Pain and a Woman's Pleasure (A True Story)

The first time I met her was at her house on a quiet estate. I was scarcely in the hallway when she locked the front door and offered herself to me with a passionate kiss. Swiftly, my hand was up her skirt, feeling. I slipped my fingers in her panties. She was shaved and with a wet entrance to her cunt. I was rock hard. She was ready for it. She led the way upstairs and in the bedroom we embraced again and I started to strip her. She lay back with an approving smile on her face as I removed her panties and smelt the wet juices on them.

Soon I was naked too, and joined her on the bed. I was amazed at her eagerness and willingness to let me do what I wanted to her after only having met her a few minutes previously. Two fingers swiftly in her cunt, I stimulated her g-spot vigorously, her juices flowed freely the harder I did it to her. I slipped a third finger in her anus and her moans became a high-pitched whine as she started to gush. I got between her legs and tasted the juices coming from her cunt. She was totally under my control.

"I need to spank you, woman", I said, and obediently and without demur, she got on her knees and, as she did so, reached for the drawer in the bedside cabinet and produced a paddle. It was black with a pink heart-shape on one side. I did not spare her. Once a woman offers herself in this way, she must be totally obedient to a man's desires. I brought the paddle down on her hard, again and again. She moaned with ever increasing pleasure.

Suitably prepared for fucking, I gave her one last hard stroke - and broke the paddle! We fucked and this 50 year-old woman fucked like a twenty year-old. Who says age and experience do not count?

The next time I rang her to say I was coming to fuck her, she said, "How do you want me?" My answer, the first thing that came into my head was, "Submissive and obedient". She told me later that my reply was the biggest turn-on for her.

This time she was waiting for me clad only in black lingerie. Traditional, yes, but always a pleasure to behold. I scolded her in mild fashion for not wearing a half-cup bra so that I could see her nipples nestling there. I told her she would be punished for this. She knew what awaited her.

The paddle (a new one) was waiting by the side of the bed. This time I took her out of the small bedroom after I was naked, because there was more room for me to swing my arm on the landing. I ordered her to bend over and swung the paddle hard on the tight flesh of her ass. Again and again I brought it down on her, again and again she moaned with pleasure.

Back in the bedroom we started to fuck, missionary style. My lips found her nipples. I sucked. "Bite them", she said, "Go on - bite them!". I obliged, of course, although I had never bitten a woman's nipples before. I said it was time for nipple clamps so that she could have ner nipples enjoy pain while I fucked her doggy-style. My thrusts got to the point where I was about to cum and, not wishing to bring things to an end too soon, I turned her over and put the nipple clamps on her labia.

Wow! OMG! As I clipped the first one on she bagan to shake uncontrollably and with the second one she came instantly with great, shudders and cries of pleasure. Truly the triumph of man over woman, which, of course, is as it should be - isn't it, ladies? (To be concluded.)
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1 year ago
great read---more
2 years ago
Very nice. Very sweet.
Need to hear some more.
2 years ago
Lowers head what can kajira say Sir, omg that is so erotic and about as close to heaven as you could get Sir,kajira loves the story and looks forward very much to the rest Sir