Fun car ride

I was droping of a friend to work one morning and as I was taking her to work I started to getting horny, thinking about taking my cock out and having her get me off before she goes to work but I didn't so the moment I left her parking lot I wiped it out and started jerking while driving and it was mostly highway back home so it was easy it do then this red car I forget what kind it was but it was a newer model when I locked eyes with the driver I got even more turned on and super happy that it was a woman she was black was long black hair and a gorgeous smile when she signal for her to jerk me off I almost came so we pulled over on the side of the highway I got out of my car and got in hers my cock was so hard I could feel my pulse we said are names and I pulled it out I was also turn on cause she was a mom there was a carseat in the back she asked if she could jerk me and of course I said yes I love handjobs she started slow and gave the tip a little twirling every now and then, then she jerk me faster while telling me she wants to have me cum in her mouth bring her lips closer to my cock she stop jerking me and teased me with her tongue I begged her to start sucking it she started laughing at me and I begged even more then she stop laughing and sucked my dick it felt fantastic I was gonna cum soon and she knew it when she stop bobbing her head and twirled her tongue on the tip of my cock then she went back to jerking me and ordered me to cum over and over and I shot the biggest load of my life
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