing a dream. He said the same thing again. I asked him the reason behind it. He held my hand and brought his face close to my face. I could feel his warm breath. I moved back a little. He told me that he had fallen in love with me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was shocked to hear that.
He could have continued to have sex with me anytime he wanted and could have done anything to satisfy his sexual hunger and could have been in a relationship with some other girl at the same time without letting her know about me. But instead he fell in love with me. I remained silent and thought to leave. All of a sudden he held my face and put his lips on my lips and started kissing me. He was looking in my eyes. I was not able to stop me from getting kissed by him. I got in love with him too and started kissing him back. He had kissed me many times before but this kiss seemed to be a different one. He started playing with my boobs and I started rubbing his cock. He took my clothes off and i took his clothes off.
He took me to his bed room. He got laid on the bed on his back with his cock staring at me. I sat in front of him and started kissing his legs and slowly moved upwards. Then I reached his cock and licked its tip. Then I reached his chest and kissed on his neck. I started moving my body up and down and rubbed my boobs with his broad chest. His cock was scratching my pussy. He became he so much aroused that he turned me down and got on me and put all his big black cock in my pussy. I made loud sounds and screamed out of joy. This was the first time that I was enjoying in real getting fucked by the black guy.
He was fucking me with passion. He came in my pussy.
I jumped out of the bed and took out my pills. He asked me what I was doing. I told him that I did not want to become pregnant by him. He kissed me and asked me to marry him after our studies get completed. I moved my arms around his neck and kissed him. i was feeling very happy at that time.
He took his hand out and started fingering my pussy. My whole body started shaking as his strong and massive fingers started fucking my pussy. I came all over his hand. He licked my hand and said that it tasted really good. He fucked me for 2 hours. He came in my mouth and filled my stomach with his thick and warm cum.
I came many times and I got all exhausted. He helped me to get up and wear my clothes.
He kept my panties with him. I asked him the reason. He told me that he would like to smell my panties and cum on them during the night time when he was alone. I put my clothes on and bent down to his cock and smelled it. It smelled really good and turned me on again. But I needed to leave for my hostel.
I reached my hostel and rushed to my bathroom and took my jeans off.
I fingered my pussy thinking of being fucked by him again and again. I came so much hard that I made a huge mess with my cum on the floor. I cleaned it up and changed my clothes and went to my bed.
I was feeling very excited. I was now in a relationship with that black guy.
He was now my boyfriend. I slept thinking of what would happen the next day.

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