My First Wank

My first proper wank happened when i was about 12, 30 years ago.It was summer holidays and very hot and I was out one day exploring the local area around a swimming lake near where i grew up, just like most young boys I would be up trees, under bushes making camps and just having fun. This day as I was exploring I found a porno mag, not really knowing what it was back then i just had a quick look at it, some pages where stuck together but that didn't stop a 12 y/o. Upon opening it and seeing pictures of naked men and women I felt a funny sensation btween my legs. As i was on or near a well used pathway, I decided to close the mag and head for my little camp which couldn't be seen from the path but i could see anyone approaching.
When I got there I sat down and started to have a good look at my magazine, wow I couldn't believe my eyes (i think it was a color climax), It was a story in pictures of 2 young girls hitchhiking, one very sexy blonde and a brunette, they were picked up by 2 older guys and then stopped inthe country, the girls undressed and started to kiss each othe in front of the guys, my little cock was so hard i just had to have a feel, it was the biggest it had ever felt, so i dropped my shorts and pants and lay back in the sun naked with a little erect cock looking at this porno. I was rubbing away with one hand and turning the pages with the other whilst laying on my side. The 2 guys got undressed in the mag and they had huge cocks with loads of pubic hair, now only being about 12 my cock was only about 4 maybe 5 inches erect but it looked so big as i didnt have much hair. Th e guys then started to fuck the girls and i rubbed my little cock as I imagined it was me fucking them, my cock was covered in what i know now as precum, but that just made wanking that much easier.
After a few minutes of this I was at the end of th mag and the girls where finishing the guys off with blow jobs, mmmm the thought of someone sucking my cock made me shudder, then the guys hot thier loads all over the girls faces, I shot my load and it sprayed almost a meter, now i am sure i must have had a wet dream before this but this was the first time i had wanked and watched myself cum, it was a lovely site, every time i pulled my foreskin back i would spurt so cum, this felt like it lasted about an hour but must have onle been sconds. But it was one hell of an orgasm and the first of many more. I even liked the cum off my fingers and what i could wipe from my cock, and have been hooked on wanking ever since. I buried that mag and used to go to my little camp quite often that summer for self pleasure. I even went there with a friend and we wanked together, but thats another story....

Would love to hear about others first times, boys and girls....
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1 month ago
teen boy wouldn't b wanking alone if I was there I would wank u or better still suck u off
1 year ago
Reminds me of happy days fishing when i was a teenager near where id live id be on the river back and get my cock out and wank mysef silly about all my secondary school female teachers and my mums mates, i also had a stash of porn in a camp in the woods me and the lads would go and tug over these old cum spattered pornos always on our own but the next guy would just go staright in when you said you were done
4 years ago
I wanked the first time I saw a picture of a nude girl with pubic hair. I had been horny looking at tits for a while - at the pool I tried to work out what they were like. The pube picture just lead to rapid erection and unstoppable urge to wank. My friends had boasted about wanking but I had not seriously tried until then.
4 years ago
Your story got me very horny. I discovered wanking a bit later than you, but - my God, when I did discover the pleasure of self-satisfaction, there was no stopping me! Nice one.
4 years ago
Hot story! Would love to hear more about you and the friend.
4 years ago
This remends me of my early years. I remeber finding magazines that had been covered in spunk. Rather than putting me off it added to the excitment. I especially liked trying to get the page open to see what had been the motivation for the climax. I usually wanked on the magazine as well and left it in the same place.
As an adult I had a recycling bin close to my home and visited as often as possible as people often put their used magazines in the recycling bin. I made a habit of looking through and taking all the adult mags, hard and softcore, wanking on them and putting them back the next week, hoping that someone else was doing the same.