The The Nurse's Uniform, the Pink Vibrator an

It was September and as it was my birthday, I had booked Jan for my birthday treat - an afternoon of sexual lust at her discreetly located house in the suburbs. I had made several visits before and we had explored and enjoyed each other's bodies getting more adventurous each time. I onw counted as one of her "regulars".

When I rang to make the booking, Jan (always the true professional) uttered those five sexy words which are always a big turn-on, "How do you want me?". Well, on previous occasions I had tried the usual: black stockings and bra; a basque with her tits deliciously exposed; and even for her to greet me kneeling naked with a leather collar and chain round her neck. (I don't need to mention panties as she leaves them off when meeting a client as "they are never on for long"!)

This time, my request was for her to be entirely naked beneath a dress that had a zip or buttons down the front that I could undo slowly exposing first her tits and nipples for kissing and sucking, and then her freshly shaved pussy. She was to be using a vibrator prior to and upon my arrival so that she would feel nicely wet as my hand slipped between her legs by way of further greeting.

The appointment was for 2.00pm and I texted her when I was about a mile away. "I'm ready" was the reply, as usual. I drove up to her house a few minutes later, to turn in and park, as I normally do, on her driveway. The front door on these occasions is always unlocked for me and I just walk in to find Jan waiting as planned. But as I drove up the quiet residental road which is normally empty of people and traffic, there was a small car parked right outside her house and a man was walking away from her front door to that car. He made eye contact with me and gave me a puzzled look as I drove in past him.

Now Jan also specalises in non-sexual massage (her sexual massage is pretty good too!) and rarely sees more than two clients (of whatever sort) in a day. It was a Tuesday and I knew that she has a "regular" at about 9.00 on a Tuesday morning and that he has gone by about 10.00. So what was this other gent doing her at that time? I decied to ignore him, parked and walked straight up to the front door.

A further surprise for me as I went to open the front door was that I tripped over a bag of rhubarb lying on the front step. What was that doing there? I entered. There was Jan looking unusually emabarrased, dressed in a garish pvc nurse's uniform and brandishing a large pink vibrator.

Now, I am not in to pvc, nor uniforms of whatever persuasion. so I was even more surprised. "Oh! It's you!" Jan cried, looking relieved. It tuned out that said gent with the puzzled look was a (non-sexual) regular massage client. He had no idea of Jan's other profession. The previous day while receiving treatment he had mentioned to Jan that he had a glut of rhubarb in his garden and offered to bring some to her the following day. She told him that she would be "busy" from 2.00pm.

But, a couple of minutes before 2.00 he had arrived - just at the time that Jan was bringing herself to a climax with the vibrator. His repeated knocks on the door Jan thought were mine and she was on her way to let me in (as she thought) when through the net curtain, in the nick of time as she was about to open the door, she realised who it was! He placed the bag of rhubarb on the step but she was sure he had seen movement behind the curtain. No wonder he had a puzzled look - but it would have been even more puzzled had he been greeted by her in full fetish regalia!

And the pvc uniform? Well, the zip was efficient and I made sure that Jan was swiftly relieved of that offending garment and she stood before me naked, ready for my initial fondling; and we were soon upstairs on the bed where the vibrator was put to good use and my birthday treat was, well - a big treat!

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3 years ago
Sorry about the title, folks.

It should read:

The Nurse's Uniform,the Pink Vibrator and the Sticks of Rhubarb - a True Story.