Mmmmm,as I watched her on stage moving her hips back and forth,my pussy got so fucking wet. She was so damn sexy. Her legs so long lean and her tits sat up like rocks. Mmmm....Im YoonA I want to taste you. As I watched her I was fighting the urge to touch myself. I think the other's could tell something was on my mind. Probably not YoonA's pussy but they could tell. "Jiyeon are you okay? You look weird,your all sweaty and you cant keep still" Hyomin exclaimed. Oh im fine Hyomin. I lied. All I could think about was YoonA. I swear I just was sitting there imagining her pussy in my face,and me sucking it,licking it,taking in all her juices in my mouth. Her wet pussy in my mouth,all night long. Before I knew it SNSD's performance was over.

Fuck here's my chance. I went backstage with a cup full of water and bumped into YoonA on purpose. "Opps Mianhae" I said Knowing damn well I wasnt. "Oh it's okay,Oh your Jiyeon from T-ara right" She asked. "Yes Jiyeon Imnida gambapsumnida" I replied And Im YoonA Imni.."Yaaa look YoonA-shi your shirt is all wet." I cut her off. Come on let me help you,since I did it. I took her into a nearby storage closet.

Damn,she's so damn sexy,and I made the water cold so her nipples were all hard and shit. "Here take off your shirt so it can dry" YoonA stupidly did. Fuck look at those tits I thought. "Ohhh YoonA look your bra is wet too" "Here let me take it off" I said as I began to take off her bra. As her bra dropped I moved closer so my clothes sc****d aganist her perfect hard nipples. "Ohhhh Jiyeon wha-what you doing". She moaned. I said nothing I only replied my taking my finger and playing with her nipples. Circling them with my nail and sucking and licking on them,making her moan my name. "Fuck Jiyeon Im so wet,you make me so wet baby" She moaned. I took off her pants and rubbed her throbing yet pussy through her soaking wet panties. "Ohhhhhh fuckin Jiyeon dont stop" "Trust me baby I wont and I cant." I said
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