Aunty and Uncle Part 2

I leaped off the bed and grabbed the towel from the floor holding it in front of my hard cock. Aunty Peggy rolled over and looked up at her husband standing in the doorway.
"Get out" he ordered her.
Peggy stood up, looked at me and smiled, then walked out of the room only pausing briefly in the doorway to tell him to be gentle with me. I didn't understand this, I assumed I was in for a beating at the least and it's tough to beat someone gently.
He came in to the room and pulled the door closed behind him. "Enjoy yourself?" he asked.
"I'm so sorry" I stammered, "I didn't mean anything to happen, it never crossed my mind even"
He was right in front of me and whipped the towel from my hands, my cock had completely shrunk away in the shock and fear.
"Ha! Look at that pathetic thing, you weren't honestly going to fuck her with that were you? You know your aunty Peggy prefers a real cock, like this" He pulled open his trousers and yanked out his cock. It was already hard, I guessed from watching us on the bed. I felt ridiculous, a pathetic, skinny boy with his cock shrunk to nothing standing in front of a stronly built man in his 50's with a big meaty cock in his hand, while he told me what women really want.
He grabbed me by the wrist and made me touch his cock. "that's it you little shit, that's what aunty Peggy really wants, a real cock. She was probably only fooling around with you because she felt sorry for your pathetic virgin cock.
Well I don't feel sorry for you, understand?"
I didn't but nodded anyway.
"I think you must like the feel of a real cock in your hand fr a change too"
I didn't realise but he had let go of my wrist and I was still holding his cock, indeed I was actually stroking it. I pulled my hand away, blushed and tried to leave. He put his big hand around my throat and spat "where do you think you're going?"
"your chocking me" I managed to say.
He f***ed me down on to my knees. "you want to fuck around with anyone in this house you have to go through me first understand" Again I didn't understand but I nodded anyway.
"I don't mind if you wanna fuck your aunty Peggy but you have to ask my permission first. Now what kind of man would I be if I let any little squirt come in here and fuck my wife without somehow punishing him?"
With that he pushed his cock close to my face.
"This is going to be your punishment, and your payment. If you want to fuck your aunty peggy you're going to have see what it's like yourself first."
Tears were streaming down my face now, partly because of the hand around my throat and partly because of the humiliation. He pushed his cock head against my lips. "Open up for uncle, open up I said" he barked this last order and I opened m mouth to let him in. He pushed hard and deep in to my mouth making me gag a little and then pulling all the way out. He bent forward so his face was right in front of mine. "like that bitch?" The stood again and pushed in to my mouth again, this time staying there and building up an in and out rythmn of thrusts and withdawls. My mind was blank the whole time. I did'nt know what was happening, didn't believe what was happening and had no thoughts at all about either how to stop it or why I should. Complete blankness ruled my mind.
Eventually he pulled out of my mouth. His cock was shiny from my saliva and my lips, chin and chest were coated too.
He lifted me from under my arms and threw me down on the bed. Then he stood there looking down at me and started to strip of his clothes.....
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Maybe I will now.....
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Too bad you didn't finish it.