A True Story About a Foolish Man

A True Story About a Foolish Man by MaxMon

This is a true story. It happened when I was in my early thirties. Honestly, I don't care if you believe me, especially since I've written quite a few factitious stories on this forum, but I feel a need to share it anyway.

Her name is Julia and I got to know her through a mutual friend, to the point to which I became close friends with her and her husband, Matt, as well. They were a fun couple and we spent a lot of time together. We'd go out for happy hour most Friday evenings, to parties frequently and they would come and see my band every chance they got.

Julia was beautiful, with a nice firm body and a killer smile. If I had to give you a reference, think about Kim Bassinger, except Julia had short hair. Her face was incredibly attractive, which also reflected her intellect. We hit it off quite well. I always found it ironic that she made her living working major accounts on the phone for LM Berry, since her demeanor in person was so captivating and fantastic. Matt and I became good friends, and on occasion the two of us guys would spend time together when Julia was busy.

When I broke up with a long standing girlfriend they were both there to console me, to give me hope that it wasn't the end of the world. The experience brought us even closer together, and unfortunately, I fell in love with Julia shortly thereafter. I kept it a secret I revealed only to a few good friends.

After listing to numerous stories about her sex life-- when she attended college at OSU-- I concluded she was a sex addict, which didn't bother me in the least. I got the sense that she screwed just about any man that took even the remotest interest in her, and she justifiably referred to herself as a college slut. I wished I had known her back then. But Julia touted that those times were in the past, that she had settled down once she got married.

Thing is, though, she and Matt got together with my guitarist friend, Greg, and his wife for drinks. They came to realize Julia and Matt had a great sense of humor and a good-spirited attitude toward life. After their evening together, Greg pulled me aside at band practice and told me he thought Matt and Julia were looking to do the old swap thing, that their advances toward him and his wife caught him off-guard. Knowing Greg would never share his wife, that he was actually an incredibly handsome prude, I knew Greg would give the both of them the cold shoulder thereafter.

I felt terrible about this news. First, because I was their good friend who adored their marriage, and secondly... I loved her very much. I felt hurt, betrayed and offended that if they did swing, that Julia might have talked Matt into letting me have sex with her. Such was not the case; rather, after thinking about it, and loosing much sl**p, it occurred to me that considering Julia's disposition, swinging was a way for her to get the sex-thrill-fix in a way acceptable to her husband-- as opposed to going behind his back. So, with much effort I got over my feelings (or should I say buried them) because I really valued our mutual friendship and wanted to remain friends without complications. They never disclosed their clandestine activities to me despite us being so close, which hurt a bit, too.

A few years later my band was playing a large summer festival and part of the act included the cover tune, Simply Irresistible, so we talked Julia and Greg's wife to put on black mini-skirts and dance like the beauties in the Robert Palmer video as part of our opening act. They sure looked the part, and Greg's wife was a professional dancer, whereas Julia, well... she seemed to have a hard time with the choreography. Since she was so irresistibly beautiful in that tight black dress the band decided to put her on stage anyway.

To make a long story short, Julia got nervous about being in front of 5,000 people and she got d***k. Greg's wife was pissed, having to dance with a d***k Julia, who was falling all over the place-- much to the entertainment of those in front of the stage because she fell a few times and gave them quite a show.

Anyway, midway through the set Julia stood off-stage next to me (why do we bass players get put next to that damn crash symbol?) and danced for me quite an erotic dance that distracted the hell out of me, along with the stage crew. She flashed me a glimpse of her tits and pulled up her miniskirt to show me her pretty panties, laughing her ass off; apparently, she found the expression of amazement on my face quite amusing herself. Just after I completed a solo Julia snuck out onto stage and grabbed my arm, yelled into my ear how much she liked my stage presence, then slid her tongue in my ear and grabbed my ass for good measure! Shit, that was unexpected. But I will have you know I didn't miss a note!

After the set ended, the other members of the band compared notes, and the guys seemed to think she had it out for me. That is, that she was going to jump my bones. Greg's wife said she fortunately went missing, so I went out looking for her knowing she was probably going to get into trouble.

I came across our drummer, Mike, who informed me that his nephew just told him that Julia took him aside and gave him a blowjob behind the stage 'just for the fun of it.' Oh, my, I knew she was probably on a roll, perhaps taking on the guys from the other band we toured with that summer. Nope, they hadn't seen her.

When I finally got back to my RV, perhaps an hour and a half later, I was surprised to find Julia sitting behind the driver's wheel totally naked, drinking a cup of coffee. I looked around to see if Matt was with her. She told me that Matt caught the act on stage and got real pissed off and left without her, that she was going to stay with me for the rest of the evening.

She stood up and greeted me with a big smile, pushed her firm breasts up as if to offer them to me and said, "Guess who I decided to fuck this evening?"

