Pain and a Woman's Pleasure (cont'd)

On her back, naked, with legs spread wide over the edge of the bed, her body was ready to be used. I reached for my leather belt that had slipped on the floor when she had stripped me and I stood over her. Naked Master and His naked slave at His mercy.

The first strokes of my leather belt on her pussy were tentative, gentle, even. She stretched her legs apart even wider. That I knew was my invitation and she felt the sting of the leather as it bit into her rapidly and with increasing f***e. Her juices flowed forming a damp patch on the sheet. My erection stiffened more.

I had an overwhelming desire to take her, to f***e myself in her - although she was obviously so wet, so naturally lubricated, that "forcing" would be the wrong word. My cock would have slipped in too easily. I turned her over, so that she was now kneeling on the floor, face down on the bed.

"Beat me, Master, beat me!"

What man could resist such an invitation? Refuse such a requestt?

I lost count of the number of times the leather of the belt lashed her skin: the taut flesh of her butt, the tender flesh between her legs and for variation its upward strokes on her pussy. It was a joy to watch her every shudder, to listen to the slap of each stroke on her and see the reddening of her skin.
But she was enjoying this too much. Not once did she remember to thank me for each stroke, as a woman submitting to a man should, nor count each sroke. She did not deserve to receive my cock - yet.

I dropped the belt on the floor and roughly turned her over on the bed. "Pull back your labia, woman!" I ordered. And, obediently, she did. I thrust the two middle fingers of my right hand in her, and inserted another finger in her anus, and finger-fucked her - hard. Inside her, I could feel the stiffening of the vaginal ridges marking her G-spot, and so I worked my fingers ever harder. And, as I expected, she gushed.

Her erotic juices slipped down between the palm of my hand, sprfead up over her clit, before sliding down between her legs and creating an ever-widening patch of dampness on the white bedsheet. All the while her whole body shivered with pleasure.

(Now, not all women gush or - as some would say - squirt. One I know, claims that it is the only true sign of a woman's orgasm. I doubt this. But it is true with her that after only a few minutes foreplay - preferably with my slipping down between her legs to arouse her with my tongue - I find myself swallowing her precious feminine juices. At times, almost choking on them! In the case of another, a woman in her mid 50s that I get to fuck a couple of times a year, the word "squirt" is the right one. Once aroused and brought to climax, she can be relied on to soak the bed - or more particularly, the towels she covers the bed with ready for sex. "I get a little wet", she said, the first time we went to bed together. That was a gross understatement! Is it true,as some suggest, that gushing is more for the older woman?)

Whatever the reason for gushing, and whatever it is called, it is to be enjoyed - as I enjoyed it on this occasion. I could wait no longer, and my lips moved - gently, almost caressingly, now over her hardened nipples, now over the sensitive flesh beneath each breast, then down over her navel, down, down to brush over her inner thighs. By this time, the fierce lust of our initial meeting was changing into something more tender. We both knew that she had surrendered her body completely to me.

I felt her right hand close round my cock and, as she worked it up and down, my lips closed about her clit and my tongue flicked over its taut, smooth surface.
I could wait no longer, got between her legs and she guided me in to her, OK, so the missionary position is a bit of an unadventurous anticlimax after what had gone before but, I was in her, her naked body was spread under me (so in some way, I was still in command, in control). She pulled back her labia (at, my 'command'!) and we fucked. Fucked good and hard - until I came in a great flood.

Wonderful, wonderful!

(To be continued.)

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first gusher I had took me by surprise also---