When I said, "Mike's nephew?" she laughed hysterically and said she enjoyed getting him off so quickly, that he was 'such a young pup, who probably couldn't fuck worth a darn.'

"I want to fuck you because you did such a great show this evening. I want to be your groupie, your Robert Palmer girl. Didn't you ever want to fuck one of those hot girls in the video?" she said with lust in her eyes. "Well. I'm a much better fuck than those girls and I aim to prove it."

I felt exhausted after preforming and wracked my tired brain as to how to proceed. The love of my life was standing there naked as a jay-bird, looking sexy as hell, her body bathed in the muted light of the full moon that cascaded over her through the overhead dome. It looked like she sobered up somewhat, but she was still pretty d***k and I didn't want to take advantage of the situation. Matt was a good friend and I never screwed around with a married woman... yet there she was. And she wanted me!

What can I tell you other than the sex was great, that we hit it off in that regard, too. I felt embarrassed and proud when we received a standing ovation at breakfast by the rest of the camp who had to listen to our loud lovemaking.

During breakfast Julia said, seemingly quite sincerely, that Matt wasn't so good a lover, that she had been thinking about leaving him. My heart skipped a beat and my emotions flooded in, my better judgment cast aside. We began to have an affair, getting together anytime we could. I wanted to see her every day for the rest of my life.

Even when the three of us got together, we played things off well. We feigned nothing but platonic affection and Matt didn't seem to notice anything different. I felt like a real dirt-bag because he was such a nice guy. He deserved better and probably even if things did work out between me and Julia whose to say she wouldn't do the same thing to me?

All I can say is that love is blind. Marriage is the Institution for the Blind, but that's another story. I was infatuated with Julia and I wanted to marry her myself. She told me that she loved me long before we started having sex, how revitalizing it was to fall in love with someone who was a good friend before the sexual encounter.

We started taking stupid risks, being seen by their mutual friends. Sometime she would go home smelling like she just had sex. The musicians in the band tried to point out that noting good would come from this tryst, that I should end it, but I was in love. I wanted things to work out, that we might spend the rest of our lives together. Ha!

The highlight of our stupidity came a few months later, when Julia and Matt planned a party at their house. At the last moment, Matt was called to work second shift that evening (he was a nurse). They both asked me to sit in as co-host for the party in his absence. This was not a good idea, but I reluctantly agreed. During the party Julia treated me as if we were a couple, and drew strange looks from her friends, who concluded, justly so, that we were having an affair.

I felt concerned Matt would find out and I had no idea how he would react; I was concerned he would kick my ass and I resolved that if a fight were to ensue I wouldn't fight back. Actually, I felt like I needed a beating for acting so far outside of my own ethical standards.

The party went well, and Julia once again had too much to drink. I know this sound like a pattern with her; however, she rarely got d***k. I, too, had one to many. I felt an even greater bond with Julia since we did act as a couple for the first time hosting a social event. It felt great for both of us. Have I mentioned how stupid I can be? Well, hang in there because I get even stupider! LOL

By the time Matt got back to the house the party was in a state of decline. Most had gone off to find better things to do and the few who remained were quite mellow, listening to the stereo and watching TV. Julia made Matt some food and shortly thereafter he said he was beat after working a double-shift, that he was going to bed. Her really did look tired.

Another few hours passed and eventually Julia and I were left alone. OK, so here comes the brilliant idea, and the incredible stupid thing we did. Julia seemed to glow with the impression that we were a legitimate couple that evening and she wanted to have sex! I told her that sex in the house with her husband asl**p in the other room would be simply insane. She took off her shirt amd bra and shoved her tits in my face, her husband sl**ping in the room a few feet down the hall. She wanted to give me a blow-job, that getting me off in the house with Matt sl**ping was turning her on something fierce. She went on about how close she felt toward me after playing husband and wife during the party, that she wanted to send me off satiated.

What can I say other than the fact is that Julia had a way with me, a sexuality that I couldn't resist. She was like a frigging vampire. She was the best I've ever had, and that says a lot because in my youth I was a bit of a dynamo myself. Between the drinks and her aura of feminine eroticism I gave in.

She took me by the hand and led me to the basement--to the crypt-- where the place was set up as a large entertainment center, with a double-bed in the corner. She pulled my pants down, pushed me on the bed and went down on me with a ferocity that seemed even beyond her amazing natural abilities. Julia played with her pussy while she sucked on my dick, and once she started moaning I told her to shut the fuck up, else she would wake Matt. To be honest, the risk factor turned me on, too.

Man was I a stupid fucker, letting her talk me into this one. But instead of getting off and getting the hell out of there, when Julia took her pants off I let her get on top of me. She was a moaner, a woman who could come at the drop of a dime, so I did my best to quell her expressions of passion, but apparently she was loud enough. That is, loud enough to wake Matt in that we heard footsteps upstairs and he was calling her name.

Julia dismounted me and before we knew it we heard the door to the basement open. She quickly laid down by the side of the bed, away from view from the stairs. I quickly hoisted up my pants and did the possum thing, making believe I was asl**p. My heart was beating fast when we were screwing, but the Adrenaline flow into my body pumped me up further.

The stairway light went on, a bright bulb suspended above the bottom stairs. When Matt came down the stairs sl**py-eyed looking for his wife I made believe I didn't hear him until he called me a few times. The light from the stairs created a shadow just above where Julia lay naked beside the bed, quiet as a church-mouse, and the rest of the room was fully illuminated. Then, he came down the stairs!

I tell you, I had never acted so well in my entire life than when Matt came down those stairs. At least I thought my performance of being asl**p was absolutely brilliant.

I rolled over to look at him, to give him a half-asl**p glance before laying my head back on the pillow, facing away from the light. Man, I was in quite a spot, thinking about what to do if he discovered Julia laying naked beside the bed an arms length away from me. To add to my distress, I noticed he was carrying something. What might you ask was it that he was carrying? Fucking Julia's bra! She left it on the couch, the silly twit.

I had to do a second take, so I leaned back over and said to him that Julia went out with a few of her girlfriends for a drink about an hour ago, that I drank too much myself and decided to crash out. I apologized for perhaps being so loud when I took my shoes off, that I might have awoken him, adding the fact that I was pretty d***k myself. He did a serious scan of the basement, and didn't question me any further. He must have concluded that Julia went out with her friends because, from what he could see, she sure as hell wasn't down here with me sitting on my dick. Fuck, I am such a fool!

After he went back upstairs I heard him climb the stairs to the second floor, and Julia sprang up, put on her pants and shirt, which she somehow knew to snag and hide with her in a moments notice. She went out the back door, around the house and knocked on the front door, which drew Matt to let her in. The thing was I doubted he would believe her because she was barefooted, her shoes taken off long ago upstairs. Yikes.

So, now what do I do? Do I lay there in a state of panic or do I get the hell out to my car through the back door?

I waited and listened. An argument ensued and escalated, their voices getting louder and louder, the stomping of his feet ringing in my ears like the waves of guilt that passed through me with greater intensity each passing moment. I put on my shoes and left, slamming the back door behind me. I figured that if questioned I would tell him I didn't want to listen to them argue, since Matt had already woken me up. I think that was the smartest thing I had done all evening. I'm such a stupid fuck!

Needless to say, my relationship with Matt drew colder, but he never asked me about that evening. Julia said she was going to leave him and come live with me. But when the crucial time came for her to make the transition she got cold feet; she decided to try and work things out with Matt. I was devastated, but I deserved the pain and anguish for thinking something good would come from such shenanigans.

The most disparaging aspect of the experience was that I lost two fantastic friends. A year later I learned that Julia left Matt to go live with some other lover, that I guess I was merely a fad. I never had sex with a married woman again. Want to hear the real sad part? I still love her and would take her back even today, so many years later. I never married myself, seemed to compare all my subsequent lovers to her and felt at a loss to find someone who made me feel like I did when I was with her.

One might say I pay for my sin even today, as I recollect this tragedy. I know some of you might wonder why I feel as such, that I should have found love and gotten married long ago. Well, as you read my story you can see I'm a stupid fuck that doesn't know how to love the right woman.

A few years ago I ran into a mutual friend, who gave me her number. I called and she answered by saying, "Who gave you my number? Please don't call here again.. I have to go... I'm married and my son is in the tub."

If you don't think this is a true story, go fuck yourself because it really hurt to write about it. I feel so pathetic, still beating myself up over water that flowed under the bridge long ago. I'm a fool to let her break my heart, and a silly person to bring up such feelings by writing about it.
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6 months ago
good story.. I try and remind myself of old sayings, or look on the bright side of things.. maybe the old one.."better to have loved and lost than to never loved at all".. I would say you hit the nail on the head.. she most likely would have done the same to you.. she sounded like fun.. but quite the handful ..
1 year ago
wow i have gone thru something similar & yes it does hurt
2 years ago
If we are honest with ourselves, we have all been in those shoes and sorry, pal, it doesn't always go away, it still hurts. HB
2 years ago
Yeah, it is a true story. I debated about including the hot sex we had in my RV, thought it would detract from my self-expression.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the condolence! LOL
2 years ago
Not all that hot, but this is the first "true" story I've read here that I actually believe is 100% true. You left out the sex details. No wild exaggerations about having a foot-long dick or cumming 15 times in a row. And you seem to be carrying more than a little guilt about it, something that ficticious characters rarely experience. Sorry, pal.
2 years ago
Wow... just two days and almost 1300 hits. I guess some of you enjoy reading tragedy.